May 7
No King No Kingdom - Fullmetal Developer
Hello everyone!
Today I bring to you a lot of fixes and balance improvements

Crown is showing cell with a player on the global map.

Improved accuracy of archers and towers.

In sandbox mode enemies don't destroy player villages and mines on global map.

Golden mine require only wood to build.
Fixed 2 swords battle indicator.
Orcs camp need more time to generate an army.
Fixed bug when you try to build a sawmill and you are in the same forest cell game is breaking.
All mines, sawmills, and plantation produce more resources.

Cursed Graveyard needs more time to create an army.
Army of Cursed Graveyard become a are a little bit weaker

Disabled air wall in dark forest location.

Fixed rename input.

Fixed peasants auto-working on iron and gold.
tnx rifleman for pointing me on this bug.
Fixed red dragon friendly fire

Many thanks to Jayshooter and Dr_Horse for playing my game on YouTube
Apr 14
No King No Kingdom - Fullmetal Developer
Good evening dear Kings and Queens, today your loyal servant, FullmetalDeveloper, has prepared for you an another exciting update

Midas finger now have few new benefits

-Evolve Almost any dragon do Thunder Dragon, Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

-transform magic well to golden well (stronger healing)

-Transform Summoned Djin to new unit Efrit

War elephant cost less food

Fixed Summoned Djin ico

Thanks a lot to rllehman416 for finding bugs
(Fixed) golden tree spawns too high
(Fixed) a glich midas finger summons another thunder dragon

Thanks a lot to TheLuckyWeirdo for finding bugs
fixed campaign orc army glich map bugs

Thanks a lot to Andrew (Racot_A) Novak for testing and ideas
increased crossbowman aggro radius
increased crossbowman attack speed
improved dragon seated position
fixed Black Dragon unit selection
Fixed navigation in simple mission near green dragon
Apr 4
No King No Kingdom - Fullmetal Developer
Good evening dear Kings and Queens, today your loyal servant, FullmetalDeveloper, has prepared for you an another exciting update

Recently riding Dragons have appeared in the Kingdom! For now there are 5 different dragons and each of them has its own peculiarities
Dragons can be found in the Campaign and in the Sandbox Mode.

In different locations you can find a hungry wolf and feed it in order to tame
The icon of wolves is fixed

Extraction of the tree is accelerated x2
Houses add 4 populations instead of 2

The farm is a bit cheaper
A bug with a unit carrying a box is fixed !!!

Fixed an invisible wall in a simple mission

The healing power of artifacts is now 4 times stronger

Cyclops carry 25 resources at a time and extract iron and stone faster by 50%

Eggs of spiders sometimes can be found in deserts and locations with bushes
Fixed a bug of spinach spiders does not create spiders

Campaign mode - More resources around the player that makes game more comfortable

Thanks a lot to rllehman416 for finding a big farm bug
( After loading the big farm creates a large building and crashes the entire game)

Thank everybody for support!

Mar 23
No King No Kingdom - Fullmetal Developer

For the next update I prepared rideable Dragons. They are sweet friends of mine and ruling from over the sky feels awesome!

Thanks everyone for support !
Mar 4
No King No Kingdom - Fullmetal Developer

Hello Everyone!
Today I’ve got another update for you,

Advanced shooting mechanics
-shooting is very accurate
-range of crossbow shooting is increased by 2 times
-range of towers is increased

A frozen cyclope can be found in snowy mountains start location, interact to release

There is a small chance to find a caged cyclope in orc camps

Spiders that are hatched from eggs are now pink and they grow into spider workers

A large farm can be invented by researching it in the city center (after upgrading it will appear in the tab "advanced")

All artifacts cooldowns are faster by 10-20%

Midas finger can transform trees into golden trees

Gold ore has 2x more gold
Resources in villages can be extracted
In villages you can hire peasants
In sandbox mode gathering resources from all plantations and mines is 2x faster

The settlement accommodates more people
LV1 -4
LV2 -10
LV3 -30

The number of orcs is reduced in small orc camps

torch transforms into a house after reload.Thank To ToCoall for pointing me this!

Thank you, TheLuckyWeirdo for ballance advice.

Thank you perpetuumworld for farm upgrade idea

This update is a bit delayed because I am preparing the next major upgrade. I think that I will be able to share some info about the progress soon.

Thank you all for your attention and support!
Jan 18
No King No Kingdom - Fullmetal Developer

Hello Everyone!

Today I’ve got another update for you,

Improved spiders! There are 3 spiders in a crystalline egg (Note: To unlock the egg you need to defeat the Endrian Queen boss)

Spiders-Workers can collect resources for you! They can collect food twice as fast as Humans, but they are less effective gathering other resources.

Spider-soldiers are stronger than workers and do not require many resources making them ideal for army at the beginning.

The Queen Spider is one of the most dangerous creatures in the No King No Kingdom! She is able to kill Orcs in 2 bites.

You can now see the number of selected units on the right side near the Royal Scepter.

Improved King’s Guide

Fixed all spider’s attacks
Fixed the UI bug of the building menu overlay with the UI main menu
Fixed King of Undead battle

Thx Hanyodude for point out the following bugs that have also been fixed:
-Unable to build settlements and mines in sandbox mode
-The "dragon's blood" artifact does not heal player
-After Loading save file the cooldown of artifacts are not shown right

Thank you to everyone who has left comments in the discord. Your feedback helps me to continue to improve No King No Kingdom. If you have any feedback please let me know in the Discord.

Dec 12, 2018
No King No Kingdom - Fullmetal Developer
Hello Everyone!

Today I’ve got another update for you, the next chapter of No King No Kingdom “The Undead War!” In this chapter, you will fight against the army of the Undead and their King Gaiseric on a new desert island.

This adventure will become available after you defeat the Mage on the flying island.
Note: (If you have already beat the mage, load the save file before you broke the chain.)

After you defeat the Undead King you will be able to build a crypt and create your own army of undead warriors.

A new iconic mount and unit will also be available, a mighty War Elephant!
You can even create your own elephant horde in the Fort for 500 food and 70 gold (each war elephant)

Lead one of the fiercest forces known to man, the Bone Lord. Wielding two giant swords Bone Lord has the power to destroy a whole army on his own. He can be hired in the Crypt for 50 iron and 100 gold.

On the last page of the Guide, there are instructions on how to make your own custom banner.

house adds 2 populations

in sandbox mode-Increased efficiency of the mines of plantations of sawmills and quagmires

Additional Bug Fixes :
Bush Loading Optimization
When Returning to the Frozen Eye Units Will No Longer Be Stuck In The Air.
The Texture of Fallen Rocks
Optimized Golem Death Particles
Flying Island Won’t Disappear After You Beat the Mage
Fixed Uncontrolled Golem Aggro
Opening Menu Will No Longer Restore Health
Cyclops Increased Mining Efficiency
Nov 6, 2018
No King No Kingdom - Fullmetal Developer
Hi guys
I want to share how the development is going, and what will appear in the update 9.4

I finally released the VR version, and now I can spend more time on the development of the new content

I have already completed War Elephant, which can be hired in the fort for 500 food and 70 gold
you can also ride on this unit as on the throne

Bonelord can be hired in the crypt for 50 iron and 100 gold
one of the strongest warriors at the moment

I'm working on a new sand island on which you will have to fight with the army of Undead King

This will be available after you release the mage on a flying island
After you overcome Undead King you will be able to build a crypt and create your own army of undead

Also the final chapter will begin and your true enemy will appear, but this chapter will appear in future updates

what do you think about it?
May 22, 2018
No King No Kingdom - Fullmetal Developer
Hello Everyone!

Today I’ve got another update for you which brings new Boss and another stuff!

Endrian Spider Has a lot of health and high attack speed

Appears on creating world in sandbox mode

After defeating this boss, a new building becomes available. In which you can hire spiders

Become King of Spiders!

Cursed Graveyard creates armies with longer period. Also, the size of this army is reduced
Removing trash from orc camps
May 10, 2018
No King No Kingdom - Fullmetal Developer
Now the cooldown of all artifacts is visible

Added additional settings to the sandbox mode

Army on the global map is optimized

Ice scepter and Fire Demon -fixed glitch that the artifact does not work

Increased price of some king upgrades

In update 9.2 there will be a new boss stronger and bigger than a stone golem

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