Jul 26, 2018
PlayUSA - GaviDev
Hi there,
We have some big news! PlayUSA is now free on steam, so grab your friends and get into it!

The PlayUSA team.
Jan 30, 2018
PlayUSA - Seb (AFK Probably)
Hey guys,
PlayUSA is now released! Make sure to tell all of your friends to purchase the game and do so yourself, it would be greatly appreciated!

Seb from the PlayUSA Team
Jan 10, 2018
PlayUSA - Seb
Hey there!
As we are getting close to release, I thought it would be a good idea to post another update on the store page - if you want to see more updates make sure to check out our twitter page here. Recently we haven't been streaming or posting as much as we are really getting into crunch time - the UI looks nearly done and the only thing left before our Early Access release are turns for more than 2 players. After that we will be very close to our initial release!

This week we have been doing a lot of beta testing to ensure the game is stable for release, and with that, we have had to stabilise some features such as the turns and bidding which we have spent a large chunk of time on.

As we get closer to release you guys will probably want to buy a copy! To pre-order PlayUSA just visit our website here! It would be great to have a group of users playing the game right at release!

Anyway, that is it from me for now, remember to check our various social media platforms and pre-order your copy of PlayUSA as soon as you can!

Seb & The Gavisus Team
Dec 17, 2017
PlayUSA - Seb
Hi there,
Just a quick update from me - you can now pre-order PlayUSA from our website here! if you want to be one of the first to get the game then here is your chance!

Have a great week ;)

The PlayUSA Team
Nov 17, 2017
PlayUSA - Seb
Hello there!
As the store page has gone up recently I thought that it would be a good idea to make a log of what we have done this week! Of course, if you want to have a live view of the game then make sure to visit our regular Twitch stream here and we are still looking for beta testers so if you are interested then you can join our Discord link: here.

We got quite a bit done this week, most of it is not going to be noticed but it enhances the game, we made a system for when a player leaves so it can just count the player as out, we also made a system to detect if a player has left the game through pinging every client to make it so the game isn't stopped whenever somebody leaves.

Another time saving system that we have implemented is a turn timer system, for now you only have 30 seconds to do a turn but if you guys would prefer a longer time then make sure to let me know. Here is an image of the timer counting down.

Feedback would also be appreciated for how the text looks, I think it looks alright but any suggestions are welcome. On the list for the next few weeks we are going to have a huge UI overhall - the only part of the game that has a completely finished UI is the menu screen. If you want to check the progress of the game we also have a Trello link: here

Thanks for reading and taking interest in PlayUSA
Gavisus Games


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