3571 The Game - FRAPPA STUDIO
Thanks to your feedback, 3571 The Game version 0.85 have been upgraded again with more FPS, better controls and new features in this new patch!

More and more FPS

The most demanding graphic feature was the water reflections, as they multiply draw calls by at least 2. So I decided to turn it off by default to speed up the engine, and I added an option on the pause menu to be able to activate it while playing. If the FPS drops too much, it's easy to uncheck the HD Water reflections effects without having to quit the game.

New world generation is also faster as HD water reflections were slowing it a lot. In top of that physics of furnitures and items are simpler and faster, and still less clunky. The camera maximum rendering range has been reduced a little bit, increasing performance a lot without altering the visuals that much.

Accurate mouse movements

Smooth mouse was really strong, and very fast hand movements could cause weird camera or player movements. Now the maximum smooth is clamped and both first person and third person views feel better and more precise.

I need more feedback about controls but I think this update should make gameplay experience very smooth in addition to the increase in performance.

Random Apocalyptic Storytelling

Procedural generation have been tuned to minimize useless objects and props and maximize interactive and narrative elements. This leads to very exotic moments where anything can happen.

Wandering around twenty seconds is enough to find a battle, villagers being attacked by monsters or soldiers defending their camp against combat droids.

So much things happening :

Saving a family from a wolf attack:

Don't let you gun on your table:

Next Steps

I started to work on the next version 0.9 features, including a farming system and new apocalyptic enemies!

Thanks for reading, if you want to try and support the game, or if you want to try time travels, 3571 The Game is available in early access. See you in the future!

3571 The Game - FRAPPA STUDIO

Weeklong Deal: 40% off 4.03 > 11.03 ! Finally enjoy a 60 fps gameplay experience even fighting a thousand enemies in a huge and very dense procedural apocalypse. Don't miss the new gameplay video at the end!

Faster Engine I : Unity 2018
Why so much time before a new update? Except the fact that I’m a solo developer with a full-time job, it’s mainly because I needed to switch to new Unity’s version for further development of the game, compatibility issues and of course, performance.

To be short, when a new version is out, Unity automatically updates all your files the best it can, then you game opens with a thousand of red alerts telling you that half of your scripts won’t be able to work like they used to and that your game doesn’t work anymore. Of course, these scripts are connected to all the others, leading to nights of coding and puzzle-resolving. You also need to learn a bit about all new functions to make sure you’ll get the best of Unity. But now, the whole engine is much faster and clean.

Faster Engine II: A.I.
To manage more enemies than ever without freezing your screen, every single A.I. decision or action is now executed in a controlled order which avoid overheads.

When you start playing in a procedurally generated world in 3571 The Game, each building, physical object, resource and NPC is already generated too and their respective behaviors are updated every frame, just like the player. This leads to lots of unusual stories, emerging from the random positions and behaviors of each world object at any given time.

For example you may want to explore a huge forest biome, but at its heart a droid dungeon have been generated close to some human headquarters, leading to a terrible war still happening while you'll walk across these cursed woods.

The counterpart of this system is that every A.I. of the world is permanently kept « alive » to be able to react to any small change in their environment. I managed to speed up the whole process by listing all A.I. tasks and executing them in a regular and controlled order.

Faster Engine III: textures
As the game generates a great and completely random amount of 3D models on a huge 3D terrain, inventing a better global texture management became a useful effort to increase game performance without compressing the HD textures implemented in the precedent version.

Every texture is now part of bigger atlases to reduce draw calls. Most materials now only have diffuse and normal texture layers, for maximum visual effect and minimal processing time. Height maps weren't really adding lots to visuals but could slow down rendering a lot so I decided to remove them. It’s hard to see the difference, except for your frame rate !

Faster Engine IV: shadows
The number of light sources generating shadows also becomes an issue. To be able to keep realtime shadowing of the sun I decided to give a the biggest fps-boost of this update by using a different and cheaper way of lighting the world buildings.

The main sun will still project realistic shadows, helping you to measure the time of the day for exemple. This applies too for the lamp carried by the player, vehicle lights, and other special effects. But for the sake of a very, very huge increase in FPS, torchs, lamps, and every light attached to a building will just illuminate in realtime without real shadow projection. However, I increased the subsurface scattering to keep a good visual atmosphere in any case.

Faster Engine V: scripts
After months of testing, profiling and investigating, I discovered lots of inaccurate settings or repetitive functions that could lead to low performance.

I even discovered that some of the props were duplicating each time the player loads a game, which of course is very, very problematic. This have been corrected ; I also discovered dozens of other small inefficiencies, like launching the same function several times… Millisecond by millisecond, the game engine is now faster and cleaner.

User interface: bigger
When playing at very high resolutions, the main pause user interface may appear really small. I recreated everything in HD to be able to switch for a bigger window if desired.

When the game is set to a resolution wider than 1600 pixels, a small « zoom » icon appears at the top of the screen, allowing you to switch for a much bigger pause window and in-game inventory shortcut bar. Some fonts are also globally bigger, like the AI analysis and the Action tooltip.

At this point I would like to thank my friends for their feedback, and @Maboy on @Steam for his very useful review and suggestions.

Gameplay video: 10 minuts of apocalypse
Last but not least : watch the new game engine in action in this exclusive 10 mn long gameplay video:


Next Steps
I'm waiting for more player feedback. When I'll be sure the engine is perfectly stable and fast in any condition, I'll upload a free demo and start to add the last - but not the least - content before the final release: recruit orders, farming... and hidden secrets.

If you want to support the game and try to create a huge apocalyptic version of the earth, the early access is available: You'll also be able to challenge the best survivors in the world and see if you can survive longer in the Official Gameplay Mode.

Thanks for reading, see you in the future !

3571 The Game - FRAPPA STUDIO
Future is coming! We're getting close to the final version and this new update will blow your mind if you ever tried 3571 The Game before. If not... then welcome to the year 3571!

New World generation: A procedural algorithm of the 4th millenium

After years of work, I am finally happy enough with the game mechanics to add new content and variety to the Earth of the year 3571, and a real futuristic and apocalyptic atmosphere. Still no voxels! :D

• RICH ENVIRONMENT: I added 50 random decorative props that will enhance your experience of time travel such as huge rocks, bushes, ruins, temples, alien and mutant plants, flowers... There are also whole new sets of buildings and furnitures ( new droid basements with futuristic furnitures and computers, old abandoned burning medieval houses, savage caverns populated with mutant monsters, alien forms of life... )

• PROCEDURAL BUILDINGS: The number of different building base structures have been multiplied by 2, and each building also generates procedural different architectural and gameplay elements. You won't find the same house twice now. Some small towns can even be generated, and some conflicts and war can arise at any time.

• MICRO-BIOMES ALGORITHM: Procedural world generation algorithm now generates micro-biomes ( urban, forest, desert, mountain, mutant, alien, lake, beach, droid, desolated, etc... ) and different generated elements such as trees, rocks, buildings are now placed seamlessly and naturally across the map.

• NEW DAY AND NIGHT LIGHTING SYSTEM: More realism: sun light now softly turn orange at sunset and pale pink at sun rise. Enjoy a beautifully coloured world in the morning if you survived the night!

New Vehicle System: the only machines that won't try to kill you

Since early access first release 0.6, you can ride horses, giant wolves, and even dragons... But guess what: now you can also ride vehicles that will randomly appear ( or not ) during the procedural world generation.

• REALISTIC VEHICLE BEHAVIOR: Start, accelerate, spin, brake, physically damage enemies or friends, even damage your car and finally explode with it: the new vehicles won't feel like an animal ride. Wheel friction simulation and realistic physics will be your new best friend during the apocalypse.

• WIDE VARIETY OF VEHICLES: If you can find cute, small and slow cars, old wrecks or even convertible rusty sports cars, you will also sometimes find a motorbike or a monodriver droid ship. Each vehicle have different characteristics such as resistance, weight, power, road handling...

Time Travel Graphical User Interface new design

Design and GUI system have been updated a lot to include new functionalities and new game content. But this time, I wanted to define the final look of the user interface: sci-fi, functional and pixel perfect.

• ALL-IN-ONE PAUSE MENU INTERFACE: Everything you need to know is compacted in a elegant unique central window, and using inventory, bag and equipment is really intuitive. It's simplicity is apparent as it includes tooltips, hints, stats, options, and everything you need to interact with the world.

• NEW IN GAME GUI: Now you can see your avatar equipment while playing, also acting as a Mouse control tooltip! As the roguelike side of the game is meant to make you die a lot, I also hided small pixelart skulls on the graphical user interface that are so cool. Sorry. I should get some sleep after this update.

• FUTURISTIC PIXEL PERFECT: I really wanted the GUI to look more futuristic and more appealing: transparency effects and pixel perfect grids, more accurate typographic design and a very precise layout. This interface is used for almost everything in 3571 The Game, and feeling good with it makes the game really more immersive.

New craftable bag: Carry more, loose more.

In 3571 The Game, you can carry a very realistic (low) amount of objects on your inventory. But this was so frustrating that I created a new craftable bag item, which will allow you to carry up to 20 more items.

• NEW GUI SYSTEM FOR BAG & CHESTS: With the new GUI design also comes a new and more intuitive system to pick objects from your bag, or from one of your chests: now their content is integrated directly next to your inventory in the main all-in-one interface window.

• NICE LOOKING BAG: The new craftable bag will require 8 leather hides, and will suit you very well: you can wear a full armor and and your bag at the same time, no problem! You can't put your bag in your inventory ( pockets! ) or in another bag, as it would allow infinite bags in bags in bags and would result in a global paradox that would eventually destroy our universe.

The Game Engine enters the 1990's

Lags. Low FPS. Frustration. Anger. Sadness. Forget all these things from the past and enter a new era: the game engine have been completely optimized, and I'm really happy to say that the game will finally do justice to your hardware.

• 1990's LOW POLY DOESN'T MEAN UGLY: Now every texture in the game is HD, better lighting, camera settings are better, and the smooth-1990's-low-poly textured visuals of the game never looked so good.

• HUGE PERFORMANCE INCREASE: Game engine have been globally optimized, each step of launch is now faster and more stable. Pooling NPC models instead of destroying and creating them was a hard but useful work. No more lags.

• STORYTELLING GENERATOR: The new richness of the generated earth and the exponential number of possible random situations is really fun, and most of the time will kill you too. So just press "Play" and see where very dense procedural level design, realistic physics, random cataclysms, zombies, evil droids, magic powers and inter-NPC autonomous wars will bring you.

Time travels have never been so affordable

New awesome update! Black Friday! Steam Autumn sales! It's definitely time to invest in a 3571 Time Travels © perpetual membership : 3571 The Game is 25% off!

• SUPPPORT INDIE DEVELOPMENT: I never wanted to launch a Kickstarter campaign to finance 3571 The Game. Instead I wanted to make the game fun to play as soon as possible and give players the opportunity to get the actual version of the game for a low price while being able to download every later update.

• ENJOY AN ALREADY VERY COMPLETE GAME: Huge content & replayability, lots of random events and game options, you're not buying a simple demo or pre-alpha version of a prototype.

• STORYTELLING GENERATOR: The new richness of the generated earth and the exponential number of possible random situations is really fun, and most of the time will kill you too. So just press "Play" and see where very dense procedural level design, realistic physics, random cataclysms, zombies, evil droids, magic powers and inter-NPC autonomous wars will bring you.

Next Steps

I'll upload soon a gameplay video to reveal all version 0.8 new stuff. I hope you'll enjoy playing 3571 The Game! Next Updates? Version 0.9 will be about nature, animals, growing wheat... and the final version will concentrate on micromanagement aspect of recruiting NPCs: New character models, and a Recruit Orders Menu to build a real empire and survive the apocalypse longer than ever!

Thanks for reading, and see you soon in the future!
3571 The Game - FRAPPA STUDIO

"A droid basement! I have a full equipment and God-level skills... Awesome, let's loot!"

"They have Tripods too? I may have underestimated their number."

"Leave me alone! Let me loot your headquarters in peace!"

"Go away stupid droid! Enemies on the first floor too! "

"Another tripod? I definitely don't feel welcome here, let's go away from this metallic hell."

"I'll be back with an army! Guns, bombs and a tamed dragon, you'll see! Humans will resist!"

I hope you enjoyed this story, like the thousand ones you can live each time you create a new world in 3571 The Game. It doesn't matter if a mutant rabbit explodes and kill you, or if a meteorite lands on your avatar. You can just start a whole new story in a completely different version of Earth.

You want to see more about the new Droid Dungeons, part of the 100+ new props and buildings of the next release's procedural algorithm? I also uploaded some screenshots:

Thanks for reading, and if you're new to the game... welcome to the future!

3571 The Game - FRAPPA STUDIO

As an art director during the day, I worked a lot on 3571 The Game design elements during the night. I am finally happy of the result after many years and many versions. I really like the new futuristic look and it is still very effective and fast to use, combining all RPG functions ( inventory, equipment, stats ) in one unique and small GUI window.


The new interface is 100% pixel-perfect, this was a lot of work to get things as small, precise and functional as possible:


2013 • The global design of the game never stopped improving. For the first version in the Blender Game Engine, I still had to learn coding and 3D modeling so it was just tragically awful:

2015 • After switching to C# and updating the game, I needed to code a more complex interface. I designed a first medieval HUD, which was already close to the final version "all-in-one" concept.

2017 • For the first early access version available on Steam, and I wanted to give the game a more modern look. I created then this first sci-fi version of the HUD:

2018 • The black background was too heavy, and it was lacking details and finesse. Next version will really define the final design of the game:


You want to see the new interface in action before the next release? No problem :

I also created a new in-game interface and new loading screens, fitting with the global new design. Look at this new micro-GUI equipment tooltip in the inventory bar displayed while in game:

Version 0.8 should be ready next sunday. Thanks for reading and see you soon in the year 3571!
3571 The Game - FRAPPA STUDIO
New world procedural generation with +100 new natural and architectural elements, micro-biomes, all textures are now in HD with a better camera rendering. Let's have a look at our brand new apocalyptic Earth!

More variety means better game stories! Each time you generate a new world, you create unique procedural and random micro-zones : towns, forests, deserts, beaches, rocky mountains... Each zone have it's unique structure, resources and dangers.

A savage forest biome:

An urban biome:

The game now counts more than 80 different building types: caverns, broken buildings, castles, wooden houses, medieval and futuristic houses... And you can explore or inhabit all of them. Like this old abandoned dark tower:

All environment textures are now in HD too! I had to start most of the images again from scratch. With the new camera and lighting settings, I am very happy with the result:

I particularly like these new luminescent mutant lifeforms from our future. The game is getting definitely more sci-fi, without losing it's medieval touch as humanity have lost all technology in the year 3571 ( unfortunately this is not true for the evil droid army )

You will also meet more people, animals and droids outside in the different biomes, and frequent encounters while travelling will create new stories, missions and fights every day.

Version 0.8 will not only include vehicles, but also make the game enter a new era, with boosted atmosphere, gameplay and storytelling.

I can't wait to publish the next version of 3571 The Game. See you soon in the future, and thanks for reading!
3571 The Game - FRAPPA STUDIO
Time travel to the end of the world in the year 3571 and find old cars from the 1990s to smash droids and zombies in the next version 0.8!

Version 0.8 will be available soon: Vehicles, new buildings and NPCs and more.


Thanks for watching!

Music: 3571 Orchestra / FRAPPA STUDIO 2018
3571 The Game - FRAPPA STUDIO
3571 The Game version 0.8 coming soon

Hi everyone, I'm back to work! Lots of new features to come with the v0.8: vehicles, new buildings and enemies, better graphics and lighting, FPS increase... Today, let's have a look at the vehicles!

Unlike mobs using a pathfinding algorithm to walk smoothly, cars objects must literally "roll" with simulated friction of the 4 wheels to go forward and turn like a real car. I'm still working on damage physical interactions between physics of vehicles and other world objects but the driving is already very smooth.

I've designed 3 cars and 1 motorcycle model so far.

Vehicles have complete lighting systems and nice dust effects when accelerating. Last but not least: you can smash enemies with your car easily with enough speed ! That's quite unfair though, and it may destroy your vehicle.

I'm also working on a free demo version, which will be based on version 0.8, so everyone will be able to have fun with cars too!

Thanks for reading and see you soon for the next update!

3571 The Game - FRAPPA STUDIO
Welcome to a brand new version of 3571 The Game. Players, I’ve heard you! Afters months of work on the core game engine let's discover an updated user-friendly combat system and these 2 new gameplay modes!
  • CUSTOM GAMEPLAY : 18 new game options in a brand new Custom Gameplay Mode: world size, difficulty level, more rare items... Create your own apocalypse and choose your style! You can even disable permanent death. Yes you can.
  • OFFICIAL GAMEPLAY : Of course, you can still try to beat the score of the Best Survivors in the Official Gameplay mode. Difficulty here is locked in hard but I've made a lot of gameplay balance improvements, thanks to player's feedback. Melee combat are now really challenging and fun. Impossible fights are a thing from the past. You'll always have a chance to survive now.

And also plenty of new cool stuff! Let's start:


Welcome to the new customizable year 3571 parallel dimensions! You can choose to set the world like you want, explore every game possibilities, and find you own kind of fun. You cannot set a new highscore when playing in custom mode, but you can do everything else :

  • No permadeath:

You can now load your last save if you don’t want to loose your nice game because of a stupid meteorite and a bad luck.

  • No random events:

Speaking of, you can now disable these meteorites, and also these stupid droids spaceship attacks. No more random disasters!

Be careful though, this also means additional NPCs will never spawn and the world population won’t renew itself when everyone will start to die ( I mean when the game starts )

  • Zombies every night:

if the game isn’t hard enough for you, you can add zombies spawning every night.

  • Starting Equipment:

Start your game with a really futuristic medieval equipment ( 1 helmet, 1 chest armor, 1 shield, 1 sword and some food )

  • Hostile humans:

Funny option! With this option you can’t recruit NPCs anymore. In fact they will all try to kill you. You won’t have no friends anymore.

  • More Rare Items:

Trees won’t spawn guns, but items you will find in buildings will have 50% greater chances to be rare items. Who said lightsaber? What? A legendary samurai sword? Wait, wait. A Must click option provided by 3571 Time Avatars services.

  • No droids:

Make these metallic annoying creatures herited from our time disappear from the year 3571.

  • No humans:

You always wanted to try a « Last Survivor on Earth against all calamities » scenario ? Now you can. Horses will be your only friends, if you can find a peach.

  • No monsters:

Tired of dragons, werewolves and other strange aliens with helmets? Now you can focus on killing droids. ( And mutant animals )

  • New world creation options:

Big world, Small world and Medium world options have been added. Smaller maps means less space between NPCs and buildings, meaning lots of fights, and lots of fun.

  • New character options:

starting skills points levels Normal, Knight and God starting point options have been added. You can now start with the power to kill enemies. No, really.

  • New difficulty level options:

Hard, medium, easy difficulty level options have been added. Lower difficulty means : you need to eat and drink less, enemies are weaker, random events are less dangerous…

  • New density options :

Crowded, Medium and Sparse population density options have been added. You can choose how many friends ( and enemies ) you will have to kill.

Don’t worry if you like difficulty. The official gameplay mode is still alive! With good old permanent death! Start with a very weak avatar in a maximum-difficulty procedurally generated world and try to survive longer than the best players around the world.


Most players like high difficulty, but they noticed 2 problems: too much impossible combats, and a lack of fun during melee fights. I worked weeks on a new combat system and interface.

The combat gameplay have been deeply transformed and balanced : I wouldn’t say the game is really easier ( it’s an apocalypse after all ) but it will feel more glorious to die as you can now hit most enemies with chances to do consistant damage, and see your enemy’s health level when fighting.

  • Damage points processing have completely been reviewed, to allow the player to damage stronger enemies if he fights perfectly and if he’s also lucky.

  • New small windows allow you to see health level of NPCs in range of a melee attack

  • New illustrated labels allow you to see when you perform special combat tricks ( parry, push attack, combo… )

  • Your avatar will still start with very low stats, but you always have a chance to hit with damage when attacking an enemy ( minimum is 33% chances to succeed )

  • Minimum hit damage set to 1% of enemy’s maximum health when your hit succeed.

  • You have some chances each hit to make a critical hit, depending on your speed or intelligence level

  • Attack damage depends on your energy ( white bar ) level. 100% energy means 100% damage, and 0% energy means 50% damage

  • Fall damage now decrease according to the player’s resistance level and have been decreased ( 20% ) and jump height before being injured is a bit higher.

  • Energy level regenerates 5-10% faster, according to your resistance level

  • Hitting with a melee weapon uses 20-40% less energy, even when performing a triple attack combo or a jump hit. Damage level you can inflict decrease with your current energy level ( white bar ), so this is a very good new for smoother combats.

  • Now you can parry ranged attacks with your buckler but it will decrease its durability

  • You can also parry ranged attacks by protecting yourself with your melee weapon but with limited chances of success based on your skills and shooter’s skills.

I’m really trying to find a very difficult, hazardous and challenging gameplay that would still be pleasant, interesting and fun. Tell me if you feel the difference ! And of course if you feel 3571 The Game have a good fun potential, please feel free to leave a comment, or even a Steam Review! This would be awesome.


Now you can jump directly into hell, without having to spawn in the 3571 Time Avatars Company’s comfortable and enemy-free « Reception Desk of Tutorial ».


As the Official gameplay difficulty and mechanics have change for the best, I immortalized the first 3571 Best Survivors directly in the game credits for their bravery.

They were the first to believe in the game and they’re now part of it. I will reset the leaderboards score end 2018 for the official release of the version 1.0. You can still try to start with all your stats at 15 to feel what it was to play 3571 The Game in the first version. ( just imagine your weapons are doing absolutely no damage most of the time before days of constant fight and training )

( Oh, yes you can improve ( very slowly) your combat skills abilities when you hit trees, objects or rocks. During the 5 years of development I’ve hidden a lot of stats management secrets like this one :) )

  • World map ground texture generation have been improved: better design and more render layers with systematic normals and bump mapping
  • NPCs should all be able to launch correctly idle animation when reaching their home locations after a fight
  • When customizing your character’s appeareance, or when pausing the game, a symbol appears at screen to show if you play in either custom or official gameplay mode.
  • Loading time of both new and saved games have been reduced by 10-20%
  • In-game FPS rate have been increased by 5-10%
  • Low population rate and/or world size and Simple Water option activated can now drastically improve performances for low-end computers
  • Player character Force level increase the player’s melee attack faster by 5%
  • NPCs stop attacking the player when the player is dead
  • Human NPCs that were attacking you now still attack you after saving and loading your game
  • Bug corrected with water rings when a NPC is in coma
  • Game credits added
  • New illustrations and design for the main menu

This update will be available this week on Steam!

I also decided to start a new price promotion to launch this update, and to create a free demo this week: I still lack of player’s feedback about the current state of the game. Please share your maps, your bugs or your needs! Thanks for reading and see you soon in the future, I hope you’ll enjoy testing all these new options!

3571 The Game - FRAPPA STUDIO
Hi everyone, and thanks for all the feedback.

I think the next most important challenge for 3571 The Game is to give players more gameplay options while keeping the spirit and the difficulty of the original game alive. I started to work on this "Custom Gameplay" option:

The actual only option "training mode" could become a free demo, as the content is limited ( only one map, no procedural generation and limited items and enemies )

What do you think about that?
Thanks for reading!

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