Dominions 5 - Warriors of the Faith - johan
This update comes with a 64-bit version for Windows. It is not used by default, but can be used if you want to try it. It should be a bit faster than the 32-bit version and if no major problems arise it will be made the default one for 64-bit systems. There are also a few bug fixes and a few new features such as the Fata Morgana enchantment hiding who owns the province and which buildings it has.

  • 64-bit Windows version (beta)
  • New shortcut 'K' for Blood Sacrifice
  • Fixed spell AI bug where battlefield wide spells (e.g. divine blessing) would not be cast when the enemies were outnumbered.
  • Fata Morgana now uses a province ownership hiding effect
  • --research 4 didn't work
  • Serpent Acolyte's Hydra summoning was not terrain restricted
  • Epopteia raised Dominion instead of lowering it
  • Fix for twiceborned lizards
  • Improved cheat detection
  • Start position tweaks
  • Description and typo fixes
Dominions 5 - Warriors of the Faith - johan
This update contains various bug fixes as well as new contents for Man and Pythium. There has also been some performance improvements and new features for modders.

  • New unit for MA Man: Landless Knight
  • New Pythium rituals: Katabasis, Epopteia
  • Serpent Priests can train Hydras in swamp temples
  • Mother of Avalon reduced in price
  • R'lyeh dreamland dominion didn't spawn mad men for disciples
  • LA Pythium has automatic 10 poison res bless effect
  • Increased AoE on Gift of the Sacred Swamp
  • Increased magic on Renatus and Renata
  • Hydras cheaper
  • Serpent Assassin now costs 2 Rec.Points and can be recruited everywhere
  • Army targeting rituals got broken in the last update, fixed.
  • Icon for Temple Trainer
  • Battle performance improvement
  • Map scroll wheel zoom is now frame rate independent
  • New independent poptype
  • Time limit for battle auto rout increased, 75 -> 90 rounds
  • --mapprov didn't set number of provinces in map editor
  • It was no longer possible to turn off host time interval completely
  • Find starting position speedup
  • Check for bless effect scale restrictions when starting a new game
  • Turn limit for some severe emigration events
  • Wishing for Dominion slightly more effective
  • Gold +xxx message showed the wrong number
  • Summon Spirits shortcut 'A' didn't always work
  • If castle is besieged 'y' only shows units that will participate in a break siege
  • You were too likely to fail finding your own items after a battle
  • Wrong message after freeing your own castle without a battle
  • Some Bakemono were not changed to size 1, fixed
  • Spell AI could cast fear spells on berserking units
  • It is now possible to a network host to force a cataclysm
  • New layout for network host screen
  • File handle leak on Corrupt Turn File fixed
  • Vampire Event fix
  • Stat and typo fixes

  • New monster mod command: #notsacred
  • New event modding commands: #req_targnoorder, #req_targnoaff
  • Mod .sgi files can now be automatically downloaded too
Dominions 5 - Warriors of the Faith - johan
This update adds new heroes for a number of nations and new summons for the Japanese inspired nations. Other notable improvements are unique vampire summons for Ulm, user interface improvements, additional details shown for many rituals. There is also the usual bug fixes, minor tweaks and improvements for modders. The manual has been updated as well.

  • New heroes for Rus, Vanarus, Shinuyama, Man and MA Xibalba.
  • Spell details printed as yellow text
  • Late age Ulm can now summon a limited amount of unique vampires
  • Sneaking commanders have grey backgrounds on Army Setup screen
  • New layout for Host Schedule for network games
  • New layout for Select Nations during network play
  • View statistics in Map Editor
  • Army affecting rituals will now target the largest enemy army if multiple are in the same province.
  • New summons for some of the Japanese nations: Araburu-kami, Omukade, Bakeneko, Tanuki, Okami
  • Oni Generals can command more regular units
  • Bakemono Sho size 2 -> 1
  • Bakemono have mountain rebate
  • Shuten-doji now has invulnerability
  • Kappa has land encumbrance instead of negative land reinvigoration
  • Recruitment rebates now affect the price directly
  • Some heroes got older in later eras
  • Fix for Siren's lure message
  • Forge item screen now remembers the selected item type
  • Burning Mountain site can now only appear in the capital of Phlegra
  • Master of the Games starts with a random heroic ability
  • The detailed Dominion info now takes hostile dominion penalties into account
  • Fix for some bad 3d backgrounds in main menu
  • Try harder to create temporary file
  • Improved Combat Speed info on monsters
  • Plate Hauberk defence penalty -3 -> -2
  • Combining multiple PD rituals didn't work properly
  • Seduction could result in incorrect message when no commander was found
  • Grey Ones got too many eyes when imprisoned
  • Rec Points is no longer capped at 40000 population
  • Bless effects sorted properly
  • Make sure not too many render commands get buffered up
  • Fix for disciple design points after pressing 'r'
  • Pangaea White Minotaur is now a multi hero
  • Fall damage from Wind Ride is now size dependent
  • Perpetual Storm increases map movement cost
  • PD have home province
  • Toad Tribe PD fixed
  • Fire Shield values slightly raised
  • Bane Venom Charm less deadly
  • A mage will refuse to cast communion slave when it is the only caster left
  • Fix for potential double host when using schedule with fixed host times
  • Add/remove pretender 2h files manually on server during network game creation and the game status will be updated accordingly
  • Numbness will no longer affect units with cold res 5+
  • Error messages when trying to cast Twiceborn on undeads and similar
  • Chaos Power, Magic Power, etc. now affects stealth value too
  • A New special troll province
  • A commander's auto spawned units appears in squad with same units
  • Nametype bug fix for new heroes
  • Network game would crash if no nation was selected the first time
  • Chak Muuch Dart Thrower now has a poisoned spear
  • Description and typo fixes
  • Biddyn map fix
  • Stat fixes
  • Site fixes

  • New commands: #reqspellsinger, #reqtaskmaster, #reqseduce
  • New commands: #enchrebate25p, #enchrebate50p
  • New commands: #noreqlab, #noreqtemple, #sleepaura, #startheroab
  • New commands: #bugreform, #reformtime, #springimmortal
  • New event commands: #req_targnomnr, #req_targprophet, #assowner
  • #onlymnr can be used with montags
  • #poisonarmor and #berserk for items didn't work
  • Improved modding error messages
  • #newweapon and #newarmor no longer requires a number
  • Event Modding: delay 0 events will now be resolved in the same turn
  • Event Modding: #delayskip
Dominions 5 - Warriors of the Faith - johan
This Balance patch alters scale effects, bless effect costs, pretender costs, summoning rituals, many of the powerful spells and much more. Maximum Dominion Strength is no longer capped at 10, meaning that temples can increase it above 10. This high dominion will help when trying to push weaker dominions and when you want to recruit even more sacreds. Global blood rituals now have their strength value required for dispelling divided by two, because blood slaves are easier to get than normal gems. It is also easier to permanently kill immortal beings, any soul slay effect will do it now. Hopefully all of this should make more strategies viable when trying to win the game. There are also a lot of minor changes, bug fixes and modding improvements.

  • Many balance changes
  • Dominion Strength no longer capped at 10
  • Phantasmal Attack now gets archers too
  • Mechanical Militia got more men and an iron fly
  • Phantasmal province defence for Fata Morgana improved with new phantasmal archers
  • Teleporting units can now cross Sea of Ice
  • New look for Wailing Winds and some other battle enchantments
  • Normal Soul Slaying also kills immortals permanently
  • Spell AI improvements
  • Blood globals only use half amount of blood slaves to determine strength
  • Two Bracers of Defence no longer stack
  • Vampire Queen creates vampires once per winter
  • New disciple titles
  • Do not create incorrect status dumps during network host
  • Increased maximum message length
  • Spies can no longer infiltrate own capital when it is besieged
  • Ring of Returning removed afflictions when used
  • Knight who lost both arms lost their hoof attack, fixed
  • --nocrashbox to disable crash dialogue box on Windows
  • --renaming didn't work with --newgame game creation
  • Site searching warning now takes level 4 sites into account as well
  • AI will now longer send mercs to the arena
  • AI got same name for all 3 gods in a trinity
  • Centaur commanders can now equip magic lances
  • Mirror image no longer removed by poison, blood vengeance and similar
  • Scrollbar could not be grabbed at top of army setup screen
  • AI performance improvement
  • AI bug fix
  • Fix for Ritual of Rebirth giving mummies of the wrong size
  • Small bugs now have poison damage only
  • New sound for trampling gelatinous cube
  • Could not see all PD in extreme cases
  • Blood Surge is printed in combat stats
  • Improved castle info for Ulm and Agartha
  • Fateweaving bless effect was not shown
  • Fix for incorrect road on Biddyn map
  • Event fixes
  • Stat fixes
  • Typo and description fixes

Bless Balance Changes
  • Bless Magic Weapons cost 2 -> 4
  • Death Explosion size dependent
  • Swiftness bless, cost 2 -> 3, def +1
  • Frost Weapons bless, cost 5 -> 4
  • Quickness bless, magic scale 1+
  • Larger bless, cost 5 -> 4, no longer incarnate only
  • Fortitude bless, cost 7 -> 8
  • Luck bless, cost 8 -> 9
  • Reforming Flesh bless, cost 7 -> 6
  • Berserker bless, now for non blessed sacreds too

Scale Balance Changes
  • Scale changes: order income 2->3, order resources 2->3
  • Scale changes: growth income 4->2

Other Notable Balance Changes
  • Altered cost for pretenders, most monsters a bit more expensive and most titans a bit cheaper
  • Horde of Skeletons has a lower number of effects
  • Demon Bane easier to make
  • Holy Scourge more expensive
  • Wailing Winds gem cost 1 -> 2
  • Fire Storm 5 -> 3 gems
  • Rigor Mortis 1 -> 3 gems
  • Solar Brilliance 5 -> 3 gems
  • Condor got reduced siege bonus

  • Delay 0 events now prevents following events from happening normally
  • req_monster... uses original shape for both monsters
  • Maximum number of mods files downloaded increased
  • Spell number of attacks 500+ = one extra per two extra levels
  • New monster command: #lanceok
  • New item command: #islance
  • #req_nopath... didn't work
  • Fix for Gigantes being called No Name when using mods
  • Mod and event manual fixes
Oct 2, 2018
Dominions 5 - Warriors of the Faith - johan
This update fixes the incorrect battle replays that could occur when mixing Windows and Linux computers. There was also a false cheat report when using trinity pretenders in the last patch that has now been fixed. Read the list below for more fixes and features that made it into the patch.

  • Battle inconsistency between Linux & Windows fixed
  • Cheat detection was incorrect for newly made trinity gods
  • Master Password can be used when changing password
  • Only one message for killed immortal non-commanders reappearing
  • Border summon spells no longer shows AoE in spell info
  • Mounted commanders could get wrong sized mummy after Ritual of Rebirth
  • Too slow map move for some rare mages
  • Early Arcoscephale got new PD commander
  • Sailors' Death and Blood Boil now causes internal damage
  • Sun Awe printed on magic item info
  • Slimed now slows the victim
  • Commander minimum size printed in morale info
  • Hydras had wrong number of eyes
  • Cyclopes now require size 4 commanders
  • Stat and event fixes
  • Typos

  • Don't show Conjuration Bonus 0 etc.
  • New event command: #req_thronesite

Sep 13, 2018
Dominions 5 - Warriors of the Faith - johan
This update has a new late age nation called Phlegra, Sleeping Giants. There are also many bug fixes, UI improvements, tweaks and improvements for modders.

  • New nation: Phlegra, Sleeping Giants
  • If two players can win with the same amount of Ascension Points most dominion wins
  • Can change password during the game
  • Replaced PD info with total unit count in army setup screen
  • Number of eyes show in 'hit locations' (size stat details)
  • Free map memory before creating new random map
  • Increased minimum random map size
  • Chariots become giant soulless when they died
  • Oni cave province defence now gets a demon priest at PD level 1
  • Petrification only worked about 50% of the time
  • Summoning enchantments are now somewhat less effective
  • Scrollbar when viewing premade gods is not reset
  • Earth elementals are now stone beings (immune to petrification)
  • Golem start age is now 0
  • Random river tweak
  • More detailed dispel global enchantment message
  • Fixed bug where you could select an illegal formation
  • Drowning blood slaves message was incorrect
  • Removed debug print from finding start position, making it a bit faster
  • Fire as default for flying archers
  • Fix for tramplers trampling one square too much
  • Heat and Chill aura bless gives increased resistance 5 -> 10
  • Fateweaving harder to resist
  • Cheat detection takes blesses into account too
  • AI pretender design sometimes didn't spend all points
  • Lingering effects with strength modified damage didn't work
  • Improved feedback for wind ride
  • Fix for site 'The Highest Peak'
  • Sprite fix for Titan of Growth and Spring
  • Stay dead after losing head and changing shape
  • Ryujin didn't always get their pearl
  • Immigration message mentions amount of people
  • Too many ability icons could overflow
  • Don't show swimming icon for amphibians
  • Trinity god 2 & 3 didn't auto bless units
  • Don't crash for assassination attacks in unforeseen places
  • Fixed crash when viewing history replay before viewing map
  • Battle log fix
  • Event fixes
  • Typos

  • #req_targowner didn't work
  • New monster & item commands: #corpselord, #ivylord, #dragonlord, #lamialord
  • New monster & item commands: #alchemy, #warning, #deadhp
  • Monster commands: #indepspells, #corpseeater
  • Item commands: #hp, #recuperation, #noforgebonus, #stealthboost
  • Item commands: #yearaging, #noaging, #noagingland
  • nation description for nations with same name didn't work
  • res_targundead...req_targmagicbeing didn't work
  • fix for info on items with #batstartsum
  • pregame events that occur when game is created
  • poisonarmor without value didn't work
  • Increased maximum number of new descriptions
  • Better load PNG support
Jun 22, 2018
Dominions 5 - Warriors of the Faith - johan
Since a few versions back Dominions could crash when using perfectly good mods, this small update takes care of that.

  • Dominions could still crash on recruitment screen with modded units, fixed.
  • Dominions could crash when creating a game with many modded nations, fixed.
Jun 18, 2018
Dominions 5 - Warriors of the Faith - johan
This update fixes a crash that could occur when using modded nations. Also some improvements to the spell AI, map editor, modding and more.

  • Spellcasters may overrule scripted battlefield wide damage spells in some circumstances
  • Fixed bad ...cannot lead magic beings message
  • Earthquake graphics shakes more
  • Pretender's start items weren't always shown when choosing form
  • Press 'del' to remove orders on setup army screen too
  • Map editor no longer wraps brush on non-wrap maps
  • Fixed map image corruption when exiting/reentering map editor
  • "No throne" can be set in map editor
  • Bitch queen got invulnerability
  • Stat fixes

  • Dominions could crash on recruitment screen with modded units, fixed
  • Keep event numbers stable for mods and version upgrades
  • Modded nations shown as white flags when choosing game to continue
  • #poisonarmor takes a dmg argument
  • New item mod command: #nationrebate
  • New event mod command: #req_domchance
  • Two modded nations with same main name didn't work, fixed

Jun 12, 2018
Dominions 5 - Warriors of the Faith - johan
This update only fixes an issue where games using mods would crash during host due to the changes in spell numbers in the previous patch. Non-modded games are not affected by this patch and savefiles are fully compatible with 5.23.
Jun 5, 2018
Dominions 5 - Warriors of the Faith - johan
This is mainly a bug fix update, most importantly it fixes the slowdown when rendering lots of province names on the map that was introduced in the previous version. It also fixes an event for Arcoscephale that inadvertently raised the province income permanently instead of giving a small amount of extra gold for a single turn.

  • Numpad enter resulted in an 'X'
  • Reverted the reduced text cache size
  • Fatigue damage printed in battle log
  • Fatigue damage will not sever head on 50% damage
  • Arco Hydrophoria event increased province income instead of just giving gold
  • Spell AI could cast movement speed spells on immobiles
  • Undead cavalry is now slightly faster
  • Golden Horns attack wasn't disabled when putting on a helm
  • Pretender blessed everyone after a while even outside his dominion
  • Trinity gods 2 & 3 gained XP before they awoke
  • Cut of too long pretender names on message screen
  • Proper default names for Titan of the Crossroads
  • --nomaster to disable master password
  • Crash bug for maps with fixed start positions fixed

  • New nation mod command: #islandsite

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