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Here are the changes which were applied in the last maintenance, enjoy the read and we see you in Gaia.


Shaia Stones

Due to the high velocity which Shaia Stones provide in combination with the Heros we adjust their given EXP and their package price.

Given Exp: 200.000 -> 100.000
Package Price: 1.000 JW -> 2.000 JW


Adjusted some of the reinforce materials needed for specific weapons.

We added UI exposure for the border areas based on the level of a character.
  • Lv Border area
  • 0 Chepa Village
  • 20 Skull Temple
  • 21 Skull Cemetery
  • 22 Tsunami Lake
  • 23 Swamps of Snake Warrior
  • 24 Tow Canyon
  • 25 Ghost Fortress
  • 26 Demon Hell
  • 27 Thorn's Hell

We added a new framerate Limit Option. This Limiter is irrespective of Vsync and we hope this solves the sturrering issues some of the Players expierenced.

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug where the cooldown of Dark Knight's passive wasn't correctly applied. The Cooldown now correctly takes 300 seconds.
    • Fixed a bug where stats of gear items weren’t displayed correctly.
Warmonger - GAMESinFLAMES


Finally we are live. Enjoy the game!

To all who played EA you will get a gift soon and your Jewels (plus the 10% on Top) will be on your account asap.

See you ingame!
Warmonger - GAMESinFLAMES

Tomorrow is finally Launch day. We will have a maintenance for the Wipe and the new version at 8am CET+1 and it will take at least 2 hours until we are ready to Launch.

Max. Tier will be 3 and Runes can be upgraded to +5 for the start. We will add more weapons, higher tiers and other cool things step by step.

See you on the battlefield!
Warmonger - Cheeserito

We want you! If you’re excited for the live release of Warmonger on the 14th of June and want to help us increase its popularity and improve the game, why not do so by creating some awesome content for it? Whether fan arts, streams, videos or other formats, every contribution helps to make Warmonger the game we all want it to be. If you would like to help us out, grab a chair and have a look at the details:

Why & What
We would like to focus on the best part of every game - its community – and provide a way in which we can all benefit from it. You could create great guides, give feedback on certain mechanics, make action-driven montages or find a different way to reach out to people with the same interest as you. We want to make all of this possible with the Warmonger Creator Program.

As part of the Warmonger Creator Program, our creators will not only receive the thankfulness of our community but also be part of the trusted and extended feedback group involved directly in the further development of the game. Additional benefits include:
  • Exclusive access to our test server. Be one of the first players to test and provide feedback on new mechanics and features.
  • Access to a special channel on our Discord Server for more precise and direct communication with the team and your fellow content creators.
  • Content promotion via our official sites such as Facebook, Steam or Discord.
  • A free amount of giveaway keys which offer an Item Package worth 5-20€ each.

You won’t need much to be part of the Warmonger Creator Program. However, some points are still necessary to ensure a great experience for all members and safe handling.
  • Own a distribution channel with preferably more than 100 Twitch Followers or 500 YouTube Subscribers. If your channel doesn’t have this number of followers, don’t worry, this is only one of many factors which will decide if a creator will be part of the program.
  • Reliability: Every creator should be able to establish a schedule which offers one content distribution per week on a platform of their choice.
  • Creators should be able to speak English well enough to ensure a good basis of communication. The content itself doesn’t need to be in English but it is recommended.
  • Creators should already have some experience regarding content creation. If you are new to this and still want to be part of the Creator Program you can still apply for the program and try to convince us that you are the best creator out there!

How to apply
To offer a smooth processing of your applications, please follow the steps below.
  • Send us your application in English via mail, stating why you want to be part of the Warmonger Creator Program: wcp@gamesinflames.com
  • State which distribution channel you want to use.
  • To confirm that you’re indeed the owner of your stated channel please send us a corresponding note:
    1. Twitch: Send us a direct message with your account with #WCP and your mail address https://www.twitch.tv/warmonger_game
    2. Youtube: Send us the link of an unlisted video from your Youtube channel within your application.
    3. Others: Please provide valid proof that you are indeed the owner of these channels. If a confirmation can’t be made, we can’t accept the channel.
Once your application has been sent, we will check the details. The lucky ones who are selected will be notified via the mail from which we received your application. Please note that this might take some time. Please note that we will only respond if you are chosen as potential creators.

Violation of the partnership
Any act of fraud regarding the ownership of a channel or similar will be pursued and punished. Creators can be driven out of the Creator Program if they violate the Rules of Conduct:
  • Reveal confidential information of any kind
  • Display inappropriate content or behavior
  • No use of proper logos, credits, or copyright information
That being said, we hope that you are as excited as we are for this endeavor. You can sign up to the Warmonger Creator Program at any time and we are looking forward to reading your marvelous applications. Best wishes and see you soon on the fields of Gaia!

Your Warmonger Team
Warmonger - GAMESinFLAMES


We will finally launch the game 14th of June. For this we will Wipe all game progress on that date. You do not need any new account but your characters and your nicknames will be gone.

Thanks a lot for helping us to make the game a lot better during Early Access. A small gift is planned for all EA players :)

As well we will refund all your cash jewels and give you additional 10% on top.

Our Roadmap is already good looking for after launch support with new items, weapons, heroes and a lot more.

Of course ongoing balancing and bug fixing will be done.

Stay tuned for more information what will come to the world of Warmonger.

It not just a Match. It is WAR!

Your Warmonger Team
Warmonger - GAMESinFLAMES

For testing we unlocked all Legion Mastery Skills! Happy testing and playing around with them! Will change when we launch the game of course!


Here are the changes which were applied in the last maintenance. In general we are preparing the Launch and work full speed on that! Stay tuned!

Fame bonus based on medal count

Fame Bonus (One Medal = 1 Count)
Gold 300
Siver 50
Copper 10

Summon Legion Core Battleground

Change fame point according to PvP medal acquisition amount

Update HP Bar Design
  • Nation Legion Ranking
  • Fort holding status
Bot deleted
  • Siege Minion basic TP skill set(Siege minion ability increase)

Changed Abyss to Non-Pk area

  • Warehouse Expansion
  • Remove stock feature

Setting up items when creating characters (beginner's helmet, armor, gloves, shoes)

Maximum tier expansion from tier 3 to Tier 6

Bug fixes
  • Fixed bugs regarding repurchase of items
Warmonger - GAMESinFLAMES


Here are the changes which are applied today.

1. Achievement compensation increase

2. Renew Fortress Mastery

3. Renew character ranking system
  • Provide a monthly resetting ranking system.
  • Based on this the Ranks and titles are provided for the next month. (So best players during April will get the ranks for May and so on)
4. There is no critical damage to buildings anymore

5. The Guardian HP is not restored when the Heart of Magic is destroyed

6. Increase the transformation scroll time from 3 mins to 5 mins

7. Auction house: change the price of one yellow jewel to 500 gold

8. War of Warmonger > Every 3 hours | Holything > 2 times per day.

9. Bug fixes
  • Punisher: Magical Hiding Dagger: Decieve > Clones are not dying
  • Fortress siege nexus shield is ignored, players only hit Nexus HP
  • Achievement: Destroy 30 nexus isn't counting
  • Fort cores do not break. Have < 0 durability but still active
  • Fortress unable to get mastery points on level up
Warmonger - GAMESinFLAMES

Dear Players,

We wanted to avoid a Wipe at all cost and only do it when necessary, in agreement with the community. We already had a number of exploits and found another one last week where we said that would be unfair not to Wipe.

As we promised to be transparent we announce this already, even if we need some weeks at least to launch the game. So at the end of Early Access before we Launch the game we will have a Wipe!

We know that we have plenty of things to do. Like PvP Goals & Motivation, Forts and Core changes, Balancing and a lot of other things.

As we said you will get all Cash Jewels back you uploaded during Early Access plus you get a 10% on Top of it. Even after this news. So it is worth to upload money to get more later. And every EA player will get a perm no duration costume which will only be available for EA players.

We know that this will be a hot topic and we hope that you will still help us to make the game better. We still have a lot of things to do but we all see the potential the game has and we will lift this potential.

Our apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience and valuable feed-back.

Your Warmonger Team
Warmonger - Cheeserito


Here are the changes which were applied in the last maintenance, enjoy the read and we see in Gaia.

Item Changes

1. Weapons

-Magical Wrath Blade
R-Skill Removed the AP multiplier of the Base damage.

-Magical Judge dagger
E-Skill Increased the debuff of Armor and Magic Resist [10% -> 20%]

-Magical Blood Dagger
E-Skill Now applies 100 Attack Speed for 5 sec. after activation


1. Dungeons
We adjusted the entry fee for dungeons of border areas.
  • Temple of the Skull -> 1x Tier 1 Time energy
  • Swamps of Snake Warrior -> 1x Tier 1 Time energy
  • Canyon of Tow -> 2x Tier 1 Time energy
  • Fortress of Ghost -> 1x Tier 2 Time energy
  • Hell of Demon -> 1x Tier 2 Time energy
  • Thorns Hell -> 2x Tier 2 Time energy

We additionally increased the loot rewards after killing a Boss in dungeons of Border Area

2. Lords of Land
The lords of land buffs now only get applied if players where able to receive at least one medal in fight.
Additionally, we changed the Reward from Scrolls to Crystals which can be either yellow or blue ones based on the Buff level.

3. PvP
We adjusted the termination penalty during a war.
  • Lords of the Land buff gets resetted
  • Reward level of the Lords of the Land buff gets reduced by 1
  • Players will lose an amount of character fame
Bug Fixes
  • Dying while transformed in Dark Knight doesn’t cause players to be stuck after respawning.
  • Dying while being invisible doesn’t cause players to become permanently invisible after respawning.
  • In event dungeons Ogres should now correctly be displayed on the minimap.
Warmonger - Cheeserito


Here are the changes which were applied in the last maintenance, enjoy the read and we see in Gaia.

Party system
We removed Party Bonus Drop Rate but compensate it with another system to still provide a benefit for playing in a group. This change was also made due to an exploit based on the bonus drop rate.
  • Removed Party Bonus Drop Rate
  • Party members will receive loot if helped during of a monster kill

Item Changes

1. Weapons

- Magical Life Wand
W-Skill Reduced AP multiplier [80 -> 60]
E-Skill Reduced AP multiplier [90 -> 60]

- Magical Wrath Blade
E-Skill Reduced AP multiplier [120 -> 100]
  • Reduced AP multiplier [120 -> 100]
  • Reduced HP multiplier [30 -> 20]

-Magical Devil Wand
  • Reduced Cooldown [70 -> 60]
  • Increased AP multiplier [70 -> 100]

-Magical Hidden Dagger
Q-Skill Increased Cooldown [15 -> 19]
W-Skill Increased Cooldown [20 -> 25]

2. Runes
We adjusted the calculation of the stats per level to fit the new max level of some of the runes. Note: Max level refers to a rune level +9
  • Increased max value for Magic Resist. rune [ max. 60]
  • Adjusted level increase for Magic Resist. Pene. rune
    Lv.7: [12 -> 11]
    Lv.8: [13 -> 12]
    Lv.9: [15 -> 13]

3. Hero
We adjusted the passive traits while being transformed into a hero.
Some changes needed to be reverted since with previous changes they provided a too large impact.

- Amaterasu
Decreased conversion from MP to AP [ 15% -> 10%]

- Tempest Fisher
Decreased Magic Resist. Pene. [ 20 -> 10]

4. Consumables

- Rainbow reinforceing stone
Works now only in its corresponding rarity.
Example: Rare Weapon, uses Rare Rainbow reinforcing stone.

- Scrolls
We removed all Scroll which provide either Armor or Magic Resist. Penetration from the game.


1. Legion
We adjusted some mechanics regarding legion which try to provide a smoother gameplay. Soft locks with Level requirements or negative gold got removed.
  • Legions won’t go below 0 legion gold. Resets all affected Legions with negative to have 0 legion gold
  • Cost for building Nexus [500 Legion Fame]
  • Increased territorial Resource supply
  • Removed Level-up restrictions on forts
  • Legions won’t go below 0 legion gold. Resets all affected Legions with negative to have 0 legion gold

2. Stats
We adjusted some of the character stats to improve game experiences against Saints and adjusted the calculation for the Mana and HP regeneration ticks.
  • Punisher, increase MR per level: +3 (90 max MR )
  • Saint, increase MR per level: +4 (120 max MR at level 30 )
  • Guardian, increase MR per level: +6 (150 max MR at level 30 )
  • Changed HP / MP Regen tick from [5 sec ->1 sec]
  • Adjusted values on all Items to fit new regeneration ticks. -> general output stays the same!

3. Crafting
We adjusted the crystal requirements for reinforcement.
- Reinforce Before

- Reinforce After

- Decompose
We slightly increased the output for dissembling items.

4. UI
Added an Announcement when daily "Holything" event start at 7:00pm , Renamed the event to "Holy gift."

5. Battle Arena Event
We added a new Battle Arena Event which will be started, hold and announced ingame. The Rules are like Mock battles and will provide a likewise experience.

6. Quests
We provided some additional Level 30 Quests and adjusted the reward of some of the already established ones.
It’s now also possible to have multiple Level 30 Quests active. Each unique quest only once at a time.

Bug Fixes
  • Ownership of Legion should now correctly work for the intended time amount after capturing a land.
  • Moving a Fortress via Fragment of Innus Core works now as intended.
  • Premium Buys now don’t work if your inventory doesn’t have enough space left.
  • Fixed a bug were mock battles provided more reward gold than intended.
  • Hero transformation skills now correctly stop after respawning.
  • Fixed a Bug which sometimes causes the game to crash after clicking on a dungeon.

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