Jul 23, 2019
Clans of Reign - ◀NE✘₸▶
Hey all! :) we uploaded a new version to steam!

Here are the patch notes:

Added last man standing game mode to skirmish

kick now uses collision shape instead of raytraced

kick now interrupts combat roll

Kick now has a cooldown

Parry timings have been improved for all combat animations

Parry counter time window has been moved forward

Reworked Attack animation Damage Timings for all classes

Reduced Invulnerable frames of combat roll

Nerfed Two Hand Sword class damage

Tweaked weapon colliders (no more hilt damage)

Fixed Barrel Sound

Added New Player Spawn System

Increased underground visibility

Increased underground brightness

reactivated gore system
Jun 30, 2019
Clans of Reign - ◀NE✘₸▶
Hi everyone,
we just added some new screenshots and a combat tutorial video to the storepage and our youtube! :)

We are hard at work on our Server hosting infrastructure and our third map, which we want to ship for Early Access!
There has also gone some work into the singleplayer components. The desert arena map now has cutscenes and serves a tutorial for the game.
There are now Achievments for the singleplayer maps and the second map is on its way to be done aswell!


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