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v1.24 has been released with the following changes:
  1. Added Prism Link training dummy to the Blaze HQ Training Area. Can practice any available character's three Prism Link moves for free.
  2. Changed general tone of a late game scene - minor dialogue and music changes
  3. Fixed bug that makes the Compounds crafting book not appear in New Game+
Forever Home - FoppyOmega
v1.23 has been released with the following changes:
  1. Fixed bug that caused Regalecus battles to end immediately with a game over
Forever Home - FoppyOmega
v1.22 has been released with the following changes:
  1. Fixed rare bug that caused player to walk slow after leaving Serrison
  2. Fixed mini-scene that could occur in Heyama Library when it wasn't supposed to
  3. Fixed bug where after ending credits if you chose not to save Game Clear Data then the credits would play again
  4. Fixed a couple minor graphical bugs during ending scenes
Forever Home - FoppyOmega
v1.21 has been released with the following changes:
  1. Fixed bug that prevented saving Game Clear Data
  2. Fixed bug where Neutron Star could be transformed without the Celestial Signet
  3. Fixed fish monster graphic in Tenebrous Reef
  4. Fixed bug before the Life Sanctuary Warp that cause player's movement to freeze
  5. Kina's Rapid Strike now has a small amount of damage variance and is affected by enemies' resistances
Forever Home - FoppyOmega
v1.20 has been released with the following changes:
  1. Fixed crash when Asera equips the Throg Shard or any other one with TP skills.
  2. Throg no longer shows an empty MP bar when equipping a Shard with MP moves. Asera no longer shows an empty TP bar when equipping a Shard with TP moves.
  3. Throg's status effect skills (Venom, Melatonin, Madness, Possess, Delusion) now hit an area and chances of status are increased from 75% to 80%
  4. All of the Wraiths' physical attacks were being absorbed by the Bell accessories
  5. Fixed Earth Wraith's 50% threshold buff which was using too much stamina
  6. Xero's Replenish skill cooldown changed from 3 to 1
  7. Bacillus now has the "Flying" break type so it can be hit by Turbulence and Wing Breaker
  8. Can now call the airship from the top of Mt Saratai so you don't have to walk back down
  9. Added icon for the "Charge Backfire" status in the Flash Golem battles
  10. Fixed stairs in Burns' sidequest that warped to the wrong tile
  11. Fixed two Roamers at Damri Mountain that couldn't be radiated
  12. Stadium Sewer Angst starts with a bit less stamina and can be blinded

v1.20.1 has been released to fix the following bug:
  • Fixed problem with the F12 disable script causing a crash. Some computers may now no longer disable F12. If you are one of these rare cases, do not hit F12 while playing or it will cause all sorts of weirdness.

v1.20.2 has been released to fix the following bug:
  1. Fixed Flash Bombs when using WASD
  2. Followers weren't turned back on after Water Wraith fight
  3. Enda's Antitoxin and Clarify skills now use only 800 stamina
  4. Cross Sash agility boost lowered from 15% to 10%
Forever Home - FoppyOmega
v1.19 has been released with the following changes:
  1. Added "Sinkliner" device for Asera. Can be crafted in Simple Devices book. "Time Drops" are now dropped by cherrystones, scorched ice, nimbus, and cloud urchins. They are used to craft the device.
    It damages enemies in a straight line with water and pulls them toward the center horizontal line of battle.
  2. Added Time Drops treasure in Jedire Grotto and Saltwater Tunnel
  3. Echo Pin now has +20 def/mdef and doubles EXP rate
  4. Added small amounts of DEF to various accessories.
  5. Fixed bug in Kail boss battles where sometimes he wouldn't die at 0% hp until being attacked again
  6. Fixed bug in Kail battles where enemies wouldn't die if their counterattack missed. Also added puff of smoke to enemy deaths.
  7. Refuge enemy now weak to Shell Breaker and Fin Breaker
  8. Earth 2 MP cost changed from 38 to 32
  9. Fixed bug with Slash's Tremor skill that caused it to ignore resistances
  10. Raised Tremor damage from 50% to 75%, slightly increased the radius, and reduced cooldown from 3 to 2.
  11. Raised damage of Slash's Extinguish skills and doubled the DEF buffs if an enemy is defeated
  12. Fixed graphical error when skipping a scene during a battle near the end of the game
  13. Fixed graphical bug in Xero's internal scene near the end of the game that occurs if you've been skipping scenes
  14. Heyama Katana shop now allows you to sell
  15. Changed "Press ENTER" text in Bestiary to say "A" or "B" when an XBox controller is connected
  16. Added various tidbits of summon skill lore around the world. (Soldier in Glarefrost, old man in Heyama Shard shop, woman in Atlantia Shard shop, book in Brantle Lab)
  17. Mend Amulet now recovers HP/MP after battle on Hard Mode too
  18. Fixed bug where Final Tenjin could use Neutron Star Omega at the wrong time
Forever Home - FoppyOmega
v1.18 has been released with the following changes:
  1. Fixed bug with moving panels in funal dungeon that could cause a panel to get stuck
  2. All battles with enemies that can only be damaged by ranged attacks are now escapable. In rare circumstances you could get stuck in battle with no way to win.
  3. Fixed damage calculations for Eternal Courage, Gasuto No Jinsei, and Bass. They were dealing double damage on normal attacks.
  4. Doubled rate at which Eternal Courage gains power. It is now 1 attack to add 1 damage. (Your previous gains are automatically adjusted)
  5. Re-sorted several skills that were out of place. Now Charge/Magic Charge/Prism Links will always be at the top as well as other important skills
  6. Throg's "At Arms" skill reduced from 30TP to 20TP.
  7. Asera can now learn Fire 2 and Fire 3
  8. Xero's Echo skill damage was not being reset after battle.
  9. Fixed bug where Fight/Escape menu wouldn't open during Surprise attacks
  10. Changed one line of Xero's dialogue at the beginning to more accurately describe Domes
  11. Music faded out too early during one scene in Glarefrost
  12. Fixed minor visual bug in that same scene
  13. Fixed Scourge (part 2) resistance to ice to match Part 1
  14. Updated controls images for X-Box controllers at beginning and in training area
  15. Fixed multiple enemy skills that were giving Fire "Last Hit" states when they shouldn't have been.
Forever Home - FoppyOmega
v1.17 has been released with the following changes:
  1. Made the Prism Link inputs stay still. Also the buttons get erased as you hit them. The motion can be turned back on from the System menu.
  2. Changed command entry scenes and treasures so entered commands are erased and the keys don't raise upwards
  3. Added an XBox controller A/B Swap option to the System menu
  4. System settings now get copied over to New Game +
  5. Fixed issue where if you started a New Game+ early then several characters could miss earning their starting EXP/PP when they join or rejoin.
  6. HP Percentage based moves on Hard Mode were dealing extra damage to the player.
  7. Asera's elemental guard skills MP reduced from 8 to 5. Also now they only use 800 stamina instead of 1000.
  8. Final Tenjin's Neutron Star Omega was Dark element instead of non-elemental
  9. Limit range of Werewolf monster in future scene so he can't block the climbing tile
  10. Monsters in Stained Forest in area before boss can now be avoided
  11. Disable pre-emptive/surprise attacks on the first ghost battle in Arnoa
  12. Reduced shaking in boss map of Arnoa. Shakng is off completely in Easy mode.

v1.17.1 has been released with the following changes:
  1. Fixed barrel puzzles in Palisade Prison. They couldn't be picked up when using an XBox controller.
Forever Home - FoppyOmega
v1.16 has been released with the following changes:
  1. Fixed text on Doppler Wave item in crafting book
  2. Don't show stamina bars for hidden enemies
  3. Added AGI stat-down resistance to Chaw, Heindrovia, Barclyss (2nd form), Attrition, Fire Wraith, Earth Wraith, Taen, Tenjin, Final Tenjin
  4. The Sickness resists all stat-downs
  5. Phantasm's Lucid Dreams is no longer reflectable
  6. Crafting menu was showing A and S keys when it should have been X and Y for X-Box Controllers
  7. Bestiary was showing Q and W keys when it should have been LB and RB for X-Box Controllers
  8. Changed Bestiary Left/Right arrows to be Up/Down for Page Up and Page Down
  9. Fixed bug where Xero's walking animation could freeze if certain scenes were skipped
  10. Minor Typos
Dec 29, 2017
Forever Home - FoppyOmega
v1.15 has been released with the following changes:
  1. Added enemy stamina bars to show when foes are about to attack. Can be turned off from the System menu.
  2. When a Shard splits after a battle show the holder's name in the message
  3. Xbox LStick wasn't working in the Shop Buy/Sell menus
  4. Field Skills icon in upper left now says RB instead of R1 for X-Box controllers
  5. LWIR Rifle is now slightly more effective against the Storm and Terra Beasts. Mongrels are also now slightly weak to it.
  6. Conjure (Stadium Challenge battle #10) can no longer have his abilities reflected
  7. Burns' Chaos Wave (Prism Link) is now a physical attack
  8. Raised HP of "The Sickness" (Stadium Challenge #12)
  9. Quills that pop out of the ground in Central Charitine Pass near the chasm won't appear if you're approaching from the north
  10. Stadium Team Battle #10 Garbeetle wasn't losing DEF on each hit. Cosmic Glowbug wasn't Ranged Only attacks.
  11. Minor typos

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