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Since the launch of Super Dungeon Boy our team has been committed to bring updates and improvements to meet the community. Learn why this is the best time to buy Super Dungeon Boy.

  • Windows, Linux and Mac - You will find the game on your favorite platform. Just worry about playing.
  • Support for Xbox and Playstation controls - The game will recognize your control automatically and, if necessary, you can choose to display the Playstation symbols (Just to stay perfect).
  • Qwertz keyboard support - We also think of qwertz keyboard... do not worry.
  • Monitors 4:3 - The game fits well for 16:9 and also 4:3 screens.
  • More precise arrows - More precision and more fun. We tracked all the videos about the game and made some adjustments to make it more fun.
  • More Effective Combat - If you enjoy facing your opponents up close, you'll be happy to know that you can now keep your enemies away by shooting arrows at them.
  • Improved gameplay - Small fixes have been improving the movement of stairs, moving platforms, shooting arrows... among other things.
  • Achievements and Challenges - The game remains challenging and rewards with many achievements those who exceed the limits of the game.
Enjoy the promotions and guarantee this game in your list, will be worth every penny.
Jun 29, 2018
Super Dungeon Boy - TowerUpStudios
Being defeated by a single enemy is not a very cool thing. This update aims to put a stop to this and bring visual effects that give more clarity in the fighting.
  • Retreat from enemies. By hitting an enemy with an arrow you stun him for a brief moment and push him back.
  • Visual effect of invulnerability. Invulnerability always existed, but it was not clear to the player.
After all the updates this month you will surely have a nice experience playing Super Dungeon Boy. The difficulty is still the same, but now you will have more control over the game.

Jun 22, 2018
Super Dungeon Boy - TowerUpStudios
This update aims to fix some bugs and reduce the frustration of firing arrows without hitting a single target.
  • Correction when falling from platform. Say goodbye to failures try to fall off a platform. After a short while holding the button down the character will fall off the platform that is supported.
  • Best shot. The arrows are slightly adjusted to reach targets in front of the character. Only one laser shot can be better! (Which would not be a bad idea \o/)
Super Dungeon Boy - TowerUpStudios
Some fixes that are present on Super Dungeon Boy: Mega Fire.
  • Reduction of load and maps. This enhancement was created to allow larger and more detailed maps in the Super Dungeon Boy: Mega Fire, allowing a small performance gain in this version.
  • Light correction for 4:3 screens
Apr 27, 2018
Super Dungeon Boy - TowerUpStudios
We are happy to announce the demo version of Super Dungeon Boy: Mega Fire:
Let's separate some early stages so you can try them out. Some news may be noticed immediately, others will be less noticeable.
One of the great news, and that is present in the demo version, is the ice skill. An ability that can be used in defensive or offensive form. Be that as it may, this new skill is of great importance and will bring great advantages to anyone who knows how to use it at the right time.

Remembering that it is very important for us that players leave comments about positives and negatives while the game is in development. We are very grateful for this.
Super Dungeon Boy - TowerUpStudios
Looking forward to the release of Super Dungeon Boy: Mega Fire? You can be sure that we are very anxious too !!!

It takes a few days for our boy to show what he has learned again. Mortal challenges, ruthless enemies and hidden secrets beyond deep. But nothing can stop our conquering boy, as always.

We are working on every detail. Especially on what was asked by the community. Take the opportunity to leave your request:

What do you want for the next game?
Super Dungeon Boy - TowerUpStudios
Let's heat things up here !!!
Super Dungeon Boy: Mega Fire is the sequel to Super Dungeon Boy. More challenging and flaming than ever!

Super Dungeon Boy: Mega Fire will come with a new set of levels, secrets and challenges:
  • 26 challenging levels. Each with its own achievement.
  • 72 insane achievements... BELIEVE ME!
  • 78 secret areas... WE DOUBT YOU WILL FIND IT ALL !!!

Join the community and leave your opinion about the development of the new game. We want to know what you would like to see in the new version of the game.
Super Dungeon Boy - TowerUpStudios

If you are having difficulties with the controls, please let us know. We are willing to resolve what we can. Playing comfortably is important.
  • Qwertz keyboard
    Now the game has support for qwertz keyboards with the addition of the Y key when firing the arrows. Although you will not be informed in the interface, you can use it from this update.
Jan 23, 2018
Super Dungeon Boy - TowerUpStudios

We intend to send more significant improvements, and they are already in progress, but it is safer to do so when they are already finalized and tested.
  • Ladders
    The ladders were already working perfectly, but a small adjustment was still needed. This fix can be very useful.
Dec 23, 2017
Super Dungeon Boy - TowerUpStudios

We hope this year has been as special for you as it was for us. We are happy to celebrate another year and also more this news.
  • Jump height
    It is now possible to make small jumps if you keep the [down] key pressed at the time of the jump. With this feature it will be easier to hit those enemies that are close to the ground.

  • Small corrections in problematic phases.
    Adjust difficulty and some stones out of place. We're always watching the videos you upload. They have helped a lot to detect these problems.
We're getting a big surprise, but it will not be revealed until next year!
Happy Holidays!

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