Nov 15, 2017
Mini Hockey Champ! - 26k
Hey Champs, v1.01 is out now and contains a fix for a bug that was causing a few graphics settings to default to their lowest value. With the patch you should notice better transparency on the player's skate trails as well as improved lighting and shadows during the game.

Hope everyone is enjoying the game, feel free to let me know if you spot any bugs or general weirdness as a result of this patch!
Mini Hockey Champ! - 26k
It's time for Mini Hockey Champ!

Hey everyone, I'm excited to see all your best snipes, dekes, and questionably legal hits over the coming months as you battle your way to the cup! Be sure to check out the 'How To Play' section in the game before you hit the ice to familiarize yourselves with the controls. Now get out there and play some hockey!

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