Haul Asteroid - maxwellreal

Version 2.0 featuring new GRAB ASTEROID level released! You get basically a whole new game and from 4/30 to 5/7, you get it on sale - 15% OFF! Only 84¢!

GRAB ASTEROID level: Asteroids are flying every which-a-where. Same double-pendulum game play but now multiple asteroids on random paths. Sometimes they help, sometimes they get in your way, sometimes they even go in on their own - as a matter of fact, if you just left the game running continuously, you’d have a Steam achievements mining rig!

Capture beam rotation in 90° steps + Asteroid grinding graphics updated on all levels. Original levels are also great for practice/training!
Haul Asteroid - maxwellreal
Added Steam Achievements!
Added new background created from Hubble Space Telescope's Deep Field photo

Haul Asteroid - maxwellreal
Changed low mass asteroids to better reflect their difficulty: Higher values and sparkle/glitter appearance. Lowest mass asteroids now have the highest value in the game to reflect their extreme difficulty.

Haul Asteroid - maxwellreal
Easier for beginners coming to grips with the chaos of piloting a double-pendulum. Guide lines for easier alignment with grinder + tame, high-value asteroids to start. Guide lines fade and asteroid's position, rotation and mass randomness increases with score. Fully random after 500 billion.

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