Swarm Queen - I Like Bunnies
> Swarm Queen now contains an "evolution" upgrades tree! Customize your Queen by spending the stars that you get from completing levels!
> 3 additional challenge levels have been added!

> The "challenge levels" menu has been redesigned.

> Neurotoxin deals +2 damage, but it won't make ground minions run away for nearly as long.
> Skitterbug cost reverted back to 30 from 33.
> Smartbug Launchers and Siege Caterpillars have slightly shorter range.
> The enemy should be slightly better at dealing with "smartbug"-shooting minions
> Level 5: Enemy no longer has access to Neurotoxin.
> Level 6: Enemy no longer has access to Spewers.
> Level 7: Enemy no longer has access to Skitterbugs.
> Level 8: Enemy no longer has access to Bio-Nuke.

> The extra nectar granted in certain Challenge Levels will no longer carry over into regular levels.
> The extra nectar gathered by enemy harvesters in hard mode will no longer apply to challenge levels.
> Goop Slug and the Nuke organ will now properly "purple-out" when you can't afford to mutate eggs into them.
> Changed "less minions" to "fewer minions" because that's how to language the words more good like.

> stealth update v1.1.00b
> Tank damage reduced by 1, and attack speed increased slightly. (They should be slightly better countered by melee minions, as they should be.)
> Neurotoxin damage cap increased slightly. (It's slightly better against large minions, such as Tanks and Sky Queen)
> Waddle Rockets will look further for a large target, such as Sky Queens.
> Fixed a visual bug with 2-star hard-mode-completed levels on the map.

Previous patches:
Swarm Queen - I Like Bunnies

> You can now skip the intro dialogue using the mouse.


> Tank attack speed lowered from 1.5 seconds to 1.75 seconds.
> Tanks are slightly better at shooting down Smartbugs. (bees)
> "Squid"-type air unit attack speed lowered from 2.4 to 2.75 second, and they can no longer get critical hits (1-hit kills).
> Sky Queen health lowered from 250 to 225.
> Skitterbug damage reduced from 15 to 13.
> Skitterbug and Stinger mutation time increased.
> Skitterbug mutate cost increased from 50 to 75.
> Skitterbug cost increased from 30 to 33.
> "Charge" speed bonus reduced slightly.
> Swarm Queen natural resistance to poison increased from 50% to 60%.
> Enemy queen is now smarter about using her nuke; she's less likely to waste it, and less likely to hold on to it while losing.


> The end screen would often tell you that you achieved the requirements to get certain stars, even though you didn't.
> Skipping dialogue while the map is scrolling should no longer get the camera stuck.

update: 1.0.02c:
> Bug fix: Goop Slug is available in level 16.
> Level 10: The enemy can now build Spitters instead of Tanks, because Tanks were anti-fun on that level.
Previous patch: 1.0.01 http://steamcommunity.com/games/701870/announcements/detail/1598081006356965900
Swarm Queen - I Like Bunnies

> Twitch integration: It is now possible to have your minions "named" after random people in the chat room of a selected Twitch channel.
> Added sounds for: flying minions ground impact, Zappers being birthed by Sky Queen, harvester death, Swarm Queen death.
> Projectiles now have shadows!
> Bomber shadows are now animated!
> "Wormy" countdown timer looks better and is better optimized.


> Groups of Goop Slugs are a bit smarter and are less likely to just heal each other.
> The enemy is better at countering your Sky Queens.
> Bombers now prefer to bomb anti-air minions.
> Smartbug Launchers and Siege Caterpillars are better at selecting targets (instead of over-killing the same target), and are more likely to target special units (Goop Slugs and Waddle Rockets).
> Smartbug Launchers and Siege Caterpillars have slightly less health to account for the higher damage output.
> The enemy is more likely to actually spawn Smartbug Launchers and Siege Caterpillars.
> Tanks are better at shooting down Smartbugs.


> Harvester button now "greys out" when you have max.
> The downgrade/cancel button looks less like a "back" button.
> End screen now shows which stars you did or didn't get, and why.
> End screen shows on what difficulty you just lost at.


> The final campaign level is no longer impossible to finish if your Queen almost dies.
> Extra organs no longer disable themselves if you drag them up.
> Losing no longer counts as a 3-star win. O.o

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