MAGIX Video deluxe 2018 Plus Steam Edition - MAGIX DEV
Important changes in version compared to version

Check out what's new, improved, fixed and better:

Features and improvements

  • NEW: J-L cut: Trim image and sound independently
  • NEW: Mouse mode "Move object content"
  • NEW: Green and blue keying with improved anti-spill algorithm
  • Option in start dialog to prevent window from showing again
  • Improved autosave function
  • Improvements to interface behavior when working with plug-ins with modal dialogs (e.g. Neat Video)
  • NEW: List view in Mediapool as an alternative to tiles
  • NEW: Add tracks at any position
  • NEW: Start dialog with a new design
  • NEW: Automatic recognition and switching for 360° material (Ricoh Theta m15, S, SC, Samsung Gear 360 and 360° files exported with programs)
  • NEW: Automatic stitching for some camera models (Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear)
  • Improved algorithms for rotate, zoom and 3D distortion (CPU performance improvements, deep color enabled, fixed artifacts)
  • Improved performance for undo and redo

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error that impaired playback performance and export times for photo source material with dynamic zooms and collages
  • Fixed error that prevented some effects (e.g. sharpen) from being used together with the Cut function
  • Fixed error in "Apply fades to all" function that resulted in some fades not working
  • Fixed error that caused effect masks on OpenFX plug-ins to work only in GPU mode
  • Fixed error in audio auto mastering
  • Fixed error causing Windows7 systems with specific nvidia driver generations to crash
  • Fixed issue with scanning for OFX plugins resolved (plugins were not shown)
  • Fixed issue with Audio Cleaning feature
  • Changes to licenses for 3rd party modules
  • Classic version: Fixed issue with add track function
  • NeatVideo plugin now functions properly with interlaced footage
  • NeatVideo plugin again functions properly with radius greater than 0
  • Image size, position, rotation, or 3D distortion when changed with the selection tool now affects multiple selected objects
  • Frames in interlaced, exported footage were progressive when color effects had been placed on objects
  • Transitions were changed to crossfades when the front edge of the transition had been trimmed
  • Fixed issue with crashes with "Create panorama" when color effects are present on photos
  • Fixed issue with blurry crawling titles
  • Program can now be closed correctly when the "Hide News" option is activated
  • Fixed error which led to incorrect display of sections with "Fullscreen" option
  • Search field in Templates, Audio and Store tab now working again
  • Fixed crash that occurred when program was closed while News Center open
  • Effects masks now also work for Gaussian blur, lens reflection and all other OpenFX plug-ins
  • Simplified selection of an object's background (moved background color selection from the title editor to the "Background design" title context menu)
  • Fixed error that caused discrepancies in display of title templates between preview and export
  • Fixed error that could result in black fades when these were applied to images
  • Fixed error that caused the "Backwards" effect to play back unevenly in combination with some material
  • Fixed error that negatively impacted the project's multitrack performance by objects hidden behind other videos
  • Fixed error that led to poor title preview image quality
  • Fixed many crashes that occurred when using the program or upon program end
  • Fixed error causing Hitfilm plug-ins in combination some standard effects and fades to produce only black images
  • Fixed error that could lead to hung screen or crash before installing an update
  • Fixed error that appeared when activiating multicam mode
  • Fixed error that appeared when double-clicking on a volume controller in the Arranger
  • Additional fades display again in the templates tab
  • Fixed error that led to program freeze during topic search in the Help section
  • Fixed error that led to loss in transparency for objects with 3D distortion
  • Fixed error that led to crashes during particular effects combinations

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