Birdcakes - Green Lava Studios
The newest game from Green Lava Studios, Birdcakes, is out the door and into the world! Partake in the lives of the Birdcakes, Pancake and Cherry, as they blast their way through waves of enemy flies, splattering them into meaty, unrecognizable chunks.

A few words

Birdcakes was self-funded thanks to the fans of our previous games. This project started out in a game jam, made by our small team of banana-eating experts, and the game slowly evolved into what we have today. We wanted to craft a short, tough experience with wacky visual humour. And since this company is so small, we want to thank anyone who’s supported us through the years. It’s a fantastic experience to grow alongside this platform, and everyone who keeps us alive and motivated. Our drive and will to create will only grow stronger with each new release!

About Birdcakes

Pancake and Cherry are enjoying a wonderful, romantic picnic, when a fly attacks them and licks Cherry to a comatose state. It’s now up to Pancake to save the day! Whether he wants to or not!

Fly through 20 tough waves of enemies, maneuver randomly generated terrains, get upgrades from the bakery store and try and try again to reach the destination. End the Fly menace for good and let the Birdcakes live in peace!


Sean Callaghan
PR Manager

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