Cliffstone Manor - Sprocket Crash Games
Happy New Year! To celebrate, we're rolling out the first patch for Cliffstone Manor. This patch addresses some bugs that have been reported and also includes many graphical updates and other enhancements!

What's new in V1.1

‣ Reworked checkpoint system. Added selectable checkpoints to
continue from.

‣ Fixed a bug where a small set of players would find themselves
floating in space when they tried to continue.

‣ Fixed a bug where it was possible to grab a phantom object but
impossible to put it down.

‣ Fixed a bug where the cane could get stuck in the shelf doors and

‣ Lighting, sound, and animation tweaks.

‣ Misc graphics optimization and fixes.

A big thank you to everyone who reported bugs. You're helping to make Cliffstone Manor even better!

Cliffstone Manor - Sprocket Crash Games
We're happy to announce that Cliffstone Manor is now available to all users with Windows Mixed Reality headsets!

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