Jun 9
TO4: Tactical Operations - Th120
  • Rework player character skins
  • Spatial update buymenu on weapon received (no shadow selling anymore)
  • Further weapon balancing (slightly higher precision for MP5, Mac-10; nerf precison of Vector, UMP slightly; -2% Basedamage AUG; 5% more spread SAIGA)
  • Running speed 590 -> 600, strafe speed multiplier 0.85 -> 0.86
  • Rework free spawn detection
  • Smoke particles are slightly softer and affected by light
  • Explosions destroy destructible objects
  • Grenades break windows on collision
  • New spawn protection material for TDM and CTF
  • Display 6 decimals in mouse-settings-menu.

  • Resize weapon hud images (should no longer overlap on 4:3)
  • Sort smoke particles always on top (glass material no longer erases smoke particles behind the glass)
  • Rework replicated reset of vertical gate actor
  • Fix black gloved first person mesh
  • Fix bug which prevented key mappings from being saved


  • Reduced dynamic lighting and volumetric fog throughout the map (less impact on performance)

  • Fix artifact reflections on weapons (wrong setting in Skylight)
  • Added slight general lighting

  • Replaced the left door on lower bombspot, you could snipe towards sniperhouse (ccKane)
  • Replace the bench in Terrorist spawn, getting stuck between benches (ccKane)
  • Removed the tent in Terrorist base that you could jump on (and through the linnen...) was obsolete and annoying

  • Added Evidence (3 locations) through the map. Picking this up and surviving the round will give a money reward!

  • Blocked the side balcony of the building near Drop-Point / Balcony (reDean)
  • Reduced the frequency and volume from the Distant explosions (ccKane)
  • Added Evidence (3 locations) through the map. Picking this up and surviving the round will give a money reward!
  • Reduced texture size on loads of materials for smoother performance

  • Blocked the Fences near escape point, they could be jumped on (kummelmuck)

  • Reduce strength lights SF base

  • Add ladder to balcony Bombspot B (kummelmuck)
  • Closed the main entrance from middle area to Bombspot A (ccKane)
  • Volume on middle building Trainyard is visible again (Kummelmuck)
  • Open/close gate mesh in middle building has wrong LOD (ccKane)
  • Added Evidence (3 locations) through the map. Picking this up and surviving the round will give a money reward!
May 25
TO4: Tactical Operations - Ssswing`
UPDATE 26-5-2020
Something went wrong in our packaged and distributed content to Steam. Our apologies for taking hostage 90 gb of diskspace for a moment. The size of the game is back to normal (around 37gb) with the hotfix 20146.

Hi everyone! A few days later then we hoped for, we release a new patch for the game. Yesterday it was already on the PubTest branch for a final test (yes this branch is available to everyone on Steam also!). Attached you will find the patchlogs, since its an enourmous list again. Some really great work!

Thanks to our very dedicated PTR testers we tweaked the weapon behaviour and player movement ones more. It's starting to feel better and better with every patch. Besides that I am very proud to introduce 5 (!) new map to the game! 4 of theose maps are ARENA maps. Smaller worlds, for quick games, ideal for that fast-arcade-fps-blood-pumping-feeling of a random day! Besides those Arena maps, Darksoe finished his MAP-Escape (yes... you have to escape the map). Try it out! Great work by DarkSoe, Dissident and Ssswing` with this new content.

Th120 and Darksoe have been putting out a lot of work on tweaking, fixing bugs and overhauls on various elements of the game. Most noticable is the UI reworks here and there (some menu's are still a pain, we know that!). But the movement and weapon behaviour tweaks should make the game slightly more accessible to new players. Enough chitchat here, let's play! The servers are updated already! And do remember: we love feedback! Leave it in #feedback on our Discord channel! Come and visit us!

Patchlog 20146

**** CODING ****

Player HUD
- Reworked PlayerHUD handling to fix the MouseIssue
- Added new Info "Header" to Player HUD
- Replaced some buttons on IngameMenu

MainMenu and Settings
- New Settings menu
- Reduced volume of music in the MainMenu
- Rework "Key in use", should be more usefriendly now
- Fixed the Control Inputs for Mouse Wheel/Buttons
- Some new placement of buttons in menu to make it more user friendly
- Fixed the password issue on the Admin panel on servers

- Reworked Player Movement (Strave speed ~85%)
- Max Acceleration a bit higher
- Fix too much loser money, increase 3. round loser bonus (800 -> 1200)
- Brand new Spray pattern v.4
- Weapon balancing (nerf precision SMGs, Saiga, AUG; lower damage range UMP)
- Fix flashlight (listen server)
- Fix evidences don't spawn
- Fix spawn protection not disabled on shoot
- Different (lower) velocity cutoff for sniper rifles based on movement state (falling, running)

**** MAP CHANGES ****

General Map changes
- Fixed mapicons on minimap for all maps (rescuezone, escape zone, bomb plant zone)
- Added ambient sounds to all the maps (except for Crossfire, Drought, Eviction, Escape, Filth, Arena-Cargo, Arena-KillThemAll, Arena-Labyrinth)
- Updated TDM maps to more recent version
- Removed the CTF maps that did not work for that gamemode, updated the remaining ones to more recent versions

MAP-Arena-Cargo (NEW MAP)
- Lite up the Map a bit more.
- Litup Minimap a bit Cargo

MAP-Arena-LockDown (NEW MAP)
- New map by Ssswing`
- First map with volumetric lighting set
- Fixed crouching issues on crates

MAP-Arena-KillThemAll (NEW MAP)
- New map, very quick and small arena map made by Dissident

- Redid lighting
- Redid landscape
- Redid look and feel
- Set dynamic lighting
- Set volumetric lighting
- Added Terrorist and SF base

- New map by Ssswing` (based on our old Performance map... see it as a LEGO world!)
- Volumetric lighting

- Fixed nades getting blocked on new passage Bombspot A (high) from blocking volume

- Added minimap

MAP-Escape (NEW MAP)
- New map by DarkSoe
- Lit up the whole map a bit more.
- More space in middlehouse basement.
- Blocked up the sideentrace to middlehouse basement so u need to crouch.
- Removed window on middlehouse basement stairs.
- Moved fence to Escape Area more away but Escape area more near.
- Add water to the sewerage.
- Made the 2nd door in sewerage larger.
- Reworked big building room to be more open.
- Added entrace to big building from the roof.
- Added ladder to roof ob big building.
- Added beam to move to big building roof from middle house.
- Fences are no longer random bulet blockers on this map.
- Removed some Fences (Reworked escape area)
- Added new Container to escape area
- Reworked Terr high "Roof" (no longer is the roof)
- Fixed "Walk on Edge" on Escape Middlehouse
- Litup Minimap a bit on Escape

- Removed collision on the flagpoles outside (sniper alley from SF base to Terrorist base)
- New overhaul of the map is in the making!

- Blocked off the main stairwell (left from SF spawn) for smoother movement (Razemike)

- Fixed getting stuck on pipes of canals
- Added war effects to background
- New navigation symbols in the map

- Fixed player collision on rocks and fence on Escape area (bridge to building) (remus)
- Blocked part of the warehouse on Terrorist base
- Removed some foliage that was growing inside buildings :D

- Fix overpowered spot: ladder SF water towards terrorist water entrance (wingah)
- Added moveable doors to waterbuilding
- Fixed the broken impact effect under water, besides lower bridge and water entrance SF side (Pirate)

- Added breakable glass to the map (middle building and upper facility)
- Fixed: Weapons fall into the ground on the road mesh (remus)

- Fixed the middle door (sounds are still WIP)
- Added extra sightpoint for terrorist on the left side on the container (overlooking middle)
- Fixed the window issue where there was only collision on one-side of the glass
- Fixed several trick jump in Terrorist base
- Blocked the window on upper side of Bombspot B (ccKane)
- Added more cover from upper balconies on Bombspot A (ccKane)
- Fixed strange walls peaking through randomly on Bombspot A (near ladder room) (ccKane)
- Fixed the low res reflections in the map on weapons
- Added navigation marks on the map where bombspots are
- Added: breakable bottles on Terrorist start
TO4: Tactical Operations - Ssswing`
New patch version
Most important: the new patch is live! It is a huge patch, due to a lot of map fixes / changes. We still try and keep a reduced size to the patch.
All changes are made because of the time spend by our PTR team, consisting of +20 testers of the game. Thanks guys!

Changelog patch
Most important topic, please find the changelog below for more details
- Tweaks on movement (basic ground movement, air control, responsiveness of keys)
- Tweaks on weapons behaviour and handling (recoil
- New Server Browser (still WIP), new Settings menu is being worked on
- New map from new level designer Dissident: MAP-Drought (still WIP)
- Added functionalities like open and close doors and gates in maps
- The changelog is over 200 lines long, so we decided to put it in a seperate file

Overhaul on the TO4 Discord
Our member L4ur3ns redid the entire Discord. Remember, we keep this platform as our main communication channel
- Set new roles, cleared the old roles from wrong rights and legacy stuff
- Added a 'lobby' alike system where players need to fill in a command, in order to prevent bots from flooding our servers
- Added a Live channel where Developpers and PTR testers show almost every evening (EU time) their constant work on the game
- Added roles for the community to set themselves: do you want to get pinged with news, or for a mixwar? It's up to you!
- Together with MacFrog a new channel is made where you can see the actual activity on the server (who killed who, who did what objective, etc.)
- Added a Poll channel. Here we will hold polls in order to find out what the players think of certain decisions
The input of this Discord change is that we want active players to be able to find each other

Route forwards and Trello
Since we are such a small team, we have a roadmap, but don't use it as 'normal' teams do. We base our to-do list on our estimate time and resources to be spend. We love to
do everything we have planned, but we simply need to make choices. You can find our Trello here!Feel free to have a chat
about it on Discord!

The TO4 team
It's obvious, but lets give it some attention ones more. We are always on the lookout for skilled (and experienced) developpers who love to help out. Feel free to contact us
on Discord if you want to help out. Mind you; we are also looking for non-technical people, helping out on Marketing, communication, community... we can use all help!

TO4 Patch notes 20125
This patch is made with the contribution of our players! We thank them for that. All mentioned changes or fixes are reportated by that specific player. In honor for their work, we mention them!

**** CODE CHANGES ****

- Add camshake on shoot to sniper rifles
- Drop active nade if dying while throwing
- New serverbrowser (still wip, feel free to give feedback)

- Rework movement: Faster acceleration, less running speed (about -8%), decrease air strafing strength
- Rebalance weapons: Decrease recoil in general (mostly X recoil), new spray pattern (more balanced to make the recoil feel less random)
- Faster spray pattern reset
- Stop spawn protection when player fires
- Reduce smoke load (1/2 particles) and increase particle size
- Brighter headshot sound
- Grenade throw Z offset 30 -> 24cm
- Scaled down initial nade collision (Start with 6.4cm capsule and morph it to a capsule after first collision)

- First Person meshes correctly receive light / shadows
- Allow spectator pawn to move when paused
- Aggregate same frame / network tick damage (hit fx does not feel strong enough on high damage in some cases)
- Decrease trace offsets of HE (avoid damage behind thin walls)
- UI glitches when pause enabled & demo player closed
- Snow footsteps playing concrete footstep sounds

**** MAP CHANGES ****

MAP-Drought (NEW MAP!)
Fixed based on internal feedback:
- Rearranged the SF base height so you don't get sniped while crouching
- Fixe Player blocking on top of both bases and on the terrorist water tank (objective)
- Fixed the blocking bugs on the terrorist base
- Set the right physical material on all materials used
- Fixed the footstep sounds on all surfaces
- Rocks collision re-arranged on the cave path

- Fix LOD windows throughout the map (annoying flickering of the windows)
- Removed all metal boxes to prevent the shooting underneath
- Redid and simplified the collision on the wooden box
- Fixed all crouch blocker problenms in the map (see the doc cckane #int-test channel)
- Close the gap in the wall on sniper lane Terrorist side
- Added movement collision around all benches and tables (smoother movement)
- Set all hanging lamps to Collision on, except for pawn (smoother movement)
- Removed some foliage (clovers), added more of the grass as foliage
- Redid some LOD's on the palm trees (caused flickering effects)
- Lighting chain on A bombspot floating (remus)
- Fixed the crouch bug middle, crates next to hallway from Bombspot A (remus)
- Fixed the box on sniper lane terrorist side, you could get stuck when crouching near it (cckane)
- Repositioned the tree, directly right from terrorist base to middle. You could get stuck there / non-smooth movement (remus)
- Doorway high sniper lane; reduced the height of the doorway. This prevents shots from sniper house (SF side) towards the door (cckane)
- Removed skyblocking volume (you can ghostcam much higher)
- Fixed the possible jump on cables in middle area (kummelmuck)
- Fixed the strange red glow on foliage grass
- Added some graffiti
Bombspot A:
- Removed the barrels that gave strange movement behaviour, also opening the area up a little more
- Removed the metal doors on the bombspot, this gives extra movement and cover on the full lenght of the bombspot
- Opened the doorway from backway to bombspot with +1 meter width and +0,5m height. Also gave the whole hallway besides bombspot A +1 meter more space.
- Removed the wooden railing on the far side of bombspot A (near Sniper bunker)
- Repositioned the balcony on SF side; you cant look very far into Terrorist sniper lane
- Repositioned the doorway from sniper lane to A (less height, width the same)
- Rescaled crates on A, you can now crouch behind them
- Added oildrums as cover for ccKane to lame in the corner
- Smoothen out the landscape and platform for better movement and nade control
- Added new passage from SF high towards middle
- Fixed broken lantarn chain in the coves next to the bombspot (remus)
- Close gap SF sniper house
Bombspot B:
- Added extra jumpspot so you can enter the lower terace in front bombspot B from 2 sides
- Redid the wooden railing around the lower terrace in front of bombspot B, no strange openings now anymore
- Removed the table on connector Terrorist Base to Lower B Bombspot
- Gave the entire lower bombspot area +1,5m widthness
- Made the connector from middle to lower bombspot wider (0,5m)
- Redid most cover spots on lower area (better hiding, you can crouch behind them)
- Redid landscape for better movement
- Made some extra hiding spots on lower bombspot
- Added extra buildings around lower bombspot to prevent constant flashes, smoke and nades on the upper part of the bombspot (better defence)
- Move crates little more away from the door Lower bombspot, right side
- Opened the door more on Lowerbomb spot

- Blockout some jumpable edges
- Remove some airconditioners and other blocking objects
- Add another container near BombB Spot
- Reworked BombA-Spot Highground to block some view to Bombspot
- Removed collision of metal bars in way from BombA to middle Area
- Moved the StreetLamp that blocked view From SF to Terrorist Long area
- Replace Woodramp that caused shadow issues for Kane

- Remove truck in middle with a container (you can climb it and shoot through little holes) (m4ttiz)
- Enlarged the red gas tanks on Bombspot B and Bombspot A
- Block the container position with sight from SF base to high bridge window (through the grates) (m4ttiz)
- Remove that jump on high bridge (gastank?) overlooking terrace bombspot B
- Added extra ridge on Bombspot B, but with Barbed Wire (only reachable with trick jump)
- Add cover from middle window to B (crate on truck)
- Added a new sniper point in canals for Terrorist (approachale from all sides)
- Raised the height of the walls on upper bridge overlooking Bombspot B
- Redo all the grass in the map, lower the max height
- Fixed the position on container SF base to Bombspot B, you can also have a look on window upper bridge (m4ttiz)
- Changed all the grass
- Added extra boxes from canals to jump on the side of B bombspot
- Simplified collision on all ground panels, concrete walls and fences and blocks for smoother movement
- Redid ground work on bombspot B for smoother movement (no more strange blocks) (cckane)
- Checked all collisions on building (mostly Bombspot B connector). Added pawn blocking volumes where needed (cckane)
- Fixed the middle area, near the white truck. You could use the wooden pillars to get on the wall splitting middel and SF base (koystikojo)
- Make the opening from balcony stairs to terrorist sniper spot more clear and easy. Also replaced the tree so it doesnt block and cause randomness (koystikojo)
- Redid the Sniper lane on SF side. Removed the truck and added more simple shapes. This might also help a little on the shadow issue on sniper side terrorist.
- Fixed all known Crouch blocking issues from the document (oa. White truck and little fences) (cckane)

- Fixed idiotic Collision on the trees (used complex collision, where every leaf blocked a bullet and nade :D)
- Rock collision, rock next to White escape building, left (Pirate)
- Fixed trickjump: get on the walls outside upper middle area (towards lower middle) (koystikojo)
- Fixed trickjump: SF base; use the container at the back to get on the fences and then on the roof of SF building (koystikojo)
- Fixed broken material in lower middle building
- Repositioned the road material / mesh on the landscape near lower middle area (it was floating, oops)
- Fully closed the middle lane from Cave towards Upper Middle building
- Removed ugly car thingie near white house / escape house
- Added 4 new types of foliage to the map
- Perhaps more to do: reduced hiding spots in the map (oa. closed off 40% in Terrorist base, removed small hiding corners, etc)

- Fix overpowered spot: ladder SF water towards terrorist water entrance (wingah)
- Added moveable doors to waterbuilding
- Fixed the broken impact effect under water, besides lower bridge and water entrance SF side (Pirate)
- Fix overpowered spot: ladder SF water towards terrorist water entrance (wingah)
- Added moveable doors to waterbuilding
- Fixed the broken impact effect under water, besides lower bridge and water entrance SF side (Pirate)
- Fixed the unaligned boxes near the exit of Terrorist base, with an OP spot aiming towards SF base (wingah)
- Added a wooden board to close the gap between lower bridge (SF spawn) and the Terrorist sniping spot from Water entrace
- Blocked the pillars from high bridge (standing in the water), aiming towards Terrorist Water Entrance (very OP spot) (wingah)
- All the railings on all stairs are now movable for a player (cckane)
- Fix the collision on the rocks near waterentrace / ladder SF. You could crawl away in it (m4ttiz)
- Fixed the watervolume / post process that stopped near the bottom of the river, near the fence on low water (Razemike)
- Close opening between crates in SF base (underneath stairs to high bridge) (wingah)
- Spawn points from SF are a little closer to the exits of their base. Meaning they can get on key points slightly more early
- Added ladder to the terrorist side of low water, towards main area Terrorist base (m4ttiz)
- Smoothen the upper and lower bridge parts for better movement, but mainly for smoother nade throwing
- Redid the Water entrance on Terrorist Base. More space in the hole, easier to manouver there, throw nades, etc. (kummelmuck)
- Smoothen all the stairs with blocking volumes (now its a ramp where you move on) (ccKane)

- Fixed the landscape near road Terrorist base (near the gate), there was a hole
- Fixed the missing Foliage in the map
- Smoothen movement near the rocks behind building B (kummelmuck)
- Replaced the small walls near Red House (they were also not nade proof)
- Fixed the broken impact effect on the new walls SF base
- Smoothen the walls in front of A and SF base
- Fixed the wrong shiny concrete material in the map
- Sticking out rock on bridge
- Fixed wrong material in the doors of lower facility
- Smoothen the landscape in front of Building A
- Replaced the pipes on Silos / Facility (material was broken, meshes looked bad)
- Smoothen out the silo site. Removed 60% of the metal pillars here, added wooden board below the silos (no more shooting through) (ccKane)
- Added red striped material to Red House (duh)
- Gave the main road mesh a simpeler collision (better performance, more smooth movement)
- Fixed the possible trickjump from middle upper roof on the building B (wingah)
- Removed collision from the trees leafs (no more blocking nades and bullets)
- Replaced all ground foliage with better looking stuff (blame me, Ssswing`)
- Replaced the concrete walls with better looking walls (they were so plastic and shiny and fake and annoying...)
- Added extra cover to the right SF hill, overlooking silos and facility. Also removed cover on that hill overlooking SF spawn to prevent rushing Terrorists (ccKane)
- Enlarged and repositioned the cover on bridge (Railing + wooden boards) looking over to A (ccKane)
- Smoothen all movement around the bridge (ccKane)
- Smoothen movement on various crates and decorations (facility, top facility, bunkers, outside SF base, inside middle house) (ccKane)
- Smoothen movement on all walls near Building A
- Smoothen movement on all the trucks in the map (ccKane)
- Smoothen movement on all bunkers (ccKane)
- Removed PawnBlocking volume on the sky
- Smoothen the movement around the walls near A mountain area
- Fixed foliage shadow issue

- Fix collision containers (invisible blocking player areas due to scaling)
- Blocked concrete fence where you could jump on from the Green train (left side SF side) (L4ur3ns)
- Removed the logos on all containers, they appear out of nowhere (RedfireSpiffy)
- Moved the container with boxes near the basement area to Warehouse 1
- Blocked the balcony in warehouse 1 with on specific spots with wood
- Removed the railings on balcony in warehouse 1 for more openess
- Added a new route to the ladder in warehouse 1 for easier access for terrorists
- Added little cover near the terrorist ladder in warehouse 1
- Made the outside door from terrorist base to warehouse 1 much larger. Gives better cover and you cant jump on it anymore
- Added a jump possibility near the trains to get on the fuel truck (objective) for better defensive positions on Warehouse 2
- Added doors to the interior of the train near Warehouse 2 (the interior was too small and too annoying)
- Block containers in warehouse 2 (you could jump on them from the fuel truck) (m4ttiz)
- Blocked gate near Warehouse 2 (you could get out of the map) (Riax)
- Fixed the missing impact effects / physical materials on map
- Removed the little stones in the map on the ground (most of them were floating due to tessalation on the floor)
- Fixed the collision issue on the Gas tank (remus)
- Added extra boxes to jump on the crate in the middle connector building. Also raised this box for more cover (remus)
- Repositioned the ladder in new passage Terrorist base to Warehouse 1 (you got stuck while running there) (remus)
- Repositioned the ladder on balcony Warehouse 2 (you would float in the air) (remus)
- Removed the metal beams off the roof when you sit on the pallet with boxes (warehouse 1, next to basement, overlooking new ladder room) (remus)
- Removed a decal that wrongfully placed (and gave errors) next to bombspot Warehouse 2
- Add minimap
- Fixed the drop position above the ladderroom Warehouse 1 (you could float in the air here) (remus)
- Fixed the floating trucks near the base of Terrorist base (kummelmuck)
- Fixed the collision issue on trees, you could walk through them (kummelmuck)
- Smoothen the movement around the trains
- Add movabale door Trainyard (WIP, not sure sounds are replicated), middle area
- Fixed footstep sound on all trucks in the map (was glass, now metal)
- Fixed the footstep sound on the trains (this was glass, now its metal) (remus)
- Fixed the logo on the oil silos in the back (they popped up through other meshes... crazy LSD trip alike) (remus)
Apr 13
TO4: Tactical Operations - Th120
  • MAP-TrainYard & MAP-Crossfire (both work in progress, feel free to give feedback)
  • New setting "Decrease input lag", replaces "SkipGPUBuffering" (experimental, feel free to give feedback)
  • Apply a small view offset animation after falling to make landing smoother

  • Further tweaking on the movement to smooth out running, mostly decreasing BrakingDeceleration (affects player movement after stopping to run)
  • New general spray pattern (smaller x movement deviation)
  • +6% Basedamage MP5
  • -20% X Recoil MP5
  • +5% AimError MP5
  • -5% X Recoil M4
  • -3% Basedamage M4
  • -7% Basedamage UMP
  • -12% X Recoil AK
  • -30% X Recoil, -10% Y Recoil Famas
  • -10% X Recoil Mac10
  • +7% Basedamage Mac10
  • +7% Basedamage Vector
  • +6% AimError AUG
  • +5% Basedamage M16
  • Higher damage range for SMGs
  • Aug recoil interpolation speed 38 -> 34
  • Weapon hits up to 120ms after death still do damage (local hit fx already played on remote)
  • +200ms tolerance cancel reload (switch Weapon)
  • Empty chat textbox on toggle visible
Apr 12
TO4: Tactical Operations - TacByte
Hi @everyone. First off all; happy Easter or simply enjoy the weekend! We have been kept busy on our game, currently we are tweaking the new patch (this will include new movement and weapon tweaks).

PTR test group
We do this with our so called PTR tester group. These are players that love the game and spend time with us testing and refining the game. We do this on a different branch the public game. Perhaps you've seen in the #serverinfo channel some servers populated, but you can't find them in your server browser ingame. First things first: we are always on the lookout for enthousiastic people who want to join this PTR team.
What do you need? Some spare time in the (European) evenings, a microphone and our Discord and motivation and time to give detailed feedback about the game. You don't need great skills ingame or be known with everyone. Remember that we (as DEV team) work with the PTR team,
we listen to the feedback and with that we work. Interested? Leave a personal message at @Ssswing` or @ccKane or @w1ng4h on Discord!

You mentioned a new patch?
Yes, we have a new patch we have been working on. We have had feedback that the game feels to chaotic at times. Also the tracking on enemies is not always simple and easy. The use of certain weapons (yes i'm looking at you famous MP5) doesn't feel as satisfying as we like it to be. Another topic is the mouse input and the feeling
some players have with this (or the lack of this actually). Th120 is figuring out various fixes that have a less heavy performance impact than the current "Skip GPU Buffering". More on this topic later.

Also included is new content!
Besides these tweaks we have also included two brand new maps. Mind you: heavy Work In Progress on both of them. MAP-Crossfire is made by Darksoe (he also made the Labyrinth map!) MAP-TrainYard is made by Ssswing`.
Both are bombing scenario maps, where MAP-Crossfire is somewhat larger than most maps we have so far. The new patch will also include a new system for our maps on the servers and the voting system. Not all maps are fun playing 1on1 (hi MAP-Fueled) or are more competitive orientated (hi MAP-Prelude). We introduced the new tag: MAP-Arena-Name for small and fast maps. These are based on
the more classic Arena or WarmUp setting maps. No objective, except shooting as you please

So our community is more and more active. There are several great initiatives going about. Let's mention one of the most important ones: TO4 Clanwars (made by @L4UR3NS and his team). The idea is that there will be a easy to use matchmaking system on Discord, combined with a website with competitive ladders.
This is also the platform from which our first Tournament was held (congratz to emP.to for winning). For now we will keep using the #looking-for-match channel in the TO4 Discord. When our community grows we will move this activity completly to the TO4 Clanwars Discord. TO4 Clanwars will stay active during all this time offcourse!

Final words
We see more and more people playing the game, which is great. We do realise that our game is rough in places. The "easy to learn hard to master" is kinda steep in the game, especially if you join a server with already great players. I want to ask you all: help each other out! There is no fun playing a game
where you get instantly shot by semi-pro's and their m40's. Another topic; empty servers. Again, we are a small game, with a smaller DEV team and a non-existant budget. We have to grow the community by playing a lot, sharing experience from player to player, etc. Best way to get some players when you want to play: do a shout-out on Discord!

Thanks for reading, think about the PTR roles we offer and hope to frag you soon ingame!
TO4 Discord: https://discord.gg/TVp9Xd
Apr 2
TO4: Tactical Operations - Th120
  • Rework visuals of ammo counter, clean up player HUD (feel free to give feedback)
  • Start nade with sphere collision and blend it to capsule after first collision (more reliable bouncing)
  • Slightly faster nade throwing and faster switch to next weapon after throw
  • Boost smoke particles on spawn and make them smaller to avoid clipping
  • Further movement tweaking: -3% player gravity, -4% breaking deceleration, +5% ground friction
  • Sniper weapons precision: Max speed in air 128 -> 96, max speed general 255 -> 180 (cm/s)
  • -8% precision deagle
  • +2% dmg shotguns (dmg nerf after +2 bullets was slightly too much)
  • SAIGA RPM 142 -> 139
  • Deagle, M16 10% -> 12% more precision laser on (the M16 +2% were subtracted from the general precision)
  • Higher intensity damage taken feedback (view shake, bloody screen)
  • Remove auto chat when throwing nade
  • Increased steam authentication time limit 10s -> 30s ("Steam auth failed" kick message)
  • +15cm X spawn offset nades

  • Replay player not switching to spectator HUD
  • Spamming server reset while using auto demo recording corrupts demo header
  • UMP pickup doesn't spawn
  • Closed small gap between smoke and floor

  • Demo rename
  • Announce hostage rescue

  • Blocked the rumble in the back of SF base. You could jump on it and snipe towards middle (remus / kummelmuck)
  • Moved the back player spawns of SF more forward. This gives a 1,5m faster spawn, so SF can be slightly faster on the bombspots
  • Set all blocking volumes to "PawnBlocker only". This removes the annoying effect that nades bounce off in mid air (wingah)
  • Removed trick jump onto the blue truck at Palm Tree (sniper lane) (sCion)
  • Fixed Default winner (Special Forces), no draw at the end of the round (wingah / remus)

  • Removed all the splash effect on water (remus)
  • Added water foam on a few positions
  • Gave the underwater effect more brightness, now it's easier to spot enemies under water
  • Fixed the "No water flow in waterfall" (remus)
  • Gave the water material less opacity from above; players in the water aren't as visible anymore as before (iAmTheOne)
  • Redid the terrain next to the border/sidewalk opposing the Terrorist base. You can now move more fluently here (Vo0di)

  • Closed 1 window in lower mid building
  • Made 1 window in lower mid building so you can't move through, but shoot towards A roof
  • Give a little more general light in the outside areas
Mar 21
TO4: Tactical Operations - Th120
  • Chat rendered above buymenu
  • Early Access info page still bugging (attempt 9999, please report to us if you still encounter problems)

  • Slightly lower sound range movement (32m->28m) & reload (30m->26m)
  • Bars for UI Armor status

  • Blocked strange corner near facility where player could get stuck (cckane)
  • Close planks in Terrorist bunker (looking towards SWAT bridge) (ccKane)
  • Removed the jumpable crate on the right side (seen from terrorist) next to SWAT bunker. You can only climb it on the left side now (cckane)
  • Repositioned 3 pillars at the silo's. You can now walk around without being blocked by a too small gap in between the pillars (cckane)
  • Removed bullet blocking on Barbed Wires all over the map (cckane)
  • Removed collision on beams in House A for more smooth movement (cckane)
  • Redid the material on the A and B House for better looks
  • Repositioned the little walls next to RedHouse (they blocked view towards Terrorist bunker) (Streety675R)
  • Removed the rock that blocked movement where you jump on the bridge (swat bunker side) (remus)
  • All Blocking Volumes are now 'BlockPawnOnly', some also blocked nades and bullets (cckane)
  • Added extra pathnodes for hostages to follow you (House B on the ramp, sometimes they couldnt follow) (cckane)
TO4: Tactical Operations - Th120
This update will introduce some changes to the movement parameters.
We got quite a lot of feedback which was about gun figths being too random or general feedback about a chaotic feeling while fighting at closed quarters.
For this reason some movement parameters were edited to reduce abrupt changes in direction.
In the linked video you can spot the effect of fast changes in direction on the player's aim.
The goal is not to completely nerf strafing, but reducing those "random" situations.
We appreciate any further feedback on this topic. We will tweak the movement in upcoming patches if needed.
Another point was the quite short TTK of our rifles.
In this patch we generally decrease the damage of all full auto weapons. Now all of them need +1 hit on the chest to kill.
Feel free to also give feedback on these changes.


  • Slower change in direction (-12%), less acceleration (-12%, start running / swimming etc), less deacceleration when stopping to run (-12%)
  • All shotguns +2 bullets (8 -> 10), Rebalance damage: SPAS 8, Mossberg 9, SAIGA 10 hits on chest to kill, slightly adjusted shotgun spraypattern
  • Deagle RPM 170 -> 167 (Last patch was 180 -> 170)
  • Crouch camera interpolation speed +100%

Base damage changes:
  • M4 -15,5%
  • AK -14%
  • AUG -13%
  • FAMAS -12%
  • UMP -13,5%
  • Mac10 -12%
  • MP5 -11%
  • Vector -10%

Weapon player speed penalty
  • Glock / M9 -4% -> -3%
  • Deagle -5% -> -4,5%
  • Vector / Mac10 -6% -> -4,5%
  • MP5 -6% -> -5,2%
  • UMP -6% -> -5,2%
  • SPAS / Mossberg / SAIGA -6% -> -6,5%
  • M4 -10% -> -6,5%
  • AK -7,5% -> -6,5%
  • M16 -9% -> -7%
  • FAMAS -13% -> -10,5%
  • AUG -6,5% -> -7%
  • Mk20 -10% -> -7,5%
  • M40 -11% -> -10%
Mar 14
TO4: Tactical Operations - Th120
  • Some weapons visible through walls
  • Recoil multiplier (increasing recoil while spraying) not applied when using single taps

  • New health widget for player & spectator hud

  • -5.5% RPM Deagle (180 -> 170)
  • Sniper max speed (while precise) set to a value lower than sneak speed (it was on 1/3 sneak speed before)
  • Faster reset spray pattern after stopping to fire

  • Fix water blocking bullets
  • Fix position of water post process volume
Mar 12
TO4: Tactical Operations - Th120
  • Higher tolerance for hit validation (less server check failed & offset exceeded messages)
  • Crouch camera movement too fast

  • Work in progress: New first person arm meshes SF male; changed materials of Glock, Beretta, Desert Eagle, AKM, M16, AUG, Saiga 12, Mk20 Scope and M4A1 Receiver and Carry Handle

  • Removed the Ladder on SWAT base building; this is now a pile of crates. Ladder Sniping there was an annoying spot (cckane)
  • Remove railings in lower area Barrack A (remus / cckane)
  • Closed all the window jumping in Barrack A (remus / cckane)
  • Removed collision on metal bars next to middle house (insane lame camping spot)
  • Cover Terrorist bunker (lower terrain behind for more cover) (streety675R)
  • Removed the blocking the upper stairs in upper facility (remus)
  • Fixed collision windows on barrack B
  • In general work on Lower Bombspot (B) with feedback from: Remus, sCion, ccKane, Tron>Lumi, vain
  • Closed off 1 tube on lower bombspot (B)
  • Added higher cover on the walls around lower bombspot (B)
  • Gave the connector hallway between lower bombspot (B) and Tube area a roof (more cover), also you cant get shot over it anymore
  • Closed little holes in planks / cover areas on lower bombspot (B) (less unpredictable shooting)
  • Removed the flying grass near the bridge terrorist spawn (remus / Riax)
  • Removed all the metal bars on the overview spot above the tubes on lower bombspot (B) (less random bullet blockers)
  • Reworked the canals next to lower bombspot (B), more space to move around
  • Added extra crates and cover and an overpass over the canals next to the lower bombspot (B)
  • Reduced opening from canals onto lower bombspot (B)
  • Placed plywood on the metal pointy wall in front of SWAT spawn (ccKane)
  • Lowered the general light, but gave dynamic shadows in the tube near lower bombspot

  • Reworked the water (this removes the bug that you could see through from higher to low water), new material, etc. Still work in progress.
  • Closed the crates on lower bridge (especially one looking at water entrance, you could should through) (cckane / remus)
  • Replaced leaves peaking through floor snipernest on high bridge (Kummelmuck)
  • Removed the little bushes near waterside SWAT area (player can hide in) (wingah)

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