TO4: Tactical Operations - CHR#1
Hey everyone,

we'll be doing a livestream today at 2:30PM EST / 20:30 CEST. We have some new things to show you, see you later!

TO4: Tactical Operations - CHR#1

Not a Devblog
Hi everyone, I just want to say that this is not a devblog it's an update on what we are up to and what is happening with the development of TO4. We are still having problems with the latest UE4 update. As usual UE4 updates can be good, bad or both, this one has been a really bad one for our project. We have sorted out most of the problems on our side, but there are still some issues remaining we are having difficulty fixing, fortunately, we are not the only development team with these problems and it is looking like it could be a bug in the Unreal Engine. Hopefully, these problems will be fixed soon.

Because we don´t know when these issues will be fixed and the problems have slowed our development, we have to consider a workaround and try to find different solutions to avoid issues like this in the future. Sadly this means that we will have to invest our time into something that we won´t need later on, right now we feel like we are moving two step forward and then we are forced to take one step back.

We said this should be the last Engine update before we enter Early Access. We would like to stick to that but with these current problems and some sound issues within the current 4.20 build. We will most likely be upgrading again when UE 4.21 is released, we hope that by upgrading to 4.21 it will fix several of issues and give us a more stable engine for TO4.

Even with these problems, we have been working on other areas of development, we have reworked a lot of essential coding paths in our game code, we spent a tremendous amount of time analyzing and fixing build issues and bugs. We fitted a new graphics card in our build server without it game builds were impossible. A massive change we have made is now our devs can create Local builds, that means our team members can do test builds without uploading them to the Steam dev branch. Somethings just don't work within the editor and need to be tested once fully compiled (not using the unreal frontend), as you can imagine this is going to help us a lot with both development and workflow.We are continuing to climb this Mountain with your support! This is just another small Hickup on our journey. Hopefully, we won't have too many more.

From all of us on the TacByte Team, we thank every one of you for your continued support and patience.
TO4: Tactical Operations - CHR#1

Hey, everyone, we have some news that I'm sure some of you will be excited about.

We are having another Alpha-tester recruitment drive! We want to recruit between 20 to 30 new Alpha-testers, this will be the biggest recruitment we have done so far and most likely the last one before we open testing to thefirst100 group. (planned for this year)

Please don´t apply just for the chance of getting a sneak peek at the game, that will only slow our development, we need enthusiastic active people that really want to bug test and to do stress testing with us. So please, if you don`t have the spare time or you are not committed to submitting bug reports don't apply, also consider that you could be taking the place of someone who really wants to help out and has spare time.

If you would like to be an Alpha-tester for our game you will have to join our Discord server and fill out the form in #apply_for_alpha_2 channel, you will also need an activated account on our Website

Thank you!
Jul 26
TO4: Tactical Operations - CHR#1

Number #12!
chr & kulan
Welcome to our new Devblog, in this blog we will talk about our release plans, introduce a new member to our team "ojl10", we have an update on TO4's weapon list and some screenshots of some Models and Weapons. So let's get directly to most frequently asked question first and then on with the rest of the blog.

Early Access 2018?
Everyone wants to know when the game will be available at steam, so here is a summary. We can´t announce a definite release date, however, we do set our own targets within the development team and our current plan is to start some kind Early Access or a larger Closed Alpha at the end of 2018. We are on track to achieve this target date, on the downside there are still some aspects of the development that we can´t predict a timescale for, as an example of this Anti-Cheat, how long will it take to discuss (with the provider) and implement the Anti-Cheat and to be honest, we've never done it so we are not sure, we can only speculate. So this is not a confirmed date, problems could arise that we didn´t account for. We will keep you informed as best we can to any changes that might alter the target date, in a future Devblog closer to the end of 2018 we will inform you of our release strategy in more detail. We believe we can attain this target and we thank you for your continued support!.

Linux Client? wait I mean Server don't I?... Both!
macfrog & th120
Yes, you have read correctly, we really have been working on a Linux version of both the Server and Client for TO4, The first iteration is now complete and both server and client are running. We will ship the Linux Client as an unsupported version of the game (for now), this means if there are problems or bugs we will be prioritizing the Windows version above Linux (sorry Linux people). A lot of people prefer to run a Linux based OS on servers to save the cost of a Windows license. So we are really happy that we can supply Linux Server files, this should make the cost of running or renting a server cheaper once the game is released. There are still a few small issues to sort out, but overall both are working better than expected for a first iteration. The Linux client will be available from the Linux Version of Steam. Here are some pictures so you don´t think we are fool around.

Weapons Line-Up
It really took us some time to decide what weapons we will have in TO4, but finally, we can present an almost complete list, there still might be a couple of changes but we don't think anything major will change. Take a look, we have replaced some of the weapons.

  • M9
  • Glock 22
  • Desert Eagle
  • Stealth Hunter (Raging Bull Substitue)
  • P250 (optional)
SMG & Shotgun
  • Vector (SMG II Substitute)
  • MAC 10
  • Remiberg (Mix of Remington and Mossberg - we dont have a better name for it)
  • Saiga 12
  • SPAS 12
  • MP5A2
  • MP5A2 Silencer (MP5SD Substitute)
  • MP7 (optional)
AR & Sniper
  • M4A1
  • M16
  • AK47
  • AUG (SIG Substitute)
  • SCAR SSR (MSG 90 Substitute)
  • M40 (Parker Hale Substitute)
  • M4/M203
  • MK18 (optional)
optional = These could replace a weapon listed above or be added as additional weapons to the list. For now, they are not in-game.

As you see we are still missing a scoped Assault Rifle and we haven't decided which Light Machine Gun we should use. The M60 could have its comeback or maybe it will be the M249. We have also talked about whether we should use the SKS instead of the SCAR SSR, in the end, the team decided to pick the SCAR. One weapon we definitively didn't want to use was the AWP/AWM, that's not a weapon we think you want to see in TO4, we think the M40 is a good choice. Are we making the right choices?

Weapon Animations
The whole team loves slayer5530's weapon animations and we always look forward to him presenting us with new ones. We are really glad to have him on our team. There are a lot of new Animations he has made, but sadly due to holidays, they didn´t make it into this blog but we should be showing you some new animations within the next few weeks. As a taster here is our new M9 Model, take a look.

New M9

Robin replaced the Pizza box!
Our Modeler robin finished the bomb model and slayer5530 rigged it for our game. It's now ingame and only missing the planting animation, which is WIP.

So if you had hopes that the Terror team would keep delivering pizza at a Bomb spot or you loved the idea of RP'ing a Pizza delivery person, robin is the one you want to complain to. If you wondering why we keep referring to it as a Pizza Box, here is a delivery in progress which will explain.

Pizza box

TO4 Bomb Model

robin has also been modeling an M40 Sniper Rifle for us. This means we will have our own unique Model. As you know we do currently use a lot of Marketplace assets/content within TO4. However, we are actually proud to have this one made from scratch using a high poly model for reference we bought. Creating good models can take a lot of time so it's currently impossible for us to create bespoke models for all our weapons. Maybe in the future. Here are some screenshots of his work in progress. What do you think about it? let us know in the comments section.

Discord Notifications
I don´t want to ping everyone with everything we publish, so in the future, you only be notified with the @everyone function when it's a big announcement that is really important for us to let you know about. Now I have created a new role called "@subscribed", this role will be used on all our discord category "News" from now on. This means if you wish to be notified when we update/upload something to our Social Media Accounts or that News has posted on our Website, you have to give yourself the role "subscribed". If you don't the channel will still be highlighted when something is posted, you just won't get a mention notification.

How to get the role "@subscribed"?
I created a channel called #botspam, just type in that channel "?rank subscribed" that's it. I have also added the rank NA, SA and EU. This will come in handy when we release our game and you look for matches, feel free to join one of them if you wish. So to join either group type "?rank EU", "?rank NA" or "?rank SA".

If you have a request for a different region you can contact me in Discord, to see all available ranks just type in "?ranks"

Last but not least a big Welcome to, ojl10
Some of you may already be aware of our new member ojl10, he is joining TacByte as a Modeler- So Welcome aboard ojl10!

Like most of us on this project he has limitations on time he can invest into the project, however, he already created, fixed and changed some in-game models, not everything is visible in pictures, but it really helps us out. In the next Blog we will show some more.

Upcoming Devblog
So that is it for now, but expect more news sometime in July. We hope you enjoy your sunny summer holidays with your family and friends, I know that some of Tacbyte team have vacations planned, so bye for now and above all else HAVE FUN!
TO4: Tactical Operations - CHR#1
Missed our stream?

It is now available on Youtube, enjoy!
May 20
TO4: Tactical Operations - CHR#1
Join our Stream on Twitch!

TO4: Tactical Operations - CHR#1
Upcoming Livestream Tomorrow!

Well Guys, It's time for another Live Stream, Tomorrow at 3pm (15:00) (GMT+2) we will be streaming and answering your questions. We will also be showing our new map RapidWaters, So please Join us. Fingers crossed nothing will go wrong this time. ːsteamsadː

Twitchlink: TO4Game
GMT+2 Time: Timezone
Apr 15
TO4: Tactical Operations - CHR#1

The delayed #11
chr & kulan
Hi everyone, I know it's been a while since our last devblog and we were trying to publish a devblog monthly, sadly this did not go to plan, be reassured that TO4: Tactical Operations is still in development and the team is working on getting the game to open alpha testing as soon as possible. We have had some bad news over the last couple of months, but on a positive side, we have made some progression in the development of the game. Well on with the blog I guess bad news first.

The Q1 Dream
As we have announced in discord sadly we won't be able to release the game for public Steam access in the Q1 of this year and we don't have a date for when we will be able to, we are not going to make the mistake of getting players hopes up with another release date till we are 100% sure we can achieve it, we are trying to be as honest and transparent as possible, but in a development like this there are so many problems that can arise, but when they do we will try our best to inform you.

Our first-person weapon animator slayer5530 left the group early february, this has put a pause on that part of the development, slayer5530 has a lot of stuff going on in his real life at the moment and those must take precedence over any project. This ment we had an issue with manpower, he is now back, however, this outlines one of the major problems with developing a game like this its man-hours, we are not paid for working on this project and everyone on the project is doing it in their own free time, sometimes family life or our 9-5 jobs impede on the time we have free to work on this project, that is something we can't predict. When these problems arise we have to adjust our development plans and this could have massive implications on the development schedule, luckily we have managed to move forward again.

slayer5530 is currently working on the reload animation for the Glock and Beretta, stay tuned!

Builds and upgrades
We also had a problem with our main game build server, the issue was a dysfunctional harddrive, game builds were taking up to 16hours to complete, This had massive impact on testing and development speed, Reasontlly we had the opportunity to upgrade our server hardware, macfrog worked on moving all the files and systems we need to the new hardware and integrating it with our current infrastructure, with that problem fixed we can now do a game build in under 2 hours, we have also partnered with a server hosting company we will announce them later on.

Refactoring and bug fixing
If you watched our Stream in January you may have noticed that our game server crashed a few times, that has been tracked down and fixed, On that note, th120 is refactoring the code, for those that don't know Code Refactoring is re-writing the code making it cleaner and quicker but without changing the functionality, this might take a bit of time but in the long run it will speed up development and make future changes and additions to the code easier. Furthermore, the network load of our game was reduced which results in a performance boost, since the game feels smoother, we have also increased our game speed a little to match a more arcade feeling playstyle. We also decided to use Steam's Master server because we had issues via our own and this lays a foundation for steam features like joining friends on a server from your steam friends list or their profile, we also want to use Steam groups for clans/squads, there will still be a way to use Clantags without a Steam group but we think Steam is the best way to go.

Firstly, this has no priority and is not part of our Early Access plan, however, some sounds are needed for the game and chr started to look for Voice actors and found a female and male vocal actor for our game. The game will have automated sounds triggered by actions and sounds you can trigger via a menu and maybe hotkeys. So you can get a feel for what we have in mind here we have mocked up a quick (not final in any way.) sample.

Please visit our website for the samples! Click me!

If you want to check some of their previous work you can check out their websites listed below.

CCC from Purple Rogue (female)
Website from Zach Stevens (male)

Music for MAP-Prelude
bluekoala202 finished his edits on the Track for our MAP-Prelude and its now ready to be implemented to the game. How you like it?

Please visit our website for the audio Click me!

MP5 Navy Silenced
You know our MP5 Navy model, we have now added a silencer for the Special Forces for those stealthy kills. Take a look!

More Rapid Waters Pictures
ssswing & bluekoala202 & chr
After the overwhelming response to our announcement on Facebook about a new map being worked on for TO4: Tactical Operations, chr has created a montage from the newly envisioned Rapid Waters map to reawaken your dreams or nightmares. bluekoala202 gave the video a jungle jingle.

Minimap and VoIP
So we added a Blueprint minimap (WIP) to the game, hopefully, this will help with tactics, If you have time to look at it while bunny hopping.

Click here to see it in action

If you would like to air your opinions on these or any of TO4: Tactical Operations features now is the time to like and follow us on one or all of our social media pages and have your say or directly join our Discord server.

Feb 4
TO4: Tactical Operations - CHR#1

This is Number 10!
chr & kulan
Hi everybody, so it's the first Sunday of the month and it's time for the new devblog. This devblog is more text-based than we normally publish, the main reason is, we have been doing a lot of work on the Backend systems, cleaning up the games current content and editing code. So let's see what some of our crew has been up to.

Steam and Future
macfrog & ssswing
Well, the first steps have been made, for the last week or so the TacByte Crew has been able to play TO4: Tactical Operations on Steam and up to now our TO4 alpha testers had to play the game by downloading the game from one of our servers and loading it using our custom launcher, this has now changed and our alpha testers also have access via Steam, this a huge step towards our open Early Access. Here are some more details and the reasons why this is so important for us, and you.

Macfrog, has been working on the backend stuff for Steam and was able to create an additional Steam AppID for TO4, this means we have now got our main Steam AppID that will be used for our Early Access on Steam and will be opened to you once our closed alpha testing is complete, this will be the one you want to add to your Steam wishlist The new Steam branch will be a test branch and will be used for our closed alpha testing and any further Steam tests before public release.

This second steam branch has paved the way for a friendly user test. Wait, what is that?

Firstly, this test will be using the new branch on Steam and it sounds really simple but, trust me it wasn´t, Steam has allowed us to get Steamkeys for TO4: Tactical Operations on our testing branch, with those keys we can now control how many players have access to our game via Steam, if we were to go directly into open Early Access, we would have no chance of controlling the number of players and we are fairly sure our systems are not stable enough or big enough to handle that just yet, also, we are not sure that we have the manpower or infrastructure to react to server failure or a problem quickly enough for general release, we can't predict how many new players will try the game when it pops up on their Steam store. We really want to deliver a working Early Access game, nobody wants to boot up a game to be faced with an empty server list or a game-breaking bug, that would just create a negative impression of our game to people that have not followed the development process. That's why we will do a big closed alpha testing period with friendly users first. What are friendly users? Well, friendly users are Thefirst100 (we have not forgotten about you), people like you and also people in our discord group, the people that have followed us and have given their opinions, help and encouragement during the development of the game up to yet, also, those of you that have given us constructive criticism. That's our friendly user test.

We will be starting this test with Thefirst100 group in Discord soon (see told you we had not forgotten you). If this works as well as intended, we will then send out more keys to our other discord users, then the followers, members, YouTubers, and streamers on our other social media outlets. Please, remember we will still only have a limited number of keys for this closed test, so don't be too disappointed if you don't get one, more will be released at a later date.

th120 & ssswing & darksoe
Th120 was concerned about the performance, so he started to change the blueprints system in the unreal engine to C++, collectively they have also, reworked all the lighting on the maps from a dynamic lighting system to a semi-static lighting system, as player shadows are quite important for gameplay the team decided not to use full static lighting for the game, while testing, we also found a bullet impact effects that dropped the framerate quite drastically, they have now replaced that, while they were fixing that, they also took the opportunity to add some dedicated impact sounds that were missing. They have just finished these modifications and the first results are very satisfying. These changes have made TO4: Tactical Operations run a lot smoother and also at a higher frame rate, as with all competitive games, the higher frame rate the better. Optimization is an ongoing process and we will try to squeeze as much performance as possible out of the game without affecting graphical quality or playability.

Elvis (it's not the real one, he's still with the aliens)
So, firstly, a big welcome to Elvis (Graphical Artist), Elvis sent us a mock-up of a new UI for TO4: Tactical Operations and we really liked it, he will be working with the team to see if his vision of the UI can be implemented to the game.
What do you think?

Final Words
There is still a lot of work left to do, but we are getting closer, Do you know any friends that might like the game? Please if you have not already done so, add TO4: Tactical Operations to your steam wishlist and ask your friends to do the same!
TO4: Tactical Operations - CHR#1

Twitch Recording
I'd really like to say our Stream went without a hitch, but, we had a rocky start, our lead PR guy CHR and Ssswing (project leader) had a few practice streams without a problem and all was going well up to the last minute, when, CHR's "new" custom loop rig decided to throw a hissy fit and stop working, CHR managed to sort the problem out but we started the stream about 30 minutes later than expected. thank you to everyone that stuck around and waited for the stream to start, We know it must have been frustrating for you. We will endeavor to make sure this does not happen again.

Once we got started, it went quite well, we managed to show you what we wanted to show you and answer most of the questions you asked, at one point we had close to 100 viewers watching the stream, we did get a bit of streamer lag (bandwidth problem) near the end of the stream which was a bit distracting, but, as you will see from the video of the stream below it was not in-game lag, I have to say that Sswing and CHR for a first attempt at streaming LIVE did a really good job of hosting the Twitch, True, it was not polished or without problems but it's sort of like our game right now, we can work on it and make it better over time with the community's help.

If you missed the stream or want to join our community and give us your input on the game, why not join us in our Discord Group, Oh, and please add TO4 to your Steam wishlist ,it will help us gauge our player base for when we release on steam.

Lastly, A massive THANKS to our Alpha testers and the people that watched the stream, We really appreciate Your help and continued support.


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