Steve's Pub - Soda on tap - Knofi
New hotfix released:

- the Party Room red soda bug @ wave 7

You may have to restart steam to download ...
Steve's Pub - Soda on tap - Knofi
So happy to release this little VR game on steam!

What's included?

Two locations included:

The Party Room

This small room is located in a cellar. Here you start your bartender career and should practice a little bit.

This location includes one bar, two sort of soda and 12 rounds.

The Old Pub

This professional place is made to push you on your first limits. The Old Pub includes two bars with three sorts of soda, a nice dance show and 23 rounds.

Not enough rounds per location?

As soon as i get feedback about the balancing i will add more levels with rounds in the two locations.

Oculus support

There is a beta branch called 'oculus_testing' available. You can try it but there is no guarantee if this beta branch works. If you are interested to become a beta tester and have a Oculus: contact 'Knofi' on steam!

To access the branch:

- right mouse button on the game in your steam game list and select properties
- under the BETA tab you can select 'oculus_testing'
- maybe you have to restart your steam client

After the release is before the release...

There are some great ideas around the game and already planned. Think about a 'stunt-bar-tending' which includes ramps and teleporters on the bar ːsteamhappyː Also new gameplay modes with different difficulties are planned.

Full Oculus support is planned!

More locations with more kinky bars will be available soon! Also new animations, dance shows and other funny stuff are on the roadmap.

And of course some kind of mini-games must be included in the future!

There will be an announcement in the next days about the future of Steve's Pub.

Have fun with Steve's Pub - Soda on tap!
Steve's Pub - Soda on tap - Knofi
Release time will be at 10am PDT. Which means:

04:00am New Yoirk
08:00am UTC
09:00am London
10:00am VIenna
11:00am Moscow
11:00am Kyiv
04:00pm Singapore
05:00pm Tokyo
0800pm Auckland

Counting the hours...
Steve's Pub - Soda on tap - Knofi
I am really happy to release the game on the 20th September!

At the moment i do some code cleaning and last fine tuning.
I also added another new location which is called The Party Room!

It is a small party cellar with only one bar with two sorts of soda and only a light show. There is a maximum of five guests at the same time. This level is more like a practice room.

The old pub has two bars and three sorts of soda and a maximum of eight guests at the same time. Also included a dance show!

Also some additional features included in the first release:

- switch hands (for left handed player)
- set player height (63 - 82 inch / 160-210 cm)

And of course all for free.. Some new screenshots will follow tomorrow.

Hope to have you here on the 20th!

Steve's Pub - Soda on tap - Knofi
Because of the some minor changes which was necessary to pass the steam review, the release date is later than expected.

But now everything is done and we are ready to release the first version of Steve's Pub - Soda on tap on the 20th September.

We release Steve's Pub for free. The first release includes the basic gameplay with one location, one show and around 20 'waves' of guests.

In the future releases we are planning more features like: more locations, different play mode like: easy, medium and hard. also a kind of 'superhard' mode is planned. More about the Roadmap after the release.

Steve's Pub - Soda on tap - Sir_DrinkAlot
We decided to release the basic game with one location included for free at the end of August September!

More news in the next days...

Steve's Pub - Soda on tap - Knofi
We are infected! Infected by the flu... Therefore we changed the release date because we cannot work at the moment. There are still some bugs in the game and also we have to finish the work on graphics and new location.

After a internally discussion we decided to not release the game in the current state at the end of the month because we are not able to work on it the next one or two weeks. We hope you will understand this and looking forward to release the game on the 1st June. Thank you!

Mar 25
Steve's Pub - Soda on tap - Knofi
3 Months no news? Uuuhhh...

Sorry! We are still working on the project and everything is fine. In the past 3 month we are working on code, animation, graphics. Currently we are testing the upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.19 . Animation cost us a lot of time and we hope to get finished soon.

The project is not abandoned!
Steve's Pub - Soda on tap - Knofi
We wish you a happy new year! Also we want to give some more details about our development roadmap.

We closed our alpha phase and want to start the closed beta around 02 - 2018.

The currently planned release date is *tatatatataaa*: Middle of April 2018

Currently we fixing bugs and creating more locations, animations, graphics and sounds. This take a while and we hope to deliver just in time :-)

There will not too much information and news in the next three months because we fully concentrate on development. Thank you for your patience !

Dec 13, 2017
Steve's Pub - Soda on tap - Sir_DrinkAlot
We are looking for alpha tester!

Currently we define the closed alpha phase and looking for people who want help us. If you want to join us please contact us!

See community hub -> discussion -> closed alpha for more information.


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