Aug 19
Lawgivers - damidev
Finally the name changing process is almost complete and development of Lawgivers can go on faster again :) Meanwhile I've made more silent updates to the game, here the latest changes:

- new Law "Stamp duty"
- player now gets less irrelevant messages
- fixes to korean and french localizations
- various improvements to UI
- option to send savegame in order to faster catch and solve bugs
- several uncommon crashes and bugs

Approximately 1% of users are still experiencing rare bugs that makes it sometimes impossible to continue. Unfortunately I can't reproduce them on my machine :( so I've added an option to anonymously send me the savegame file. I will for sure do my best to fix all reported bugs as fast as possible!

Furthermore I've collected many improvements and suggestions that the community wrote in our forums and Discord. Thank you so much guys!! Soon there will be another poll on Twitter to choose the next country to add with major update 1.5.

More to come!
Lawgivers - damidev
In the past days some updates went online to fix many reported bugs and unbalances. Here a short list about the latest changes:

- new amendments to set election frequency every 45, 50 or 55 turns
- improved party AI on law votes
- Japan citizens have now correctly japanese names
- sometimes money was removed without any reason
- change party size at start is now working
- buy vote wasn't possible sometimes

I've also an important announcement to do:

As you may probably know, Laws of Civilization was originally intended as a fast played mobile minigame. However thanks to all players, we made it to steam, and the results are incredible so far! What a journey!!

Sadly back then I didn't bothered at all about legal stuff, though today in order to continue development and for potential future sequels there's the need to register a trademark.

It has been a very difficult decision to take and for sure not a wise marketing move, but in order to avoid 100% legal issues there's the need for a new name. Therefore I've spent many days looking for the best one available for registering and after some headaches the final choice has been LAWGIVERS. Short, synonym of lawmakers, easy to stand out on search engines...

Thank you all for the trust and support!! After the new name goes online there will be (of course) another major update to Lawgivers :)
Jul 10
Lawgivers - damidev
After nearly 2 weeks of testing and bugs reports, 1.4.0 is finally out for everyone! Sometime it's quite difficult to keep track of all supported languages, but all I can say is that the workflow is improving day by day :)

Here the most important changes:

- Japan as playable country
- 3 new constitutional laws "Parliamentary immunity", "Presidential term limits" and "Media censorship"
- 8 new laws like "One child policy" or "Travel visa"
- new events "Wildfire" and "Sporting victory"
- new colors for parties "Dark Blue" and "Turquoise"
- new poll to find out world ideology trend
- players can promise to raise democracy on interviews
- president can adress message to nation on interviews
- users can now edit more elements of custom or default parties
- sometimes media have more followers of a specific ideology
- custom parties are now divided and attached to nations
- a member may steal money from their party on certain conditions
- party AI is now sending it's lawmakers on missions
- desktop edition is now showing active events on top and active missions on bottom
- on desktop edition is now possible to progress turns while holding the end turn button
- benchmark results are now more stable and useful
- improved citizen AI on presidential election
- general improvements to user interface
- fixed when a party was exacly at 0.00% it wasn't shown on elections
- fixed more localization mistakes
- fixed many minor reported bugs

I'm aware that balancing needs some tweaks. That's why I'm looking forward to 1.4.1 which will further improve realism and behaviours according to feedback. Soon testable on the beta branch!!
Lawgivers - damidev
Japan won at the binding poll on Twitter with 61% of the 341 votes. This means that with the next update, Japanese players will finally run for elections at home :) Here's a preview of the upcoming changes:

- Japan as playable nation
- new constitutional laws to regulate your nation
- more than 10 new ordinary laws
- more options on interview
- new positive and negative events
- more options to edit custom and default parties

Soon 1.4.0 will go live on the beta branch for testing purpose.
More to follow :)
Jun 12
Lawgivers - damidev
You guys rock!! I've collected many feedback and bug reports in the past days, so here are the latest patch notes:

- reimagined settings menu for desktop edition
- many balance improvements according to feedback
- improved UI for higher resolutions
- speaking good or bad about ideology works now correctly
- citizen names of Australia
- several minor bugs

What's next?? I'm busy on Update 1.4, which will bring fresh content and many balance adjustments to all platforms. Soon there will be a new binding poll on twitter to choose the next country to add. Stay tuned ;)
Jun 9
Lawgivers - DamianDJ
First of all, thank you! Nothing would have been possible without the amazing community that gathered around the mobile editions of Laws of Civilization.

It has been a really really long journey since the first concept 4(!) years ago. As a fan of politics, I've spent many time trying to find a political simulation game which would allow me to change laws through a parliamentary system and eventually to even change the whole system itself. Couldn't find anything like this on stores. So, on a daily trip by metro I've decided to finally roll up my sleeves and make the game I was seeking. Now we are here.

The game is live for early access. The final word goes to the crowd! If you find a bug, UI issue or balancing problem don't hesitate to report it by email to

Thank you all for the support and encouragement.
More updates and fixes to come!

Join the talk on Discord
if you wanna know more about Laws of Civilization and future projects.
Look for the user damidev :)


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