Apr 24, 2018
Resurgence: Earth United - Brendo
- Brightlocker backer list updated

- Lighting updated
- AI behavior updated
- AI perception increased
- Updated AI pathing
- Wall models updated
- Added ability to upgrade creeps
- Turret logic updated
- Turrets should now properly deal damage to all enemies
- Enemies should properly drop credits
- Map State widget added
- Enemies and players should scale properly when they level
- Turned off collision rendering for turrets

- Rushers leap logic updated

Social Space:
- Moba widget updated

- Material and texture updated for upper body armor pieces

- Reward chest model and texture has been updated

Bug Fixes:
- Orion death animations fixed
- Rushers getting stuck inside doors
- Fixed a crash that was happening when travelling to the MOBA area
- Fixed a rare crash during the MOBA game when collecting credits
- MOBA Spectating widget should no longer show when the game ends
- Fixed an issue with enemy emissive colors sometimeschanging to an incorrect color
- Fixed an issue where rushers could get stuck in the smash pose
- Fixed an issue where ranged enemies were sometimes shooting through cubes
- Fixed an issue where clients could sometimes lose the ability to jump
- Fixed an issue with the player camera changing to incorrect positions when switching camera sides
- MOBA turrets should initialize correctly
- Players should no longer be able to punch themselves when in the social space
- Fixed an issue with AI getting stuck at certain turrets in the MOBA map
- Fixed an issue with client sometimes seeing 0 damage
- Fixed an issue with client gun heat not correctly decrementing
Resurgence: Earth United - Pixel by Pixel
The Lunar New Year Sale is here!

We are offering Resurgence: Earth United at a discounted price for this event.

We recently pushed an update so now is a great time to get into Resurgence.

Don't forget to check out our Brightlocker page too!
Resurgence: Earth United - Brendo
- Falling speed is now accumulative
- New particle effect added when Orion is jumping
- IK system implemented for Orion animations (should now
detect ledges)
- Players now collide with each other

- New particle effects added when weapons are fired

Social Space:
- The Shop has received new tooltips
- Armor is now available for purchase in the Shop

- New transition added when a boss wave is started
- Arena credits now fall to the ground
- Arena credits have received is visual update

- All enemies have had their physics assets updated
- Fixed an issue with enemy texture stretching when
physics was simulated on Rusher and Gunner enemies

- Rusher AI has been updated and optimized
- Gunner AI has been updated and optimized
- Boss AI has been updated
- All AI should now properly switch targets
- Material updated for Rusher
- The Rusher, Gunner and boss now collide with players

Main Menu:
- Credits UI updated

- Rusher smash attenuation radius decreased
- Projectile attenuation radius decreased

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug with player HUDs sometimes causing
the game to crash
- Fixed a bug that was causing players to not to receive
the correct amount of damage based on their character's
armor rating
- Fixed a bug with player reputation in the Shop
- Fixed a bug with chest missions not receiving credit
within the Social Space
- Fixed an issue with AI stopping when player was jumping
- Fixed an issue with AI not changing their state when
their target player died
- Fixed a bug that was causing the Boss to randomly
change colors over a short period of time
- Fixed a bug that could cause a player to get knocked
back by a dying Rusher
- Fixed a bug causing incorrect display of fill amount in item card widgets
Resurgence: Earth United - Pixel by Pixel
We have been posting Dev Blogs on Brightlocker, feel free to drop in and check it out here.

Brightlocker Website
Resurgence: Earth United - Brendo
- Resurgence is now on Brightlocker!
- The Social Space has been updated with new models
- Social Space lighting updated for optimization
- More LODs have been added to the Social Space for
- Arena lighting updated for optimization
- The Arena game state events have been reworked for
network optimization
- All weapons have been reworked for network optimization
- How projectiles spawn and replicate to all clients has been
reworked to improve player experience and reduce
- Orion class has been updated for optimization,
and reducing network bandwidth
- Orion pitch rotation limit increased
- NEW: Jump sound for the Orion class
- NEW: Sounds when walking for the Orion class
- NEW: Jet Particle system added for the Orion class
- NEW: Arena Boss Particle system
- Audio updated for the Fail-Not and Arcing Deamon
- Collisions updated in the Arena, Social Space,
Projectiles and all Character classes

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where player name tags could get
stuck in player viewports
- Fixed an issue where player's could lose control of
their character when the arena was restarted
- Fixed an issue where player's could get damaged by
the arena boss when the arena was restarted
- Fixed an issue where hitting escape could crash the game
- Fixed an issue with the Social Space shop not displaying
the correct amount of unlocked slots
- Fixed a visual bug with the first mission displaying a
cost of 0, instead of 1
- Fixed a bug where a player camera's yaw could get
out of sync with the server
- Fixed a bug where the host could continue playing even
after losing connection with Steam
Resurgence: Earth United - Pixel by Pixel
Hey all,

We have just been approved and put live onto Brightlocker.com. We are excited to share this experience with our community. Not only is this a great way for us as Developers to share the development process and connect with everyone, but we have options for generating some funding from it too.

Feel free to follow us there and enjoy the Free dev blogs we will be dropping as often as we can.

Resurgence on Brightlocker

Jan 4, 2018
Resurgence: Earth United - Pixel by Pixel
Happy New Year All!

We wanted to celebrate the new year by releasing a small update to solve some bugs that shipped with the previous update.

Newly Added:
- Sounds for Weapons
- Sounds for Player
- Sounds for Social Space
- Enemy Emmisive now turns off on Death

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Bug causing UI not to update after Armor Upgrades
- Fixed Bug with weapon sounds not firing
- Fixed bug causing client aim not to be replicated
Resurgence: Earth United - Pixel by Pixel

- NEW: Orion Class Arena Armor Set (Heavy)
- NEW: Armory Area in Social Space (Customize your Armor)
- NEW: New look comes to the Social Space
- NEW: Chest Purchasing from the shop (In Game Currency ONLY)
- NEW: Radial Menu to activate Purchased Chests in Social Space or Arena
- NEW: Controls listed on wall of Social Space to help Pilots recall their abilities
- NEW: Arching Deamon Assault Rifle added
- Overhaul to how data is stored and handled preparing for massive content drops
- Reputation has been implemented to unlock shop content
- Reputation is in a raw state still needs more attention
- All Interactables in Social Space redone (Easier to find, clearer interface)
- NPCs now have title widgets
- Title widgets animate notifying players of availability
- Cards have been redone again (Detail/Rarity/Fresh)
- Chests have been redone to drop one card type at a time
- Arena Armor added to drop tables
- Arching Deamon added to drop tables
- Light weapon balancing

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug causing widgets to remain on screen after traveling to different levels
- Animations transitioning issues solved
- various mesh fixes

Happy Holidays to all. We have had a great time creating this update for Resurgence and are moving into the holiday season. We are recharging and preparing for January. Expect some more content around mid to end Jan.

The team wants to hear from you. Chime in let us know what you think or just say hi in the community forums, we are here for you.

Pixel by Pixel Dev Team
Resurgence: Earth United - Brendo
Welcome to Resurgence: Earth United Alpha!


- New: The Orion class has been revamped!
- Orion: New Model, Animations, and Abilities (Melee - Q and Sprint - Left Shift)!
- Added in framework for swapping armor pieces
- New: Animations added to guns!
- New: Enemy Elites!
- New: Game Event Feed System!
- Game Event Feed System: General game events will appear here (i.e. mission progress, players dying, joining/leaving the game, etc.)
- The social space has been updated!
- The options menu has been updated!
- Main Menu updated!
- Added in a new damage indicator system when a player receives damage from an enemy
- Updated damage numbers, chest name and player name UI
- Added in a gear score value beside player name tag
- Network / general code optimizations
- New sound effects implemented
- Card drops now also appear in the world when a chest is opened in the arena
- Loot chests are now more generous with the amount and variety of cards they drop
- Class specific HUDs should now be hidden when transitioning to spectating in the arena

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug that was causing the Fail-Not to deal double damage
- Player checkpoints in the arena should properly update without having to restart the game
- Player checkpoints should now properly update when returning to the social space
- Fixed a progress bug with kill enemy missions
- Players should be able to find arena game sessions after the arena is reset through the "game over screen"

Next Update Preview:
- The framework for swapping armor on the Orion class has been built into the game. Next patch we are hoping to have armor drops, scaling, and swapping, similar to how the weapons work now!
Resurgence: Earth United - Pixel by Pixel
Today at Pixel by Pixel, we want to share the future plans for Resurgence: Earth United. Now we wont go into heavy detail of some of the upcoming features, but we want to share the overall goal.

Features to be implemented:
- Revamp of Player Character/Abilities
- Armor System Implementation (Includes Abilities)
- Orion/Paladin/Teknocrat Class Implementations
- Polish up Current Implementations
- Planet Assaults (Story)

We just spent a couple days cleaning up the project preparing for the next big push. Starting Next week we will be moving into a new development phase.

Cleanup tasks
- Old files merged
- Assets renamed to follow a new naming convention to match project scale
- Removed old content not being used reducing the project from 3.5 GB to 2.7 GB

Some Concepts


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