World War 3 - [F51] Rozmo

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Greetings, Soldiers!

It’s been a long week for us at the studio. A lot of work needed to be done in order to release the much-anticipated update on our LIVE version of the game, but in the end, we’ve made it. The 0.7 has finally arrived on Thursday last week and from what we’re seeing, it works well without any major hiccups. Some players even reported an improvement in performance, and while this update was not aimed at improving this area of the game, we’re happy at least some players already see the benefits of the new engine version.

Performance is still very important to us, and with all the work needed with switching engine versions, we can now go back to steady improvements of the framerate count and frame pacing - both of which are not where we want them to be yet.

We would like to ask you, though, that if you notice anything out of the ordinary, bugs, problems, as well as something you like, please inform us in the proper section of our forums! We want to make sure that World War 3 runs as smoothly and without problems on as many machines as possible, but without your feedback something might slip our attention. For your convenience, HERE’S a link to our general forum, from where you can get into the appropriate segment in your preferred language.

You can read the patch notes for 0.7 here.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the PTE testing of this update, as it was very buggy and unstable at the start. You soldiered through and gave us awesome reports full of details, that let us hone in on the bugs much easier. If you didn’t report any bugs, but just played - that’s also worthy of a thank you, we appreciate the time our community gave us and the game we’re trying to make.

You’ve already dropped a ton of videos from the new update, and we especially like a video by Atway, Russian creator, which you can see here (it is, of course in Russian, but there are English subtitles available, too!):
Apart from the release of 0.7 update, we’ve also been nominated for an award in Visual Art category for the CEEGA 2019. For those of you who might not know about it, it’s Central & Eastern European Game Awards is an initiative to recognize best games from Central and Eastern Europe every year, and the big gala to choose the awardees is hosted by Poznań Game Arena at Games Industry Conference. This year the awards show will be held on October 19th, so keep your fingers crossed - though the competition is tough and being even nominated is an honor in itself!

Now, let’s dive into another batch of gameplay secrets - last time you liked it, so now is the time to show and tell what some of you might not know yet!

Repairing vehicles
Not many players know this, but anyone can repair any ally vehicle in the game, by simply getting near the vehicle and pressing [4] to take the repair tool from it. It will show a (very temporary) menu, telling you what you are trying to repair:

You can switch between the main body and subsystems by pressing RMB, and using LMB start repairing.

First icon represents the main body armor of the vehicle. We’ve changed it in 0.6 from repairing the additional armor to the base health due to ease of use and making sure that if you repair your tank at least a bit, it will be able to take a shell or an RPG and get back to base safely.

Second icon is optics. Fixing the optics up is a lot faster than the armor, so if you need to get your optics back up to be able to get back for a proper repairs - this is the way to do this. A small tip: if your main optic gets destroyed, you always have a backup one. After the first one is destroyed, the TPP view is disabled, so you are forced to use one of the viewfinders. Remember this for the next time you’re facing against another vehicle.

Third one - RCWS will repair the RCWS health pretty quickly. Also very useful, especially in a defensive position, when there’s more than the driver in the vehicle.

Last one is the APS - pretty self explanatory, but important nonetheless.

The repair tool has some heat capacity and will require a cooldown after a few seconds of repairing, so make sure to prioritize the subsystems you want repaired the most first. Also, an unlimited number of people can repair a vehicle at once - very useful when trying to keep a Mobile Spawn Point alive.

If we’re talking coming back for repairs - there’s a repair platform in every main base for each of the teams. It will not only fully repair all subsystems, base armor and additional armor, but also refill all consumables - like ammo, grenades and APS charges.

Hunter/Killer Modes
This is somewhat of an advanced feature, but similarly to the look around function as a soldier, you can look around without moving your turret. By pressing the [ALT] button, you can toggle between Hunter and Killer modes in your vehicle, Hunter mode will not move the turret with your camera movements. This is helpful to catch people by surprise and fool other vehicle drivers into thinking you’re not aware of their position. It’s also a good feature if you just want to look around, but still continue to fire forward or just make sure you’re not losing targets.
Final Thoughts
There’s still more to playing vehicles in World War 3, but we can’t spill all the beans, some things should be discovered. In 0.7 we’ve also changed a few things regarding vehicle differences and movement, so be sure to tell us what you like and what you don’t like. We’re slowly starting to move towards final balance and this is the time to start steering our vehicles to the best place they can be.

Thank you for reading and the continued support - and see you in the next week’s report!

- World War 3 Team
Oct 10
World War 3 - [F51] Rozmo

It's finally here! 0.7 took a while, because we had a lot of internal work on the networking and many changes to the rendering and lighting. We're over those hurdles, and now we can resume the normal operation of patching more frequently and with more content.

0.7 had 11 patches on the PTE and thanks to our community support we were able to test it thoroughly during the last few weeks. Special thanks to those that organized playing together and reported bugs to us via the forum and Discord - we really appreciate your work and we know how much time it takes to test properly!

While this is certainly more of a tech update than content update, there's still some new stuff to play with.

Let's go over the changes we've implemented quickly, and there are a few of those.

First of all, we've switched over our Unreal Engine version from 4.19 to 4.21 to take advantage of the Replication Graph. You can read more about it here. In short, it should let us put more people on each server, lower the latencies and make the netcode even more robust. We've also got a more physically accurate lighting now, which makes the workflow better and faster.

We've redone the VOIP implementation. Now you can use the tilde ( ~ ) key for push to talk and bask in the glory of our new VOIP system. There's a cool radio-like effect on it and it really makes you want to roleplay a soldier. Remember! You still have to set it up in Steam, though most options are available from inside the game. You also turn it off completely, naturally.

There's also a Challenge System in place now, with daily challenges to complete, for which you'll be earning cash and XP. This is the beginning of a bigger system, read more about it here.

New Vehicle HUDs - We've changed the vehicle HUDs for completely new ones - this is the beginning of the complete UI overhaul, with both Customization and in-game HUDs getting a new look to make them more usable and just look better.

We've also got a new Death Screen. More information for you to know what killed you and from where:

There's a lot more smaller improvements, some of which were greatly anticipated and some of which you didn't even know you wanted. And finally, the Helicopter Drone is no longer the most OP thing in the game!

Update 0.7 Patch Notes

If you see parts of the level streaming in too slowly, this is the CPU not handling GPU Buffering + level streaming. Disable GPU Buffering to fix this (it will lower your FPS, though!),

  • Daily Challenges added,
  • New VOIP system [Default: hold “~” (tilde - next to 1)],
  • New Unreal Engine version - 4.21,
  • Replication Graph implemented,
  • New lighting on all maps,
  • New Death Screen,
  • New Vehicle HUDs - still Work in Progress,
  • Sight profile preview in the menu - you don't have to play inside a match to see how it looks,
  • Added VAB - a Mobile Spawn Point variant, so it’s different for each team,
  • Added an US ARMY uniform,
  • Added a few new Community arm patches (hidden by default),
  • Added moderator patches,
  • Changed reload hold time to change ammo type to 0.4s down from 1.0s,
  • Changed flashbang time to 7s to make them more useful,
  • ZUNI, FZ233, Hydra rockets - increased ammo capacity by one magazine, decreased blast radius and damage, increased BP price,
  • Reduced bounciness and friction when colliding with the environment and other objects for all vehicles,
  • Fixed acceleration, max speed and climbing for all vehicles,
  • Increased/adjusted HP and front, and side armor thickness (more info in updated menu stats),
  • Adjusted the blast radius curves damage on the edges for explosive ammunition,
  • Fixed 30 and 35mm AP issues,
  • Ajax - fixed suspension behaviour,
  • Attachment prices have been adjusted to better fit the progression system,
  • Added a new parameters to attachments: horizontal and vertical recoil (previously those were combined),
  • Attachment modifiers have been reworked to better reflect differences between individual attachments,
  • Weight difference between barrels of different lengths has been increased,
  • Weight difference between magazines of different capacity has been increased,
  • Added per barrel curves intended to alter the damage/distance relation,
  • Added different damage over distance for different barrel types,
  • Reduced mark radius - it should help with accidentally marking things you don't want to,
  • Moved resupply packs to between capture points,
  • Added map marker to refill stations,
  • Added map rotation to the ending of the game,
  • Added distance and dot product relevance to character replication rate - should reduce tick rates of characters that are far away and closer to the edges of the screen,
  • Vastly improved vehicle hit registration by implementing a server-side history,
  • Added synchronization status on loading screen for debug purposes,
  • Added Vehicle Kill Assist (community suggestion),
  • Blocked barrels without front post on M4 ironsight,
  • New Equipment meshes for UGVs,
  • Clipping while prone vastly reduced (needs further testing),
  • Added smoke for damaged vehicles, now every vehicle except Mini UGV and Mini Drone will smoke when HP is critical,
  • Changed low shadow settings to remove glowing characters and vehicles in dark areas and improve their quality,
  • Network optimization - Claymore & Semtex C4,
  • Network optimization - action replicator,
  • Removed projectile distance check because it is checked inside Replication Graph itself,
  • Projectile cull distance setup for Replication Graph,
  • A lot of other adjustments and improvements,
  • Fixed hit direction being broken on damage indicator,
  • Added location debug info on screen for better bug reporting (community suggestion),
  • Per attachment camos and color schemes now have icons,
  • Changed FPS counter to ON/OFF from Toggle (it will also persist between play sessions),
  • Lower and muzzle attachments descriptions added,
  • Added players in lobby info to summary screen,
  • Added armor stats for vehicles in menu and updated the previous to match the current balance,
  • Added counting vehicle shots fired and hit to statistics,
  • Deployment screen improvements,
  • Voip ducking, new warmate sound,
  • Local player voiceover effect,
  • Friendly gunshots will sound softer now,
  • Added more occlusion to sounds,
  • Many small audio fixes,
  • Soldier bark distance tweaks,
  • Other minor improvements,
  • Fixed jump-skipping reloads,
  • Fixed shooting between rounds on TDM,
  • Fixed rebinding of the X button,
  • Fixed not displaying statistics during first launch,
  • Fixed a lot of exploit points on multiple maps,
  • Many visual fixes in weapon menu - socket positions, explode positions, attachment categories,
  • Fixed default ammo for all turrets - there should not be a situation where tank has only 1 shell,
  • Fixed direction prioritization when exiting a vehicle,
  • Fixed collision for RPGs on Berlin TDM,
  • Fixed geting stuck with tablet or repair gadget (or both) on top of normal weapon after respawn,
  • Tweaked collision mesh for electric tower / poles and fixed no-collision param for foliage (poles) on Smolensk,
  • Commando - Fixed driving issues,
  • Commando -  Fixed turret gibs,
  • Warsaw - Floating paper fixes,
  • Warsaw - Level streaming fixes,
  • Warsaw - Map holes fixes,
  • Warsaw - Draw distance fixes,
  • Warsaw - streaming volume fixes for TPP camera,
  • Polyarny - Decal scale fixes,
  • Polyarny - Collision / stuck point fixes,
  • Polyarny - Map hole fixes,
  • Polyarny - Streaming fixes,
  • Polyarny - Physical material fixes,
  • Polyarny - fixed collisions on Officers Club and few other buildings,
  • Moscow - stuck point fixes,
  • Moscow TDM - fixed draw distances on low settings,
  • Smolensk - added penetration feature through military nets,
  • Hundreds of other bugfixes.
World War 3 - [F51] Rozmo

The last patch one before 0.7 is here. We'll be pushing the 0.7 to Live tomorrow or at the latest Friday if we find any game breaking bugs, but this is it! We've got a few more minor fixes going into the 0.7 Live version, especially for audio, but this is very close to what you can expect on the Live servers later this week.

PTE 0.7.11 Patch Notes

  • Changed IFV Viewfinder size,
  • Removed RCWS icon from vehicle preview widget in case there is no RCWS,
  • Changed GPU Buffering to disabled by default on Best Performance so slower CPUs can catch up with level streaming,
  • Fixed missing markers and players missing from the scoreboard,
  • Fixed strike spawn when player lies down -> before player could fall through the world on local game,
  • Fixed incorrect RCWS health value,
  • Fixed wrong player pose when player uses a remote controlled drone,
  • Fixed camera rotation after drone use.

- World War 3 Team
World War 3 - [F51] Rozmo

Available in the following languages: PL | RU | DE | FR

Hello, Soldiers!

It’s been a long ride, but we’re finally ready to launch the 0.7 update on the LIVE servers. It took longer than we anticipated, but after the dreaded 0.3 update we have to make sure each new update we bring to the “main” branch of the game is stable, works without major problems and doesn’t have any game breaking bugs that might affect the enjoyment and experience of players. After as thorough testing as possible with the limited resources we have and also with the help of our testers on the PTE servers that started in late August, we’re happy with the progress we’ve made on the update, and - bar any major last-minute problems - it should be available later this week!

Since it’s been a long time since we’ve first announced the update, let’s focus on what the new update brings to the table in terms of performance, stability, and new weaponry as well.

0.7 contents

As some of you may know by now, the most important thing to come with the 0.7 update is the engine switch from our previous version to the new one. Live version of the game have been using Unreal Engine 4.19 so far and that means we couldn’t utilize a lot of functionalities that came later on. Keep in mind that the 4.19 version has been released in March 2018 and had a lot of support for what we’ve been doing, but we had to move forward to 4.21 in order to get the tools we required for optimization work.

The one of the biggest changes and reasons for the engine switch is the Replication Graph, which came with the 4.20 update. In simple words, replication is a term that describes how server and game talks to one another, talking about how player moves, where he is, what’s the player’s state - not to mention different variables every player has. The Replication Graph decides, what information are important depending on where a player is. So, for example if you have 10 players fighting on the other side of Moscow, there’s no point in knowing how each individual bullet flies in a building half kilometer from you, so Replication Graph helps dealing with that, freeing up CPU from calculations. That helps with performance, but in order to utilize that freed up space, we had to adjust our netcode as well, and that took a lot of work from our programmers.

On the other side, we had to do work on optimization of World War 3. We knew that the performance wasn’t great, but being an Early Access title we have more possibilities to adjust our work plan than maybe some studios do. Work has been going great and from our PTE tests we can be happy with what we’ve achieved in the last month and a bit in terms of performance. Those who haven’t had a chance of playing 0.7 update on the PTE should see an improvement in how the game plays for them!

In terms of new content, we have a lot of changes coming your way: There’s a whole new Challenge System, that consists of daily challenges, resetting every 24 hours, so you and your fellow soldiers have something to do in addition to… killing other players. It’s not a final version, it’s the start of a much bigger system that encompassess progression as well.

We’re introducing a new squad manager, which isn’t a “sexy” change, but it had to be done. We weren’t happy with how squad manager worked this far in World War 3, so we had it reworked so it works properly, without any problems and helps players enjoy the game together with friends. We couldn’t fix things with how the manager was set up previously - now it shouldn’t cause any issues.

We’ve also brought a new VOIP system to life - the one we had previously wasn’t what we envisioned and it also didn’t work well with our game. Now it has a lot more options and sounds more like you’d actually be in a battle, so it helps with immersion, too. But remember: our VOIP is squad-only, for both performance and gameplay reasons.

From a visual perspective, there’s new lighting on our maps, with also helps with immersion, new vehicle HUDs (but those are still a WIP version, you could see how the new HUD looks in our Weekly Reports couple of weeks ago).

New content

As you may conclude on your own by now, the 0.7 update is much more techy than anything else, but in case you are more interested in assets, we have something new for you as well! With 0.7 update, we’re introducing VAB Mobile Spawn Variant, which is a replacement for BCV for one of the teams - just so you can quickly determine if you’re dealing with friends, or foes. It always appears on the opposite side of the match, so if you’re encountering something different than BCV - run or prepare for a fight.

In terms of strikes, we’re bringing Napalm and Smoke Artillery for players to use. Those two are designed to help with hiding your forces from the enemy’s rifles and to cut enemies off from getting to a capture point. They are helpful for tactical approach and utilized properly may change the course of the game.

Breakthrough game mode

One more thing: Because of the workforce we had to move in order to finish up the 0.7 update, Breakthrough game mode, the community game mode designed by you, but polished by us at the studio, will be releasing with the introduction of the 0.8 update. The update itself will be more content-oriented in comparison to the 0.7, so stay tuned! As we have told you last week, we are still aiming for the Breakthrough’s PTE release early October and if nothing dramatic happens, we’re still on course and nothing has changed in that regard.

Thank you for being patient with us and we are confident that the wait will be well worth it! Have a productive week and see you in 0.7, Soldiers!

- World War 3 Team

World War 3 - [F51] Rozmo

We've managed to fix the issue with sending players to warmap after they continued to stay and wait for another server. We are still investigating the issue with players being stuck on the screen when the map loads. With your reports we managed to fix most of the issues from the 0.7.9. Thank you for that.

PTE 0.7.10 Patch Notes

  • Fixed no grenade icon,
  • Fixed issue with players returning to warmap instead of rotation,
  • Fixed crashes after grenades explosions,
  • Fixed bug with spawning drones under the map,
  • Added players in lobby info to summary screen.

Have a fantastic weekend!

-World War 3 Team
World War 3 - Captain Price

Here's another patch for the PTE 0.7, in this one we have focused on fixing the issue with the markers - please let us know if you spot anything wrong with markers. We've implemented some fixes to the challenge system, it still needs some testing with counting the mission objectives. Good news is that we are closer to the release of the 0.7. Thank you for your engagement in testing!

PTE 0.7.9 Patch Notes

  • Different damage over distance for different barrel types

  • Fixed invisible markers issue
  • Suppress fire challenges fix
  • Use challenges fix
  • Fixed displaying challenges in menu
  • Fixed differences in rate of fire of machine guns in turrets
  • Fixed vehicle strike drops
  • Other replication fixes
  • Some crash fixes

  • Reduced mark radius
  • Tweaks for Commando driving capabilities

Have a great week,

- World War 3 Team
World War 3 - Captain Price

Available in the following languages: PL | RU | DE | FR

Hello soldiers!

Last week we’ve talked a bit about the upcoming game mode, Breakthrough, developed based off of our community idea. You, our players, seem to like the idea of this type of game mode in World War 3 and we are beyond excited to let you play it on Live servers. Just in case you’ve missed last week’s Weekly Report, here’s where you can [read more] about it, but if you don’t want to read the entire post, here’s a quick recap of things to come with Breakthrough:
  • Match lasts between 15 and 30 mins
  • 10v10 players, split evenly into attackers and defenders
  • Attackers try to destroy Radio Stations, while defenders try to stop them
  • After successful neutralisation of Radio Stations in both adjacent points (A1 and A2, B1 and B2, etc.), the frontline is pushed back
  • If attackers destroy all Radio Stations, they win
  • If at any point defenders stop attackers from destroying Radio Stations and the timer reaches zero, they win
  • Players can use all available strikes
From what we’ve tried, everything seems to be working and seems to be balanced, but testing internally (apart from the times that the “fathers” of Breakthrough organized the tests with our community) never delivers the full scope of what we can expect. We are looking forward to finally delivering the game mode into your PTE hands, hoping for a great amount of feedback from you on it, varying from overall fun to balance, timings and station locations.

But before we can do that - before we can drop Breakthrough on PTE servers for you to test - there’s some things we have to take care first apart from changes to the HUD elements that we have to make.

0.7 on PTE
Since we started testing the 0.7 update on PTE servers, we’ve fixed the majority of issues and problems that we encountered. The work is progressing as we anticipated, and the biggest problems were already neutralized. New features should no longer interfere with systems we already have in place, and we’re almost there.

Just last week we pushed two patches in order to bring the 0.7 closer to the LIVE release. Patch 0.7.7, released on Wednesday fixed a lot: some of the bugs were minor and not really gamebreaking, like US Army Chest not being skinned properly (thanks, Animators!) or no information about enemy’s armor showing up on Kill Screen. Of course, those may seem “not important” to some of you in the grand scheme of things, but even minor bugs are still bugs and have to be exterminated. As we said after the release of Warzone Giga Patch 0.6 - the most important thing for us is to not rush things; we want to deliver the best experience possible, and if that means that an update takes a bit longer to release than it was initially anticipated, so be it. It’s better to take a few days or weeks to fix things up than to let players play on a bad build. We hope you understand that as much as we do. The aforementioned patch 0.7.7 also included first possible fix for map rotation, which means that in theory, staying in lobby and playing on a different map than before might soon be possible again. We still have to check things up and will update you on that when we have more information about it.

The second patch, 0.7.8, was released late Friday, and included fixes for a couple of challenges, general audio fixes and one funny bug that made our Us Army Pants invisible. If you would like to know more about things that went into our PTE patches in the last few days, please visit our Steam community or our Discord server - that’s where most of the “general updates” go. For your convenience, patch 0.7.7 and 0.7.8 contents can be found HERE and HERE.

As we said previously, we cannot really share any exact date as to when exactly Update 0.7 will arrive on the LIVE servers and ask you for your patience - it will be well worth it! And to sweeten the wait, here’s an upcoming vehicle which should find its way into World War 3 in the future!

Light Heli Drone

So… the time has come. The most controversial and arguably most hated vehicle finally won’t be alone. But before you start to freak out, delete your comment on the discord or forum and hear me out! Light Heli Drone is our current UFV little brother based on the MQ-8B platform. This version is considerably smaller and has a lot less payload potential. This being said this drone will be equipped with a 7.52mm machine gun as default with only 12.7mm machine gun as an option. Also, it will be much more vulnerable to any source of damage. The whole package, with all its limitations, will come with a considerably lower price but we will monitor the situation and act accordingly. On this occasion, I should also mention the fact that regular Heli Drone has been nerfed… a lot… probably too much, but we will let you decide on that. We hope that all this will bring the joy of flying (or destroying) back.
That’s it for this week, see you in our next weekly report!

- World War 3 Team
World War 3 - Captain Price

  • Fixed known server and client crashes
  • Challenges: fixed winning match by one side while match should have ended with draw
  • Challenges: fixed double counting repair events
  • Gadget drones: fixed noise effects while reaching maximum range from controlling soldier
  • Various minor fixes with players replication
  • General audio fixes
  • General vehicle hud fixes
  • Fixed invisible US Army Pants.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend,

- World War 3
World War 3 - Captain Price

Another one! Packed with fixes and improvements, let's test it thouroughly!

PTE 0.7.7 Patch Notes

  • Fixed markers being stuck to people's feet,
  • Fixed orders not showing up on the markers,
  • Fix for invisible gadget packs,
  • Fixed mobile spawn widget crash,
  • Disabled bandwith limit for invisible packs,
  • Improved counting players and checking size for dedicated server lobby - possible map rotation fix,
  • Fixed circles on the map after a strike,
  • Fixed server crash from destroy pack manager,
  • Fixed base character material to use cloth,
  • Fixed pad on US Army uniform,
  • Possible fix for squad widget crashing the game,
  • Fix for vehicle destruction crash,
  • Fixed no Armor info on KillScreen,
  • Fixed challenges: Last Resort, Senor Wingman, MacGyver,
  • Fixed claymore spawn on client issue,
  • Fixed skinning on US ARMY CHEST,

  • Reduced vehicles bounciness and friction when colliding with environment,
  • Increased rocket prices for Heli Drone,
  • Deploy screen improvements,

  • Fix for music cutoffs,
  • Fix for sacking breath sound,
  • More sound occlusion,
  • Friendly gunshots will sound softer now,
  • Many small audio fixes.

Thank you all and have a great week,

- World War 3 Team
World War 3 - [F51] Rozmo

Available in the following languages: PL | RU | DE | FR

Hello, Soldiers!

Last Week in WW3
We’re still hard at work getting 0.7 ready for prime time Live servers. Last week we’ve fixed a lot of underlying issues with replication and we’re on track to get all major bugs squashed. We’re currently optimizing server performance and testing a lot of settings with Replication Graph (read more about it here), making sure we’re utilizing it’s functionality as best as we can.

At the same time, we’re working on optimizations and fixing map bugs, making sure we’re finding and fixing places you can get stuck in and, most importantly, gain an unfair advantage.

Another issue is some long lasting exploits our players have found over the months, we’re starting to make sure those are being eliminated one by one.

Work on the new UI is also going strong, on both HUD and Customization fronts. You can already see some of the new HUDs in vehicles on the PTE, but we’re overhauling all of it for 1.0 release to make sure it’s much clearer for new players what is happening.

As we’ve talked about previously, we’ve always thought that one of the great moments in World War 3 are when two armies collide and create a front line, trying to push one another back, flank and outsmart the enemy. Breakthrough is making those moments more frequent and makes for a really fun and intense game mode with just enough tactics that even a single soldier can change the outcome of the fight, but against a well coordinated team it will still be a tough task.

Since we last talked about Breakthrough, we’ve played with the numbers a bit and we’ve come to a version of the game mode that is working well for us and we think it will work for you as well.

The Rules
At this time, Breakthrough game mode supports 10v10 players in every match. Might seem like a low number, but even this can get pretty chaotic and crowded when all 20 people are fighting over single point.

At the start, the teams are split into two groups: attacking and defending. Attacking team starts with only one respawn point: their main base. Defenders have all points captured and can spawn on any of them, setting up defenses or just trying to get to the frontlines as soon as possible.

Each point represents an objective (a Radio Station) that the attackers have to destroy. They can do it by planting an explosive charge [default: F] and defending it for 30 seconds or by just destroying the Radio Station with normal explosives - RPGs, tank shells, airstrikes, C4 and even grenades. Not all Stations are in the open, so ranged explosive attacks won’t work on some of them.

Map is divided into 4 areas (A -> D) with 2 Radio Stations in each of them, called 1 and 2. As an example, here’s a look at Moscow at the start of the game as the defender:

The attackers start on the bottom of the map and go through A to D, having to destroy both points before advancing. This means that if the attackers coordinate, they can easily pin down the defenders and let the other squad take one of the points.

Every Breakthrough match starts with 15 minutes left on the timer. When the timer reaches 0, defending team wins.

Each time the attackers destroy a Station, if the timer was below 5 minutes, it will set the timer to 5 minutes left. This means that in the case of dominance of the defending team, the game will end after 15 minutes, but if the attackers break through, they will still have time to use that momentum to push further. In theory, the game can go up to 30 minutes if the fight is really fierce, but we’ve mostly seen it ending in 15 or 20 minutes.

Every time a pair of points is captured, the area becomes locked for the defenders, giving them 60 seconds to retreat to the next defensive position. Attackers can only attack the closest pair of points to them, they can’t go further into the enemy territory.

Attackers win when all Radio Stations are destroyed and the timer has not run out.

Breakthrough works on all current and future Warzone maps, using the Large variants on some of them.

All strikes are available in Breakthrough, but scoring Battlepoints is not as quick as in Warzone. This means working with your squad is more important than ever to gain an advantage in the form of strikes, vehicles and other support.

Breakthrough is fast, dynamic and very intense compared to Warzone, which is exactly what we’ve been looking for for the third game mode. It sits somewhere between Team Deathmatch and Warzone in moment-to-moment intensity but it’s not as simple as TDM - you still need to flank well and think about your approach, because each respawn is costing you valuable time.
Breakthrough will hit the Public Test Environment shortly after 0.7 is ready for Live servers. We know that 0.7 is taking a long time to be ready, but we want to make sure we’ve tested the patch well before pushing it to Live servers.

During the PTE testing we’re looking for player feedback on timings, Station locations, respawn locations, potential exploits and overall balance to make sure it’s fun on both sides of the map.

Ready when?
Some of the features we need for Breakthrough (like new HUD elements) are connected to the HUD redesign and we have to reach certain milestones before we can release it into the wild. That said, the current plan is to release Breakthrough to the PTE later this month or in the first half of October and test it with our players to make sure it will be a good fit for the game.

Once again, we’d like to thank the community members that came up with the idea and helped organize and test the game mode. We couldn’t do it without you and that’s exactly why Early Access was the way to go for us.

See you in the next one!

- World War 3 Team


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