Dead Maze - Atelier 801

*mischievous laugh*

We heard that something is happening in Lakeview... There's a weird man in town, maybe he has valuable things to sell? Apparently he likes pumpkins.

Will O'Wis will be in town until the 1st of December!

(Additionally, quality kits are now more easily obtainable. You're welcome.)
Dead Maze - Atelier 801

FINALLY!! After more than three years of development, and months of Closed Beta, we are proud to announce that the game is OUT ON STEAM!!

We can't thank you enough for all your help and support through all these months!

You can join us on Discord if you want to find fellow survivors:

Read our Basics Guide if you need help:

We apologize in case the server catches fire!

Feb 1, 2018
Dead Maze - Atelier 801

Hello everyone! Exciting news today!!

After a few months of Closed Beta, we are delighted to announce a final release date for the game!

Dead Maze will be available for all to play on Tuesday the 13th of February!!

Check the release trailer below:

We want to thank you tremendously for your unconditional support these last few months, thanks to your help we managed to improve the game faster than we ever did before, and your online presence and interest kept us highly motivated and confident. We couldn't have done it without you guys <3

So from the bottom of our hearts...
Jan 5, 2018
Dead Maze - Atelier 801
Greetings and welcome to this news!

We're on the home stretch! Since the announcement of the Closed Beta we have been very busy on many features and didn’t have the chance to post a news here for a while. But here we are again and to resume, we will continue a presentation we already began in a previous news, the one about the different types of infected! (Yes, there are more!)

The Avenger

This infected, driven by a feeling of latent anger, is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous infected if you fight it without caution. Wild by nature, it prefers to surround itself with other infected behind whom it hides. It is when a survivor kills too many infected near it that its rage makes it a real berserker. Faster, stronger and tougher, it will not be so easy to put it on the ground. Especially since too much rage will make it attack anything that moves, including other infected!

The Tracker

Among all the bestiary that wants you dead, it is the Tracker who will push your limits the most. As its name implies, this infected will track you down wherever you are once it has spotted you. Its speed exceeds by far that of other infected (as well as yours), it will be the one attacking on the front line to slow you down with painful claw blows.

These two infected join those presented during the previous news (Crawler, Screamer, Protector, Puker and Catapult). They are identified as "Special Infected".

These specimens have the particularity of adapting to the player’s behavior and to the threat the player represents. They improve and gain specific skills as the player's threat level rises. For example, a Protector will charge you to protect another infected that you have attacked, a Crawler will jump on you from further away and so on.

Themed Infected

To these fearsome enemies are added the "Themed Infected". More numerous, it is easy to know who they were before being infected. Firefighters, workers or scientists, wearing a prisoner's suit or an antibacterial one, they differ from normal civilians by their themed appearance. Stronger or more resistant, capable of electrocuting or poisoning, they each have their own abilities that you will need to identify in order to prepare yourself accordingly.

Of course, getting rid of one of them will allow you to pick particular items up, such as firearms on Militaries Infected or fish on an Fisher Infected! Moreover, it is possible that one of them spreads its theme like an infection, contaminating the nearest objects’ containers. So find out which ones might hold the resources you are interested in and look for the places where you are most likely to find them.

The Peruvian

To conclude this news, we will have a look at one of the most mysterious infected. The Peruvian, sometimes called "Adventurer", is an infected who has gone through many different places before and after its infection.

Very resistant, having survived long journeys, it will not be easy to face it alone. But when you look at all the treasures that it was able to collect and that it drops once defeated, there is no doubt that you will find comrades in arms to go after it!

And that's all for this second news about infected! We hope you liked it! See you soon for a next news and perhaps for next infected!
Dead Maze - Atelier 801

Great news, you can now sign up to be part of the Dead Maze Closed Beta! All the progress you make will be carried into the full game, come help us ironing out the last bugs!

Enter your email address here to get a chance to be selected:

Good luck!
Nov 3, 2017
Dead Maze - Atelier 801

Hello everyone, and welcome to this news! This time, we will go more in depth about one of the most important places in the game: the Lakeview village.

18th Lakeview Lane. One of the last known bastions of humanity, located in North California, brings together those who survived the Apocalypse. The only condition to enter is to prove your immunity to the infected. If you can not justify any previous bite, you shall not pass. And surviving alone in a world filled with these merciless creatures would be a last stand for you.

It is an important place in Dead Maze in which you will return between each mission. This will be a good opportunity to prepare your next expeditions and to follow closely the evolution of the fight against the threat of the Infected.

Lakeview Management

Every community needs to have someone to make decisions and organize everything. It is Egon, creator of Lakeview who takes this primordial role. Following the mysterious disappearance of this ingenious chief, the intendant Wallace Abboth tries as much as he can to occupy all the abandoned administrative functions.

But Lakeview is not in the pay of one man. There are four factions working in unison, each with its own specialty. And it's Murphy Lane, a former combat-warred faction leader, who takes on the role of the operational chief coordinating everyone.

The village protection

From the village gates you will face the Lakeview Guards. Although they are not a faction in their own, they still have a leader: Manuel Lopez. He and his men, mercenaries for the most part, will not fail to remind you of the main rule of the village: the one about the Excessive Noise to avoid attracting more Infected. And that's probably the only thing they will do for you.

For protection on a larger scale, the Shepherds take over. Their cattle are the infected. Their main mission is to redirect hordes that would threaten the village by installing dams and sound decoys. But they also secure the most dangerous areas for the other factions so they can take action. It is with Sekou Iwume, the leader of these impetuous risk-all, that you will be able to acquire additional weapons.

Resource recovery

Most people who join Lakeview, and want to be helpful, choose to follow Henry Collins. The members of his faction, the Scavengers, are responsible for raking the areas in search of everything that is exploitable: food, weapons, materials. You will necessarily have to deal with him, at least until you prove your worth. In addition, he may also provide you with food at a cost.

The scouting

Before any outside operation, it is necessary to identify the areas that are interesting to search and those that are too dangerous. This task is fulfilled by the Scouts of Mei Lee. The members of this faction, elitist and very closed, have their eyes and ears constantly on the lookout and know everything about their environment. It is with the leader of this over-equipped faction that you will be able to buy additional skills.

The Lakeview Survival

But all these maneuvers are not without danger, and survivors sometimes find themselves injured or even trapped on the ground. Lynn Durand’s Saviors are the ones who will come to the village and take care of you until you are ready to go back to work. It is also Lynn, based in her infirmary, who will sell you various buildings for your camp.

It would be unwise to rely on one single source of food. This is why,
concurrently with Scavengers’ work, Lakeview has its own agriculture in which the pure water of the lake plays an important role. Vegetables, cereals and other farm products therefore constitute part of the food supplementing those brought from outside.

Adventures and Expeditions: an operations base

Finally, Lakeview will also serve as a base from which you can start more difficult missions. The Adventures and Expeditions will send you and your friends to new areas to perform way more difficult special quests. You can undertake one of them via the operating table located next to Murphy Lane. As a result of these operations you will be rewarded with the necessary currencies to buy what you need from the faction leaders.

See you soon for the next news!
Oct 20, 2017
Dead Maze - Atelier 801

Hello everyone!

Since the first gameplay video was so popular, we thought you would love another one to see more of the game!

This week, you will be able to discover a glimpse of crafting, the player's personal house, combat with areas of effect and how skills are used on your allies, and you will meet with Jay Cramberg, one of the non-playing characters you will learn a lot from all throughout the game!

Check it out:

See you soon for another news!
Oct 6, 2017
Dead Maze - Atelier 801

Hello and welcome to our weekly news! Today, we will quickly review some of the many possibilities you will have when it comes to the most important… customization!

Starter kit

These are the most basic outfits you can find, in fact those are the three starting looks you can choose from! They’re pretty polyvalent, allowing you to cover all of the beginning of the game efficiently, but don’t worry, you will quickly find more specialized clothes to suit your taste.

Stay classy

If fancy is more your thing, even in the context of a zombie apocalypse, fear not, for you will have many options left. Who said you can’t kill zombies with class?


If you want to identify clearly as the healer of your group, you will be able to choose amongst many different clothes to do so. They come with various bonuses to help you help your team, from plan healing buff to removing poison or other afflictions.

Let’s get down to business

You can also find full sets of various jobs, such as farmer, electrician, cashier, firefighter or police officer. Each of them come with a little perk, surely that firefighter costume will come in handy to protect you from fire damage!

Sir, yes sir

Of course, one of the most efficient category of clothes would be the military, and you will find aplenty. Defense or Attack boosts, and a definitively badass look.

Gotta have fun

Last but not least, you will be able to find a ton of casual clothes, or even… strip yourself completely! We’ve heard there are some pretty hot zones in the East, surely a bathing suit would be more fit for that?

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks about the content, we’re preparing something very special!
Sep 29, 2017
Dead Maze - Atelier 801

Hi everyone!

A bit of a special news this week, we decided to share with you the first minutes of the game!
In this video, you will see how the tutorial plays out, and discover the first elements of the narrative... Check it out!

See you next week for another news!
Sep 22, 2017
Dead Maze - Atelier 801

Hello and welcome to the sixth Dead Maze weekly news!

After last weeks' brief overview of the characters, environnements and foes, let's see some of the tools you will have to smash infecteds to pieces. Well yes, you didn't think you would do the dirty work bare-handed, did you? Take heart, here's a tiny sample of the available weapons:

The kitchen knife, although basic and mundane, is the go-to weapon for any survivor worth a dime. While not a war-weapon per-say, it's still a sharp knife that can work wonders to gut your opponents while still being widely available in households and the like. If you happen to be in dire need for a weapon, search for those, they will carry you through tough times. Its damages are decent and its special combo boosts your attack speed to unleash a flurry of assaults. Be quick and deadly.

Take advantage of the mannequin's leg special combo to boost your movement speed and dart through packs of foes or simply use it to retreat and reposition. In Dead Maze you can fight with every kind of items! Don't be surprised if while looting a trash bin you find some reaaaaalllly random stuff. The Apocalypse was the end of civilization, but certainly not of irony, and boy, are some of these weapons plain weird!

While looting a well deserved chest, you might be the lucky finder of one of the most wanted weapon of the game: the one and only Katana. Master its special combo to unleash a deadly barrage of attacks over a very short span! You always dreamed to be an Infected-slashing Samuraï? Now is your time!

When you're looting houses, there should be toilets. And what's to be find in there? Scrubs of all types and sizes! Toothbrush? Check. Hairbrush? Check. Mop? Check. Plunger? Check. Now that you know you can kill an infected by shoving a plunger in its face, you surely have that irrational urge to do just that, right? Don't worry, we feel the same. But don't underestimate these weapons either: brushing their teeth for example will inflict them poison damage, it's not just for show!

Every survivor has to take risks to achieve anything. Dead Maze rewards the daredevil that sleeps within you. Add a pinch of luck, and you could very well stumble across a legendary item! These rare weapons cannot be crafted, but compensate with great durability. Legendary items are much more powerful, unique and named versions of already existing items. Let's take "Babe Ruth's winning bat" for example, Babe Ruth is acknowledged as the best baseball player of all times, and it seems that you might just have found a bat that belonged to him. Wonder if you can project infecteds as far as he would have? Only one way to find out: go out there, and have fun!

Who has never dreamed of smashing household appliances on infecteds? TV screens, microwave ovens, or mere toasters can prove useful in the right hands! The aforementioned toaster can be a real mvp with the right set up: it inflicts electrical damage so you can electrify your foes, pushing as far as stunning them if they were already wet, and if that's not enough? Its special combo can set them on fire! Unleash elemental fury from your trusted toaster!

There you go, that's all for this weapon overview! In an upcoming news, we'll talk more about the weapons that grant a new skill to the wearer whenever equipped!

See you next news!

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