Dec 7, 2017
DreamTank - studio229
Hello Dreamers!

Have you ever had a Dream that you really liked and wanted to return to? We are working hard to bring the ability to save dreams to DreamTank this winter.

Accompanying this feature are several small improvements and additional visual effects inspired by the winter skies. You may soon notice skies that shimmer and glow in a dazzling array of color varying from subtle to bold. We find the new Auroras to be a great addition to the skies of DreamTank coming in the next update.

DreamTank was always intended to grow and change overtime.
Tell us what you'd like to see inside the DreamTank!

Keep Dreaming,
The DreamTank team.
DreamTank - studio229
Hey everyone! Small update for you.

We had a few users have issues with the OSVR plugin running on Windows 7 throwing up an error. Since this particular error relates to the actual OSVR binaries on Windows 7, and they have no ETA on a fix for this issue, so we're dropping OSVR support for the time being until the error is fixed.

So if you've got a Win7 machine, give the new version a try and let us know if there's any more issues. Thanks so much!

-The DreamTank team
DreamTank - studio229
You're probably wondering where all those beautiful screenshots are that you have been taking. Well, we're here to help!

Whenever you take a screenshot in DreamTank, they are saved to the following directory:


Here's a pro tip! If you have a powerful GPU (Such as a GTX1080) then hit the 'h' key during a DreamSequence to enable 4k screenshots. Hit 'h' again to go back to standard 1080p screenshots.

We're always curious to see what you experience in the generator, so upload the screenshots here to the community or online with #dreamtank.

Sweet Dreams!

-The DreamTank team
DreamTank - studio229
We've played a lot of VR games. But we haven't found a game that we could just chill out in. So we made one! We're so excited to see what you DreamTankers discover on your journey inside DreamTank. Please make use of the Screenshot features to capture and then upload your discoveries, so we can see what kind of cool worlds the Dream Generator comes up with!

DreamTank is the kind of project that we just love to keep working on. We've got some cool new DreamPacks that we'll release (always for free!) that will include new assets, music tracks, and features.

Please remember that DreamTank does require the latest-generation GPUs for a solid experience, so if you're having trouble with framerates, you'll know why!

We're excited to see what you all get to dream. If you ever have any questions, comments, ideas, or thoughts, please shoot us an email!


-The DreamTank Devs

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