Dominari Empires - Tiny RTS (Ken)
Hey everyone,

We're pleased to announce that we've now left Early Access, and Dominari Empires is now available... and on sale! Enjoy a 20% discount to celebrate our launch week!

Happy conquering!

Tiny RTS
Dominari Empires - Tiny RTS (Ken)
Hey everyone,

As you've likely noticed, we've changed the name of the game to better reflect the nature of the conflict along with updated graphics and video trailer.

With this update, we've also added in a few more single-player challenges for veterans who are routinely crushing level 10 AI.

All of this is in preparation for us to move out of Early Access very soon!

Enjoy and happy conquering!
Dominari Empires - Tiny RTS (Ken)
April 15th, 2018

Latest update notes!

  • Added new CHALLENGES mode
  • Added challenge: Defenders of the Federation
  • Added challenge: The Armada
  • Added challenge: Blitz

Happy conquering!
Tiny RTS
Dominari Empires - Tiny RTS (Ken)
We're pleased to share another update with some pretty cool graphics updates, updates to features, and of course some bug fixes. Thanks to everyone in Discord for reporting bugs and sharing ideas!

  • Added new Orbital Placement guidance graphics
  • Can now chat after a game for up to 60 seconds
  • New Stryker Sound Effect (now different than EPIM)
  • Multiple fixes for multi-select box highlighting
  • Additional logging for file i/o errors
  • Various instruction updates
  • Various ability description updates for consistency
  • Animation fixes

Happy conquering!
Tiny RTS
Mar 25, 2018
Dominari Empires - Tiny RTS (Ken)
March 25th, 2018

Latest update notes!

  • Starbases under construction no longer highlight for ability hovers
  • Starbases no longer show resource indicators.
  • Tutorial container incorrect overlays with defect/victory fixed.
  • New Stryker Explosions
  • Updates to ODS tutorial to clarify some of the finer points.
  • Single route selection now shows whole path to target enemy/friendly planet
  • Right mouse click now deselects an ability that has been selected
  • Additional updates to instructions to clarify a few things
  • Fix for sequential mappings game option not saving
  • Tutorials now show hotkey based on key bindings selection
  • Multi-planet select can now be started outside of the HUD screen
  • New turret placement animation
  • Level 3 abilities will no longer show as upgradable

Happy conquering!
Tiny RTS
Dominari Empires - Tiny RTS (Ken)
If you are loving Dominari Tournament, you can now let your friends know that there is a free demo for download on the store page.

The demo lasts for one hour, plenty of time to try out the tutorials and a few levels.

We could also use your help! If you can share on your favorite social apps, we definitely appreciate it. Our community is growing slowly, but surely, and every share helps!


Tiny RTS

Dominari Empires - Tiny RTS (Ken)
March 14th, 2018

Hey everyone,

A few new additions and fixes with this update:
  • Long awaited, multi-player chat! Use ENTER to start chatting.
  • New Sun effect
  • Fixed visibility modes for FTL, Recruit, and Salvage
  • ALT-ENTER now switches between Window and Full Screen

Happy conquering!
Tiny RTS

Dominari Empires - Tiny RTS (Ken)
March 12th, 2018

Hey everyone,

Massive update today! Here it goes:

What's New:
- "Invite Steam Friend" feature (only works if your friend is in-game)
- Added animations for Recruit, Salvage, and FTL
- Added Player nameplates to top of inteface so you can see who you are playing
- Added ping information to nameplates
- Improved route drawing, provides more clarity on fighter pathing
- Added option for alternate key-binding (QWERTY mode)

We'll be unlocking multi-player @ 4:30pm CST.

Tiny RTS Team
Dominari Empires - Tiny RTS (Ken)
Hey 4X/RTS Hybrid Commanders,

We are working furiously on adding the ability to invite your Steam friends to a private 1v1 match. We hope to get this out in the next 24 hours!

With that update will come new animations for Recruit Fighters, Salvage, and FTL as well as improved drawing for fighter route lines during multi-select.

Hang tight!

Dominari Empires - Tiny RTS (Ken)
Hey everyone,

At 9am PST we released Dominari Tournament into Early Access. Thanks for joining us and we hope that you will share with us your ideas (and the occasional bug you find) so that we can make the game great for the official release sometime in the future.

We love chatting on Discord, so please join us there if you have any questions!

Dominari Discord Server

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