Beraltors - (Sin Vega)

Change! It is as inevitable as it is clich d. All things must change, from your town and workplace to your bank balance and attitude towards seagulls (they are brilliant). One thing that does not change, however, is the endless deluge of games from Steam, and my place writing Unknown Pleasures.

What, you thought because our conquest of Castle Shotgun has begun, we would leave behind the bloody indie death halls? Psh. Our regular round-up of the best obscure games on Steam is the source of my power.

Settling in for the long haul this week:


Beraltors - David Rhoades
Lots of random little improvements, some dialogue changes, some graphical changes, some adjustments to sound effect, some changes to attack values.
Beraltors - David Rhoades
Major Changes
-You no longer collide with enemy Beraltors to make some areas easier to navigate.
-Beast Beraltors now have to press jump to jump off of and damage Enemy Beraltors.

Minor Changes
-Changed some text, hopefully tutorial is quicker.
-Some slight changes in damage and heal values
-Some minor changes to environment to make it easier earlier.
-small bug fixes
Beraltors - David Rhoades
-Fixed bug causing crashes in some Foreign Language users.
Beraltors - David Rhoades
If you are having input problems with the game, I would recommend turning off steam input for Beraltors. If you are playing with Steam input, do not turn on the gamepad controller option, it causes problems. If you want to play with steam input, I have uploaded a Keyboard steam input config to the community Templates, you can use.

I will hopefully get a new input system working to fix these problems. Sorry about any inconveniences.
Beraltors - David Rhoades
this patch is mostly to fix a bug involving saving on some people's machines. This will change the location of the cloud saves,

IMPORTANT - if you are using cloud saves make sure you load the game with your furthest save once and it should automatically move your save files to the new location. Sorry about the inconvenience. If you have a problem please reach out to me.

Some other small bug fixes as well.
Beraltors - David Rhoades
-Random bug fixes
-Attempted to make some attacks more useful by increasing the size of some hitboxes and attack values
-characters shouldn't get stuck in platforms anymore.
-edited the layout of the electric area to make it easier to find the hopper to make it easier to track and find beraltors in that area.
-some visual changes to make your character easier to see in the chaos
-various small changes
-had a dream about a cloud that looked like a dog, nice dream.

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