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Hello everyone,

Update 1.2 is now available. The update brings optimizations, preparations for additional platforms and some bug fixes.

Undo/redo related issue was fixed that caused clay volume to be updated properly in a few cases. User templates are now functional in the in-game editor as they were before the cross-platform backend changes. Now you can create custom templates that can be used to speed up to process.

Until next time,
Claybook team
Claybook - so-sipe
Hello everyone,

Update 1.1 is now available. Here is a list of changes in the update.

  • Claybook is now using Unreal Engine 4.21 with all of improvements and fixes.
  • Rendering and performance improvements. Up to 35% faster frame rate on low end integrated GPUs.
  • Workaround for Nvidia RTX driver bug that breaks the camera.
  • Various physics and fluid simulation performance improvements.
  • Various memory usage optimization.
  • The groundwork was done to support more desktop platforms. Core technology ported to Metal and Vulkan.
  • Result screen leaderboard will now show the improved score immediately (Steam).
  • Leaderboard pages can now be changed with a gamepad.
  • Particle emitter lifetime property fixed. Now custom chapters can use emitters to spawn particles with a specific lifetime (Between 0 and 16 seconds).
  • Fixed friend leaderboard query (Steam).
  • Search filter in the user-created content menu will now properly update when added with the gamepad.
  • Fixed menu and in-game music playback issues.
  • Half resolution volume checkbox is now disabled when entering settings from the in-game editor. This property is only available when coming settings from the main menu as it requires resource reinitializations.

Until next time,
Claybook team
Claybook - so-sipe
Hello everyone,

We are happy to let you know that Claybook is now released on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation 4. Release version introduces a brand new cross-platform sharing. You can now create and share your creations with the entire community, regardless of the platform.

Huge thanks to everyone who played and helped us during the Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. Below you can see some of the new features, improvements and fixes you'll see in the release version.
  • New cross-platform content sharing (Steam, Xbox, and PS4).
  • The game is now fully localized for seven languages.
  • Better support for <2 GB video cards. Select 'Half Resolution Volume' from graphics settings if you encounter stability issues.
  • Temporal upsampler. With this feature, even mid-tier cards can output a 4K image that looks very close to native 4K.
  • Lots of GPU performance optimizations.
  • Many in-game camera improvements.
  • Lots of editor new tools and improvements such as gameplay presets.
  • New editor and gameplay options added to the game.
  • Lots of user interface related fixes and improvements.
  • Also, many other smaller fixes and improvements throughout the game.

Hotfix #1 (3rd September)
  • Fixed an issue causing a crash in the game at level load on old CPUs (AMD Phenom and Intel Core 2).
  • Fixed refresh rate UI bug in the video settings screen.

Until next time,
Claybook team
Mar 16, 2018
Claybook - so-sipe
Hello everyone,

We are happy to let you know that update #5 (v0.9.2) is now live! The update brings three new chapters, over 25 new clay shapes and lots other improvements.

  • Three new chapters (Three Tanks, Cake Rush and Rocket Racer).
  • Over 25 new clay shapes. Most of the new shapes can be used as playable clay shapes and all of them to create custom chapters.

  • Game progress, books, and chapters selection menu overhaul.
  • Books and chapters reorganized into smaller chunks.
  • Many chapters received gameplay and visual improvements.
  • Outdated chapter images have been updated.

Previous update notes
Update #1
Update #2
Holiday update
Update #3
Update #4

Join in the conversation and let us know what would you like to see in the Claybook.

Until next time,
Claybook team
Claybook - so-sipe
Hello everyone,

We are happy to let you know that update #4 (v0.9.1) is now live! We have been working hard to optimize the world generation and hopefully update fixes most of the loading and stability related issues that many of you have been having.

  • World generation is now 2x faster. This fixes many loading and stability related issues.
  • Platform user profiles can be opened from the leaderboard entries by clicking.
  • Changed gamepad default settings. Camera assist is now much weaker, and sensitivity is a bit higher by default.
  • Fixed camera assist wobble when velocity is low.
  • Fixed multiple localization issues.
  • Split screen is now disabled when the primary player enters into the pause menu.
  • A local player isn't able to restart the chapter anymore, only primary player allowed to do so.
  • Fixed shadow cascade count and shadow draw distance with low & medium graphics settings.

  • New chapter 'Endless Candy' added into the book 2.
  • New achievement 'The Great Escape' added to the game.
  • Christmas decorations removed.
  • Optimized background shadow casting.
  • Fixed intro and outro cameras for multiple chapters.
  • Added startup video

Bug fixes
  • Multi-selected actors in the editor can now be appropriately deselected with a gamepad.
  • Select actor reset in now fixed when pressing gamepad stick button.
  • Active rotation axis visualization is now working properly when using a gamepad.
  • A virtual keyboard is now appropriately prompted when searching actors in the editor.
  • Now only primary player save game is updated while playing in the local multiplayer mode.
  • Fixes split screen rendering corruption issues on certain configurations.
  • Fixed music related playing issues.
  • Now proper messages are displayed in the stats & achievements menu screens when services aren't responding.

Previous update notes
Update #1
Update #2
Holiday update
Update #3

Join in the conversation and let us know what would you like to see in the Claybook.

Until next time,
Claybook team
Dec 21, 2017
Claybook - so-sipe
Hello everyone,

We are happy to let you know that update #3 (v0.9.0) is now live!

  • Virtual keyboard was added for gamepad text input.
  • World generation is now interleaved into separate frames to avoid GPU hangs and issues with 2GB VRAM graphics cards.
  • Optimized SDF generator + particle system memory usage.
  • Added game startup notification dialogs for AMD graphics cards or drivers with known issues.
  • Added new motion blur strength slider to video settings.
  • Dialog navigation with the gamepad was improved.
  • Improved some of the UI element to support high resolutions.
  • Changed default keyboard bindings of the sandbox mode from Y to O.

Bug fixes
  • Fluid is now killed when it hit plane underneath the terrain in user-created chapters.
  • World sweep issue is now fixed. This problem caused editing camera to go through the environment and cause screen flickering.
  • Fixed some of the tutorial button hint icons when using a gamepad.
  • Fixed default book description text (new book dialog).
  • Fixed 'Stampede' chapter hint message from 'stars' to 'stairs.'
  • Fixed in-game HUD update when testing chapter in the editor. HUD is now updated properly based on user configurations.

Previous update notes
Update #1
Update #2
Holiday update


Join in the conversation and let us know what would you like to see in the Claybook.

Until next time,
Claybook team
Dec 1, 2017
Claybook - so-sipe
Claybook is getting into the holiday spirit with an update. The update includes sweet holiday decorations and a bunch of fixes here and there to get into the warm holiday spirit.

We are estimating to release update #3 before the holidays.

Until next time,
Claybook team
Nov 22, 2017
Claybook - so-sipe
Hello everyone,

We are happy to let you know that update #2 (v0.8.9) is now live!

New Aqua Rock chapter

New Endless Runner chapter (Experimental)
The chapter uses new game objective randomization features. The chapter will be refined and improved in the upcoming updates.

Fluid mixing
Fluids of different colors now blend. Mixing is very slow when fluid is still. When you stir the fluid, the colors diffuse together faster. Color customization we'll be added to upcoming updates.

Complete list of changes

  • New chapter 'Aqua Rock' added to the game.
  • New experimental chapter 'Endless Runner' to the game. The chapter uses new game objective randomization for endless game logic.

  • 2-fluid color mixing.
  • A user-created book can now be voted in the community books screen (context menu).
  • A user-created book star rating indicator in the community books screen was replaced with up and downvote numbers.
  • Author of the user-created books is now visible in the community books menu.
  • Optimized fluid SDF generation, ~5% faster frame rate on low-end GPUs.
  • Vertical level bounds edge reduced from 1 meter to 30 cm. The change gives 70 cm more vertical space.
  • Now you can enter into the editor without first creating book and chapter (New editor button in the main menu).
  • New random state properties added to the game objective actor. When enabled, next state number will be randomized based on random seed after each state completion (useful in repeating game logic).

Bug fixes
  • Fixed chapter serialization issue when editing chapter details. The issue caused chapter data to be wiped after editing chapter details.
  • Fixed shape ghosting visualization (when the shape is set to cut) while playing the user-created chapter. Editing shape ghost effect was visible while playing.
  • Fixed buffer overflows in SDF generation if more than 50% of the volume was filled.
  • Customize book and chapter image button is now hidden in the new book and chapter dialogs (only visible when editing book or chapter).
  • Fixed default book name and description texts when creating a new book from the save as dialog.

Previous update notes
Update #1


Join in the conversation and let us know what would you like to see in the Claybook.

Until next time,
Claybook team
Claybook - so-sipe
Hello everyone,

We are happy to let you know that update #1 (v0.8.8) is now live!

Also, a beta branch is now available and it's open to everyone. The branch will be updated more frequently and it's used for testing before upcoming updates. If you interested finding out what is coming next, select this branch from your Steam client.

New Cannon Castle chapter
Dodge the great fluid cannons before they wreck everything. This new chapter uses the clay erosion. Check it out, it's pretty crazy!

New Sandbox mode
New sandbox mode was added to the game and can be switch on in any chapter. Mode enables new radial shape selection which lets you mess around with any of the shapes as long as you like.

We'll be adding more cool features to the sandbox in upcoming updates.

New minimum hardware requirements
GPU minimum requirements are now 50% lower. Use improved "Low" graphics quality mode if you are playing with low-end GPU. We have verified compatibility with several generations of AMD, Nvidia and Intel GPUs.

New minimum GPU requirement
Nvidia GTX 750 or AMD R7 260 or equivalent

Multi-color fluids and erosion
Clayfield now supports multiple fluid colors and fluids can erode the clay terrain. You can configure fluid color and erosion properties for each fluid emitter in the in-game editor.

Creation and sharing improvements
Lots of improvements were added to the creation and sharing in the update #1. You can now set custom book and chapter cover images, undo/redo system was added to the editor, new transform gizmos, new books, and chapters can be created while you are editing. See the complete list of changes below.

Complete list of changes

  • New chapter 'Cannon Castle' was added to the second book.
  • Sandbox mode was added to the game. The player can enter into sandbox mode while playing any chapter. Sandbox allows the player to mess around with all of the shapes.
  • Multi-fluid color support was added to the game, and each fluid emitter can define their fluid material.
  • Fluid erosion can now be used with emitters. When fluid velocity gets high enough, fluid erodes the clay environment.
  • Now custom book and chapter cover images can be added.
  • Undo and redo is now available while editing. Transforming, property changes, actor delete and add is now supported by the undo system.
  • Added in-game FPS counter (new video settings option).
  • Added Claybook workshop and social links added to the main menu.

  • Added particle ability effects to Magnet and Hyper Ball shapes.
  • Books can now be deleted.
  • New books and chapters can be created while editing.
  • Moved Sandbox of chocolate and Water management chapters before Stampede.
  • Improved shape x-ray effect. Fade out effect if depth difference is minimal. Enhances depth perception when climbing/cutting.
  • Clay actors are now kept inside the Clayfield volume while editing.
  • Current book visibility is now visible in the list view button.
  • The book can be set to public visible only if it has at least one chapter. Otherwise, the book will be visible to friends only.
  • Select actors are now deselected when clicking empty space while editing.
  • Improved readback buffering. This might help with slow GPU judder issues.
  • Saving chapter from editing toolbar now prompts save confirmation dialog.
  • Possess range is now unified across the chapters. Previously some chapter had different possess ranges.
  • Now when exiting rewind, 50% of the original direct and rotational velocity is now applied back to shape. (Down from 80%)
  • Smoothing is now applied to stamping cuts.
  • Low graphics quality preset now set 70% resolution quality by default.
  • Moving gizmo and scaling transform handles are now visible through objects. Also, rotation handles were improved but not yet visible through objects.
  • Actors can be translated with planar transform handles (XY, XZ, and YZ).
  • The game objective icon is now automatically added based on volume type.
  • Fluid emitter now has new properties for max aim distance and speed.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed crash bug at level startup that affected some players.
  • Fixed SDF volume corruption + disappearing objects at level start + collision bugs.
  • Fixed rewind sound effect groups. Now all of the rewinding sounds are controlled by the sound fx volume slider.
  • The leaderboard is not shown after custom chapter is completed.
  • Fixed fluid velocity clamping problem with fast-moving fluids.
  • Next and previous chapter info buttons are now hidden when entering leaderboard screen from the chapter selection.
  • SteamVR and OculusVR are now disabled. This potentially helps with some of the audio device selection issues.
  • Game objective name and description are now correctly visualized while editing properties.
  • Custom chapter spawn now properly sets player spawn shapes.
  • Dynamically modified actor properties are now restored to a default state when hopping between editing and testing.
  • Ctrl, alt and shift modifier keys are now visualized in the info button texts.
  • Fixed rewind state when exiting while reset is called.

Until next time,
Claybook team

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