Inflatality - arvz

Inflatality - LORDS OF DERP, our epic single player campaign is now live - 100% free!
Embark on an epic quest to face the Lords of Derp - six brutal opponents spanning the breadth of the Inflatality universe.

  • Campaign Mode
    Uncover the mystery behind six ancient tokens and walk the warrior's path to victory... or will you?

  • Quick Match A.I.
    Play singleplayer games against randomly generated opponents any time inside the Quick Match mode. Choose your weapon, choose a difficulty setting and get ready to fumble!

  • All New Special
    Presenting the N-Gorge - Inflatality's first healing item. Deploy it to recover precious energy, but beware - your opponent can smack it off your waver at any time!

All this and more awaits in the 100% FREE Lords of Derp expansion - now available for all owners of the game. If you're not an owner, become one! Your epic challenge awaits.

Team Inflatality
Inflatality - Hojo Studio

Watch this space...
Inflatality - Hojo Studio
It’s Chinese New Year soon! We’re celebrating with 40% OFF Inflatality during the Steam Lunar Sale. Don’t miss it!

Inflatality - arvz
Derp the halls! Inflatality is 40% OFF in the Steam Winter sale for the festive season! To celebrate, we’ve released a free Xmas battleground for everybody to enjoy as our gift to you.

Grab it now and enjoy the spirit of giving! Slaps! To the face!

Inflatality - Hojo Studio
...and what a PAX it was.

Inflatality is finally live and launched worldwide! It's taken us over two years to finish our little game, and we couldn't have done it without the passion and support from our friends, family and our many fans across the globe.

PAX:AUS in Melbourne, Australia saw three days of fierce Inflatality competition as the young and old did battle at the booth - even including an impromptu tournament between some of our most diehard fans.

We had a blast finally setting this monster free on Steam - if you're enjoying your time with the game, please don't feel shy leaving a nice review, or letting us know on twitter, email or Facebook. We'll continue improving and refining your Inflatality experience over the coming weeks and have a bunch of exciting stuff to announce pretty soon. We can't wait to hear from you. Let's get ready to fumble!

Team Inflatality

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