Botlike - a robot's rampage - Binji
Hello fine Sirs and Madams,

todays patch will complete your arsenal as we added the last remaining weapon: the pulsecannon.
A futuristic gun that shoots deadly energy projectiles which pass through enemies and harms everything in its way before its explode in a small burst.
It may be slow but don't underestimate it as it can be very powerful in the right hands.
Here is what it looks like:

In addition, the two first (long promised) monsteritems made it into the game. Combine two associated super items to powerful monsteritems.
Call in airstrikes with the „Skulls & Bones Membershipcard“ and bring freedom and democracy to your enemies.
Or play god and announce Judgment day upon these soulless machines.

Ever thought you had too much money in your bank account?
Me neither, but if you do you can now put this money to work with the new piggybank superitem.
The more money you collect the stronger you get. How capitalistic, right?

So let us know what you think of these.

Greetings from team Binji and have a great day everyone!
Botlike - a robot's rampage - Binji
Hello fine Sirs and Madams,

welcome to the second try of patching to 0.5.0

I am quite nervous to be honest, but this time everything should workout or something like that.
So without too much talking lets jump into it.

Hope you have some fun with it

Complete Patchnotes Botlike 0.5.0 :
  • added grenadelauncher
  • added gaussrifle
  • added bunsenbrenner
  • a problem that these new weapons were not loading animations and come without ammo should be fixed
  • changed weapon pickup. When you pick up a weapon you will no longer switch automatically to it.
  • Added new maps for the first level
  • added new skins for enemys in scrapyard (2nd level)
  • changed slotmachine. Now you always „win“ but the outcome is much more random (before it was only weapons) and you can now win items, scrap and circuits too. You can play only once per run.
  • changed damage and max health progress upgrades slightly
  • added new sounds for all rockets. So if you listen carefully you can here them rockets coming closer to you
  • added a few new sfx that were missing before
  • fixed some sound related bugs
Botlike - a robot's rampage - Binji
Hi guys,

we f***ed up big time today and a major bug made it into the 0.5.0 patch.
We still dont understand what happend but it resulted in a comlete wipe for everyone who started the game.
We are really, really sorry about it. We know how hard it was for you to get where you are.

For now we rolled the patch back to the previous version 0.4.0 (which hopefully lets you keep your progress) but unfortunaly the userconfig which saves the progress is only local and there is no way for us to get it back.

So if you already lost your progress, there is nothing we can do about it...

This is, of course, extremely frustrating for everyone and we can't stress enough how sorry we are about this.

If you can forgive us on that, we will be more than greatful.

We really hope the rollback works for you. If you want to be sure you can go to your game folder and make a backup of your userconfig.json if its still there:

Team Binji

*goes back to bugfixing
Jul 16, 2018
Botlike - a robot's rampage - Binji
Hello fine Sirs and Madams,

we all like to shoot stuff. Big guns and lots of ammo. Ratatataaam!
But we also want to be creative with it. We want to master the art of shooting and find new ways to slaughter our enemys.
Thats why with todays patch we bring you these three new weapons which will broaden your arsenal.

Lets start with the grenadelauncher. Deadly, bouncy, classy. You gonna love it.

Another more classic aproach is the Gaussrifle. Lots of bullets per minute, lots of fun per minute.
The gausschen technique used, fires projectiles in such a fast manner that you will quickly run out of targets.

But i know for some of you shooting far away enemys is not enough. You want to go in, get dirty, get personal. Maybe the new Bunsenbrenner is more up your ally?
You have to get dangerously close but you melt through their steel as if it were butter.

This leaves only one weapon slot open. And its almost finished too, but we are still dealing with a nasty bug with it and therefore the pulsecannon will be implemented in a later patch.

But weapons are not everything, right? Alongside with them comes new maps and some other some tweaks and changes.

Patchnotes Botlike 0.5.0

  • added grenadelauncher
  • added gaussrifle
  • added bunsenbrenner
  • changed weapon pickup. When you pick up a weapon you will no longer switch automatically to it.
  • Added new maps for the first level
  • added new skins for enemys in scrapyard (2nd level)
  • changed slotmachine. Now you always „win“ but the outcome is much more random (before it was only weapons) and you can now win items, scrap and circuits too. You can play only once per run.
  • changed damage and max health progress updates
  • added new sounds for all rockets
  • added a few new sfx that were missing before
  • fixed some sound related bugs
Jun 21, 2018
Botlike - a robot's rampage - Binji
Hello fine Sirs and Madams,

today started the big Steam Summer Sale and Botlike will, of course, participate.
It will be available for a reduced price and is on sale for 55%.

This will be the last sale we will participate in, before the full release later this year.
So make sure to grab yourself a key and raise your guns against the League (of Super Intelligent Robots), who wants to see you dead and recycled.

Also, this is a good chance for us to collect some valuable feedback, before we head into polishing.
So if you are new to Botlike, it would be really much appreciated if you let us know what you think about it.

If you already with us, there is some good news for you as well.
The next patch is almost ready and will probably be out next week. It will introduce new weapons as well as some new maps!

The third and last level and the final bossfight is already in the making as well, but will take a little longer to complete. So please stay tuned and have a little more patience with us.

But enough of the talking now, let's head out and kill some robots!

Have a great day everyone!

Greetings from Team Binji
Mar 27, 2018
Botlike - a robot's rampage - Binji
Hello fine Sirs and Madams, it has been quiet for a while now in Rust town. But the League isn't destroyed yet. Quite the Contrary. They are getting stronger every day as if they knew that something big were coming for them.

Today's patch will bring you a load of new content and probably several hours of shooting joy. There is a new boss - the „Sägewerksvorsteher“ - chief of the regional forest clearance department. And he is not happy to see that S.I.R. is killing all his workers. So be prepared for an assault!

He will be the last resistance in the outer skirts of Rust Town and after defeating him you can continue your way and search for an entrance, a possibility to get up in their station and defeat the League once and for all. A friendly engineers unit told you that there is an outpost of the League somewhere in the huge graveyard just behind the mountain. A huge battle took place there, when the last war was fought and is now the last home for millions and millions of brave brothers and sisters. They have a transportation device there for sure. It has to be. But it will be protected.

This will not be easy terrain. You have to adapt to new situations and obstacles. But we have widened your upgrade options. The overall progress you get through buying new parts at the Gemischtwarenhändler in Rust Town has been reworked and new tiers has been added. And you probably going to need them all.

At least if you are trying to beat all the 6 new difficulty modes we implemented. Starting the game their will be three modes unlocked. Civilian Mode (easy), Standard Unit Mode (normal) and Decorated Warbot Mode (hard). Beat the game in the hardest mode and unlock the next one. Keep your progress (or reset if you like the pain) and become the ultimate war machine as you fight your way through the army the League sends against you in ever-increasing waves.

And of course there has been quite a lot of bug fixes and tweaks. Further balancing and little improvements here and there. Below you find the complete patch notes:

Patch notes Botlike 0.4.0
  • Added second level! New biotope scrapyard, with 12 new maps, new mechanics and new encounters
  • added new Boss to the end of level one. The Guardian is now protecting the Scrapyard and is still your final encounter
  • added 6 new difficulty settings. Only the settings civilian mode (easy), standard unit mode (normal), decorated war bot mode (hard) are unlocked. Clear a mode to unlock further difficulty modes
  • added 2 new kinds of turrets. One has a fixed position, the other aims at the player. They both are equipped with different weapons and shooting pattern
  • added new firetraps that deal damage and knock back
  • added new scrap press trap in different variants
  • added new enemy that shoots slow but strong projectiles
  • added grenades as weapon for enemy turret
  • added moving platforms reworked the main menu into a dynamic background scene
  • added logo animation on game start
  • fixed the actor 'glide' bug when the actor was behaving like on ice
  • fixed a bug where the boss health bar was shown even after his death
  • fixed champions can no longer be killed by the incinerator
  • changed world generation: world is now 45000 pixels long for each first and second level
  • changed loot spawn tables: Slightly increased amount of circuits dropped.
  • Plasma and rocket launcher loot chance also raised a little
    a lot of bug fixes and tweaks

    We hope everyone will enjoy this new patch. As always, please feel free to leave us a comment or feedback here on steam. Or visit us on twitter or on our discord server.

    Have a great day!
    Team Binji
Botlike - a robot's rampage - Binji

Botlike is now available on Brightlocker and starts with a special limited offer.
The first 500 supporters will get the game for 50 Gold, which is only about 5$.
You can even get some free gold, through special events and offers and spend even less on the game. So dont miss out on that chance.
How to get free gold on brightlocker.

„BrightLocker is the world’s first platform empowering developers to engage with their players for the life of a game, from idea to launch and beyond.„

But we have other interesting rewards planned for our supporters and subscribers. There will be special deals, digital content like wallpapers and exclusive streams with the developers.

Dev progress

On other news we all buckled down to get you the next big update as soon as we can. It will include the next big level, 5 new difficulty settings to adapt to your preferences and with the option to keep your current upgrades and play again on the next harder setting. And its going to be a really hard challenge to master all of them, we promise you that :)

It will take a few more weeks, but we are already excited about it and looking forward to present it to you.

Jan 29, 2018
Botlike - a robot's rampage - Binji
Hello fine Sirs and Madams,

as announced previously we are currently working on the second of three levels. And you have to be a little more patient before you can try it for yourselfs. It will take a few more weeks until its gonna be finished.

But we dont come empty handed. We did some fixes and some little changes in balancing.
Also this patch will bring you a new opportunity to spend your found circuits. There is now a slot machine placed in the base, where you can spend circuits for a chance to win a weapon to start your next run with. Is it worth the risk? You have to find out yourself.

Complete change log of version 0.3.1

  • added slot machine to base. Starting price is 1 circuits. Price increase every time you roll until you win. After you win the slot machine is shut down and will reset the next time you enter the base
  • fixed some animations of guardian after updating spine
  • changed guardian jump now has throwback instead of knockback, and also a lot stronger
  • changed guardian foot stomp, now a lot stronger
  • changed guardian phases. Second phase starts after losing 40% hp, third phase stating after losing 70% hp
  • changed healing station in guardian map, now heals only 50 hp instead of 100
  • removed a champion spawn point on a position were they always got stuck
  • changed champion spawn points. There should no longer spawn flying champions in narrow montain areas. larger caves are still not save!
  • fixed champion particles effects, should now work properly
  • changed the way champions spawn mobs around them, this should improve the overall feeling
  • champions healthbars/sound will now dissapear if you move far enough away from the champion
  • fixed propertys in music triggers
  • added new music trigger for tutorial
  • fixed background layers
  • removed Hoverbot from the first level (it will be reintroduced with a new mechanic in the next level)
  • changed ammopack count: rockets raised to 10 from 5 and plasma raised to 30 from 20
  • doomwatch now stuns the whole visible area
Dec 22, 2017
Botlike - a robot's rampage - Binji
Hello fine Sirs and Madams,

Christmas is around the corner! For most of us, this is not just the time to relax and laugh with our loved ones. The cold winter days are also perfect to spend with a couple of good games.

Until 4th of January Botlike is on sale and 20% off. So tell your friends or maybe buy it as a gift? Games are always the best gifts, dont you think? ;)

Merry Christmas and some great holidays to all of you!

Botlike - a robot's rampage - Binji
Hello there,

We implemented an exiting new system: Champions (aka. Elite mobs)
It brings randomly spawning Elite mobs, armed with random abilities from a growing pool (means we have planed to add new abilities in future updates).
This new types of enemies will give you a totally new challenge - and of course reward you with fine loot once you manage to defeat them. But be aware: They never come alone.

Patch notes:
Bug fixes:
- Wrong enemy hit point scaling
- Fire rate for weapon levels fixed

Implemented Champion system
- Added champion enemy variant for different mobs
- Created pool of champion abilities:
- Runner: Runs Faster
- Brutal force: Raised damage output
- Powered armor: Enhanced armor
- Sharpshooter: High critical hit rate
- Improved main frame: More hit points
- Specialist: Has high armor piercing
- Implemented new champion spawn system:
Champions will be spawning randomly with a raising chance over the course of one level.

Furthermore, we want to communicate that we will start to work on the second level - starting today. Which include new enemies and of course a new boss at the end of the level, for you to kill or get killed by.

The new level includes new assets and mechanics and therefore will take a little longer than previous patches. We plan to make small adjustments and bug fixes along the way. We estimated roughly two months till the new level is finished. In this time frame we will patch the game irregular.

We are really looking forward to bring you exiting new content in the next Year!

Greetings from team Binji.

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