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A new announcement is up on the Age of Gladiators II: Rome community hub.

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Age of Gladiators II: Death League - Creative Storm Entertainment
Hey all, I'm pleased to report that the store page for Age of Gladiators II: Rome is now live!

Please feel free to visit, discuss, and follow at the link below:
Store Page

Age of Gladiators II: Death League - Creative Storm Entertainment

Some early screenshots of some of the arenas below!

Please note that the armors are being added to game next week, so all gladiators in the screenshots are in their non-armored garb.

More to come!

Also the store page for Age of Gladiators II: Rome will be up in the next week or so where people can see more screenshots and a trailer. Will let everyone know when it's live.

Still aiming for a July release for the game!
Age of Gladiators II: Death League - Creative Storm Entertainment

I have attached some in-game screenshots for Age of Gladiators II: Rome. Still a work in progress as will be adding additional 2D graphics on the screens to spruce things up, but this gives you a general idea of the layouts and UI!

Arena and combat screenshots will be coming soon!
Age of Gladiators II: Death League - Creative Storm Entertainment

Just a quick update to let everyone know I am hard at work still on Age of Gladiators II: Rome!

Some things in the works right now:

  • Arenas: These are being designed as we speak. As the player progresses through the various cities, the arenas they fight in will be come grander, until finally reaching the Coliseum itself!
  • 3D Models: Gladiators will come from three regions in the game (Italia, Gaul, Africa) and will have their own ethnic abilities. The preliminary looks at the models as they are being design right now are fantastic; much more detailed. Looking forward to showing more.
  • Armor: Once the models are complete, armor will be worked on next. I'm going for six armor sets to start (two light, two medium, two heavy). The armor sets themselves will match much of what we have seen in artwork and movies featuring gladiators to-date.
  • Weapons: Weapons are finished and will be in-game shortly.
  • Animals: I just coded in the beasts (lions, tigers, wolves, bears) today. Like the first game, this will allow players to send their gladiators against either human or beast opponents.

  • 2D Boss/Gladiator Portraits: These have been completed (see above for a few examples) and are now in-game. I decided to go with an art style for bosses and gladiators closer to the first game, with both gladiators and bosses having a unique face and personality.
  • UI: The UI is being designed right now as well and should be completed in the next couple weeks. It won't take me long to implement that in the game so that I can start showing people how the management (non-combat) side of things will look.
  • Coding: The game backend is almost entirely coded now and is being tested as we speak. The majority of what's left at this point is just putting in the above art elements and then more testing!

I'm really excited to start showing you some screenshots very shortly!

Age of Gladiators II: Death League - Creative Storm Entertainment
Important update posted a moment ago:

  • Fixed a bug in spectate mode that that would stop fight if an AI attack of opportunity was triggered.

You may need to close Steam and re-open for the new update to patch immediately.

Age of Gladiators II: Death League - Creative Storm Entertainment
Small update posted a moment ago:

  • Game name and logo has been changed to "Age of Gladiators II: Death League" before the upcoming Spring release of "Age of Gladiators II: Rome"!
  • All references in-game to the old Blood League have no been changed to Death League.

You may need to close Steam and re-open for the new update to patch immediately.

Age of Gladiators II: Death League - Creative Storm Entertainment
Update posted a moment ago:

  • Attack of Opportunity implemented for melee-equipped gladiators
  • Fixed bug with head IK
  • Fixed bug where character would rotate towards last target when it moved away
  • Fixed bug with Bloodshed achievement - now triggers when human gladiator kills another gladiator
  • Fixed label with homes that states homes affect morale (it should have said fame - will only show properly on new games)
  • Fixed bug where gladiators assigned to missions would not age
  • Fixed bug where mail message would be sent indicating player is wealthiest in galaxy when not true
  • Fixed bug in the office property screen showing wrong earnings amount for businesses
  • Fixed bug where rookies were not properly being released or executed
  • Fixed bug where upgrading staff module would display incorrect staff capacity
  • Fixed bug where birth years were being calculated incorrectly - only works for new games
  • Fixed bug where species bonuses were not being applied upon birth - only works for new games
  • Fixed bug where mission assigned gladiators not accounting towards Barracks capacity
  • Resized Research Screen Elements
  • Now disabling yellow hovered cell indicator when cursor moves over a UI element

You may need to close Steam and re-open for the new update to patch immediately.

Age of Gladiators II: Death League - Creative Storm Entertainment
It's been a crazy few months with lots of fantastic feedback from game players. This has resulted in a myriad of updates & changes during that time. With that, came also a myriad of update announcements as well.

So I figured I would consolidate most of these announcements into a single post to make it easier for people new or coming back to the game to see what has been changed since launch.

The Major Changes

Major changes are listed below:

  • Combat turns are now calculated based on individual initiative rather than team initiative - meaning gladiators move individually rather than as a team.
  • Difficulty Levels: Added these to the game for Economy, Enemy Training, Enemy Equipment, Matchups Difficulty, and Lethality. Note that these will be set on new games, current save games will default to "normal" settings.
  • Adjusted armor bonuses - higher tier armor has more HP but less AP while lower tier armor has more AP but less HP.
  • Weapons: Attack Action Points now 2, 3, and 4 for the different weapon types.
  • Combat: Increased damage melee vs ranged from 50% to 100%
  • Species abilities now cost 1 AP
  • Reduced gladiator salary reductions from player fame bonuses
  • Enemy owners now emergency replenish roster with slaves if roster gets too low
  • Increased chance of permanent injury
  • Mission Center: Add a "Last Mission" status label so player can see if succeeded or failed mission at a glance
  • Weapons: Lower critical and hit % for lower weapon tiers
  • Increased rate of combat fatigue
  • Decreased delay for AI during combat turns
  • Fixed bug preventing AI from using Special Equipment
  • Executing or releasing gladiators produces a pop-up confirming your choice
  • Camera is now free-moving during combat
  • AI movement improved

The Minor Changes

And here are some of the smaller changes:

  • Combat: Decreased Hresh species bonus - hit chance
  • Staff: Added limit for each type to 10 with notification if trying to hire more than 10
  • Combat: Increased melee damage bonus to 50% from 25%
  • League Owners: Fixed a bug where roster data was incorrect
  • League Owners: Increased recruitment rate of competing owners
  • League Owners: Proper owners are now showing based on player species selection
  • Draft: More draft instructions
  • Draft: Added countdown to draft
  • Combat: Higher chance of injury
  • Combat: Human Hit Chance now 5% instead of 10%
  • Adjusted kill ratio, permanent injury ratio to occur more regularly
  • Owners: Added proper facility bonuses for opponents training fighters
  • Cybernetics: Bug not removing other injuries when permanently injured
  • Adjusted fight attendance to account for owner fans
  • Increased fight attendance multiplier for championship fight to be higher
  • Added damage bonus to hit from behind label
  • Businesses: Removed maintenance, showing revenue instead on property screens
  • Gladiators: Increased speed at which enemy gladiators train
  • Staff: Fix bug where maximum staff restriction would not refresh when hiring
  • Waivers: Remove gladiator from Past Fighter list if previously owned
  • Forfeits: Fixed bug where forfeits were not being warned of if forfeiting two fights in same day
  • Expertise: Fixed bug where melee and kinetic defensive expertise labels were swapped
  • Rookie League: Fixed bug where promoted rookies were still technically in both Rookie League and Blood League
  • Waivers: Slaves added to waivers get new salary
  • Forfeits: Forfeit warning showing after first forfeit
  • Fixed bug where data from previous save was occasionally showing up in new game.
  • Fixed bug where loan repayment button would not appear
  • Fixed staff capacity bonus from barracks upgrades
  • Fixed occasional bug where gladiators fatigue, sickness, or injury time would go into negative territory
  • Gladiators in training, the sparring center, and the weapons range now receive morale updates
  • Fixed bug where fighter history occasionally disappeared for certain fighters
  • Barracks: Modules now show upgrade cost
  • Armory: Equipment assigned to gladiators in training or hospital are now counted
  • Arena: Simulate button, added sound
  • Changed slave salary from 0 to none in Bazaar
  • Missions: Fixed alignment bug from mission completions.
  • Glancing Hits: Fixed bug attributing damage calculation to wrong gladiator
  • Fixed resolution bug for 3 vs 3 fight results screen.
  • Equipment: Adjust pricing on all equipment.
  • Action Points: Reduced available action points from special equipment
  • Critical Damage: Fixed bug where stat was not changing unless unequipping and re-equipping weapon.
  • Cybernetics: Fixed bug where gladiator was remaining in cybernetics operation table even when healed.
  • Difficulty Options: Adjusted enemy training variables slightly for more range between different options.
  • Fixed a bug where gladiators won from missions were not human assigned.
  • Fixed a bug where gladiators would sometimes freeze after delivering a counter-strike at the end of their turn.
  • Fixed bug that reduced inventory slots of certain gladiators over time.
  • Fixed bug where hiring or firing staff would occasionally cause issues with the button not able to be clicked anymore.
  • Added show/hide enemy equipment to difficulty options (default for previous saves will be hide)
  • Expenses no longer deducted if credits lower than 0
  • Fixed grammar error in playoffs mail message
  • Recreated the simulated fight system to be more accurate (action points use from weapons, initiative, and more)
  • Slightly lowered critical chance from core attributes
  • Removed Armor Shredder research item and replaced with Enemy Anatomy (critical damage bonus)
  • Fixed bug with fight history cutting off first letter of name
  • Fixed bug where win/loss attribution after simulated fights were occasionally inaccurate in fight history and journal
  • Adjusted journal message for asteroid construction to be more accurate
  • Fixed bug where a gladiator would sometimes not enter the attack stance before firing pistol - resulting in a strange animation at times
  • Fixed bug where gladiator would aim pistol before using a stim or species ability
  • Changed odds of AI using special and stims
  • Fixed bug where the status of gladiators being operated on for cybernetics were not being saved
  • Added total capacity to staff, barracks, and armory capacity numbers on screens
  • Fixed sound effects volume for various UI buttons
  • Load Last Save button disabled if/when last save game was deleted
  • AI now always uses Trauma Injector/Nano-Leeches when equipped and health is below a certain threshold
  • Added difficulty option for new games determining the quality of equipment assigned to enemy gladiators. With this option selected, all enemy gladiators will have legendary weapons and armor, the same quality of equipment either upgraded in the players workshop or acquired from special missions. This should add significant difficulty with games, especially when coupled with the faster training enemy gladiators option also selected.

As always, I am looking at the your suggestions and comments for both this game and the upcoming Age of Gladiators II: Rome!
Age of Gladiators II: Death League - Creative Storm Entertainment
Update posted a moment ago:

  • AI now always uses Trauma Injector/Nano-Leeches when equipped and health is below a certain threshold
  • Camera movement is now free during combat
  • AI movement improved

You may need to close Steam and re-open for the new update to patch immediately.


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