Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! - Boojie

And news just won't stop! We've got a demo of the game up on the net in a few places! You get to play through our 10 level picks and then make some stages that you can share with the full game!


Official Website


And free or paid, you'll need some sort of access to the stage builder for our latest contest affair!

Welcome to Ms. Carrot's Stage Builder Rage Builder Contest! Make some stages and submit them to us for a chance to win 100 bucks and some other sweet prizes. You've got three chances to win, so get to buildin', dudes!

Full rules are here
Feb 15
Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! - Boojie
Hey dudes! Some exciting news!

We just released the official soundtrack on Bandcamp! And sitting right next to it is the soundtrack to the 2012 original!

Even better they're Pay What You Want! That means you can either throw us your life's savings, or nothing at all! How rad is that?

Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! OST

Yeah Jam Fury (2012) OST
Jan 11
Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! - Boojie

Hey dudes! Hope you're enjoying the game!!

Over the last couple of weeks, we've been compiling a series of videos with techniques and tips for upping your Mango grabbing game. There's powerful magic in here, and with enough practice, you can take on the B-Side stages no problem!
All the videos can be found here. Be sure to take a look, and GET THE MANGO!

Oh! Before I forget, don't forget to leave a Steam Review! We're listening with ears wiiiiide open!
Nov 24, 2017
Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! - Boojie

This week we’re exploring Fury’s journey into the present. So without further ado:

1- Yeah makes the environment and Jam moves through it. They’re small. One moves slow, the other moves fast.

Since the start, Fury related decisions have come about as a response or reaction to the other two characters. We needed someone to break the environment. We needed someone big and imposing. Most challengingly, we needed someone who moved distinct from our slow and fast characters. And then we hit our brick wall.

2- The reactionary design process makes it sound like Fury didn’t get as much care as the other two, but we needed to give him a lot of attention to get him just right. He couldn’t just be our nose character, because noses look weird. No. He would receive this big, expressive brow instead.

The devil was in the details. His hat stayed round like Yeah’s to preserve Jam’s edge, but he got a little tuft of hair sticking out of it to further reinforce those eyebrows. We stretched his face and earphones out so that he’d be more than simply scaled up from the other two dudes. And Fury needed to accentuate his power, so we removed his sleeves and revealed those guns.

3- His visual design was settled, but movement was played with and tweaked well into development. Fury couldn’t be Slow or Fast, so the only speed left was Difficult. He’d leap forward with a huge burst of momentum and then drop for a long pause, allowing him to cover about the same distance as Yeah without a straight speed increase. And in the air, he’d destroy everything, but he had no means of jumping on his own.

4- During requel development, the goal for Fury was to exaggerate him further. Fury’s brow has left the confines of his face and is more pronounced. His tuft of hair has become more of an explosive mullet. He has actual boxing gloves now!

5- Exaggerations were applied to his gameplay, too. The original safety net for getting stuck blew up into the screen-shaking FURY PULSE. And his peculiar form of locomotion is now the basis of a number of new challenge stages (though we added a small tweak to make positioning a little easier).

We have our Fury! Can’t wait to see your reaction!
Nov 17, 2017
Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! - Boojie

We’re about to boost through Jam’s iterations and development pretty quickly, so don’t blink!

1- Look at Jam’s Hat! His design was very much in line with those of both Yeah and Fury, with the addition of a hammer and what are supposed to be wispy tendrils (not stink lines). His eyes were half moons and pupil-less, all lending towards this concept of being possessed by a powerful demon. A carryover from an old Facebook joke, the concept was quickly dropped.

2- We dropped the demon stink, but we wanted to retain that punky coolness. His hat now hooked, and the hammer started getting new details.

You can see a tiny remnant of some movement notes above his head. Jam’s our Mr. Navigation, so we payed careful attention to his movement options. He had to provide the distance to Yeah’s precision and Fury’s utility without completely erasing the need for their feet, so we specced him out to be heavy and slippery. He would be super fluid and functional at high levels of play, but challenging enough to encourage use of the other two dudes until you were comfortable playing.

3- Jam stayed relatively true to the previous iteration when the first game hit Newgrounds. The challenge of controlling him created an interesting contrast to his personality; Jam sounded confident he could stay on that block, but you slipped and slid all over the place until you got to know him better. That dynamic helped to shape how Jam would grow as a character.

But at this state we were worried over people calling his hammer a mailbox.

4- The mailbox transformed back into a proper hammer at this next iteration, but one more noticeable change is Jam’s eyes. The half-moon eyes painted this dude as more sinister than he really was, so we gave them a different shape: more natural, but still sharp to maintain the cool factor.

To be honest, leaving out the pupils again felt more like a legacy decision than an active choice. However it worked out nicely! People tend to focus on a subject’s eyes first when looking at a face, which would be fine if Jam was the only character. The blank eyes line up really well next to Fury’s simpler eyebrows and Yeah’s tongueless mouth, and all three still read well during gameplay.

5- This brings us to current Jam! This dude went from edgy, to edgy-cool, to cool-but-not-overly-loud-about-it. You also get to see a bit more of that uneasiness come out now that he runs up walls rather than sticks to them.

That is, when he's not falling down a pit.
Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! - Boojie

Yeah Jam Fury has seen a lot of changes since its release on Newgrounds. Over the course of the project, the game gained new play features like locking flags and ice blocks, and we designed new levels to take advantage of that. It wasn't long before the game had more new levels than old ones, and Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! stood on its own two feet, apart from the original. It isn't just a remake, but it's not an entirely new sequel. This is a REQUEL!

We're giving a look at how the project has changed over the years, and we'll start with the thematically appropriate choice. Here's Yeah!

1- When we learned of an opportunity to make a game for a college project, all three dudes were sketched up in a notebook at a moment’s notice. Yeah's probably stayed the most consistent throughout the process.

2- The original Yeah Jam Fury was released on Newgrounds! Yeah’s fingers were turned into blobs (until we needed fingers again), and sometimes he had teeth. Comments Yeah got ranged from "Oh is he an ant?" and "That's a turban, right?" to "Are those balls his eyes?" They sure weren't!

3- We came across an opportunity to make something for WiiU! We wanted to do something fast, and there was interest in working on YJF further. Thus, the idea to remake Yeah Jam Fury in HD came about. It would be quick and painless! It sure wasn't!

This idea for Yeah didn't get far, and served more as practice for the new style. It’s a relief this concept stopped where it did, because seeing the divots in Yeah's teeth is rather discomforting.

4- This iteration pushed the concept further. Yeah's proportions were made more extreme, his brim was made noticeable, and his smile was cleaned up. What was still weird was his posture; it's close to the original's, but now it looked more active and rearing to go. That's not exactly our lackadaisical Yeah, now is it?

5- We updated his posture to be more chill, and we refined the style a bit. We gave objects harder borders so that the player could see their dude on top of the background. Plus it just looked sharper, like a bootlegged version of the Modern Sonic the Hedgehog art but ingame.

And there he was! This was Yeah from here on out!
Oct 25, 2017
Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! - Boojie

My dudes. We're exasperated. What started as a mere flash game from five years ago was rebuilt from the ground up, like... what?

Yeah Jam Fury was once a college project exploring mechanics. Shortly after we got on Newgrounds, and that was cool. Then there were some back alley deals, a little bit of life trauma, and hurdles every step of the way. But now we're excited to finally bring this fever dream of a whattheheck to everyone else.

Whether or not you mute the game within the first couple of seconds, we love you for giving it a shot ♥

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