Dec 21, 2018
Strain Tactics - DiveSignal
Seasons Greetings, Commanders!

Drone purchase terminals
-Thanks for your suggestions! After some consideration, I've decided to allow for Commanders that have completed HeartBreaker access to brand new Drone purchasing terminals at the Special Warfare Center itself on top of the ones currently at the Drone Trials site. This basically leaves Drone Trials unaffected (for those still itching for a drone fighting challenge), but now in the spirit of convenience, allowing the (c)/(r) rich commanders a quick and painless way to top up their Drone force at the SpecWar site instead.

Colonist Drone bugfix
-Colonist Drone no longer bugs out with its RPG and uses it as intended!
Strain Tactics - DiveSignal
List Scroll functionality
-Scrolling now implemented for multipage lists, thanks for the suggestion!

Mission Complete tag
-Mission completion status now displayed on the 'proceed to briefing' mini window.

Static Popup dummy at range
-Static Popup target dummies at the walled range no longer counts towards kills achievements, but still allows damage levelling for your units.

Heartbreaking warning
... In a particular mission briefing you will see more text that warns you of particular things...

Bug Tweaks
-20mm Monster Killer explosive rounds no longer proc Autocannoneer achievement
-The AEDL drone variant [dual SAW and armour plating infront] now allows for shorter ranged weapon damage such as the machete to pass through its shield
-The Tactical Flamer's primary gout of flame, not just the residual flames on the ground or stuck to things, now counts towards fire-based kills (or at least we trust it now sends updates better to Steam Achievements).
-Tactical Throwing Knife should now proc Invasive Surgery Achievement

Thanks for all your patience Commanders, and happy drops!!!

Strain Tactics - DiveSignal
Restart Mission functionality
-Included Restart Mission button in the ingame Menu
Strain Tactics - DiveSignal
*UN2 wishes its commanders a fruitful new year filled with successful drops and safe returns, and thanks them for their continued support against Strain contamination!*

-Blue target dummy parts renamed for stats page
-Some Dispensers should no longer show a blank extra page
-Mission Site Heartbreaker's revive point now dies along with the cryovat on site
-UI display tweaks
-LX on Neurocity has its reaction params tweaked, and should minimise and remove any sort of errant behavior. (We frankly still cannot replicate the bug as mentioned in forums...)
-NPC Technician's corpses should no longer fade off on some Mission Sites

PS: We're still working on a [restart mission] option~
Dec 18, 2017
Strain Tactics - DiveSignal
Thanks for the bug reports! We hope you're enjoying the new achievements in any case :)

-Achievement fixes and tweaks (NOPE, Pentakill, No Shots Fired)
-Map briefing typo fix
Strain Tactics - DiveSignal
Prepare to drop...again
For all our over-achievers out there, heres a little something something from us to you! Thanks to everyone for weighing in with your fun suggestions on our forum thread, you know who you are! oTL

-fixed collider shapes for geometry on some ruin sites.
Strain Tactics - DiveSignal
Hostile human factions 'diamond' bugfix
-Non-strain hostiles no longer ignore friendly fire rules on Veteran difficulty and above.
Strain Tactics - DiveSignal
Consumable Item bugfixes
-All multi-charge consumables' stats should stack properly now

Item edits
-Seeker eye utility, lore and fx edited :)

UI edits
-Right-Click no longer procs unit commands 'through' map selection screen
-Noncritical portions of the righthand menu/tactical pane can be clicked 'through', just like the info panel.
Strain Tactics - DiveSignal
Ruin Site generator spawnfixes
-Garage modules should no longer spawn loot crates/weapon drops under a large roof rubble piece

Scenario description edits
-Reference made to 'ruins'
-"Mirage sector" title case fix

Other notes
-Invasion pathing tweaks, should facilitate more rapid ingress for a Northern attack into the base.
-The cryopod bug from the update a couple hours back has been addressed.
Strain Tactics - DiveSignal
VSYNC support
-Toggle is now available in the Settings page.
[EDIT] :re-tweaked to allow tolerances for 'close to 60fps' support for those machines that do not meet requirements for 60fps vsync.

Item tweaks
-Medical Suite carry size changed to Small
-Increased "thrown weight" of Portable Gastank

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