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Hi all!

Today we have released a new update for Neurowake. Since the EA release we have received a lot of useful feedback. We thank every one who has voiced their opinion in a bad or negative way. It all helps us to improve Neurowake.

Based on the feedback there where 3 major points of improvement.

  1. Only Vive support.
  2. Difficult to find players to play with.
  3. Unable to reach 90 FPS.

Over the past two weeks we have focussed on these 3 points and we are glad to release a new update addressing these issues.

Oculus Touch Support
We added Oculus touch support. We had to design a different way of turning around as most Oculus users do not have 3 sensors for roomscale. With the new system the Oculus users can shift their rotation with the thumbsticks. HTC Vive owners and Oculus owners can battle each other and join the same matches.

Quick Matchup System
Neurowake is PVP focussed. As a new and rather unknown game, it is hard to offer a big online player base instantly. We created a waiting room, but there was nothing to do. So players, including ourselves tend to wait no more than 30 seconds to find other players.

We now have a new match up system. We introduce quick match, which starts searching for other online players. Instead of doing nothing while you wait, you can now play the wave based training system while the server is matching you to other players. We hope this drasticly improves finding other players and let you focus on the real fun of Neurowake.. PVP battles.

Ensure 90 FPS and NO jitters
In the office we didn't experience these issue. But many players notified us that they where having issues with guns that jitter. We have optimized the game a lot and tested. Your FPS is now drastically improved and everything above a 1060 will run on 90 FPS.

We are also stepping up our game to attract more players. Please stay tuned for the next update and feel free to complain and give suggestion. We want to improve Neurowake more!

Frank Bloemendal
Shortfuse Studio
Neurowake - Shortfuse Studio

Dear Neurowaker,

Today is a special day for us. Neurowake's Early Access version is on steam after one year of development. We thank those players who participated in our internal and public test. We received a lot of useful feedback and we have used it for this release.

The Early Acces release is a big milestone. Now we will keep polishing and updating the game based on the community feedback. We will release more information about our next update soon.

We hope to meet you at the end of our barrel soon.


Shortfuse Studio
Neurowake - Shortfuse Studio
Dear Neurowakers!

Here is the latest game patch note before release. Most updates are based on the players feedback. Our public testing is still undergoing. All steam player are free to join!

Client Performance
  • Added the voice setting in the Waiting Room
  • Added three of graphic settings

  • Improved the size of the hands and weapons

  • Added a setting button in the Waiting Room
  • Added a SP meter on the weapons
  • Improved the Ammo HUD on the weapons
  • Improved the logo video in the Main Lobby
  • Improved the player battle HUD
  • Improved the stats UI in PvP scoreboard
  • Improved the stats UI in Personal Profile

Bug Fix
  • Fixed the bug of “NAME” list in the waiting room
  • Fixed the bug of “READY” button in the waiting room

Wish you have great time in Neurowake!

Shortfuse Team
Neurowake - Shortfuse Studio
Dear all Neurowaker!

We had a great closed testing week! All 50 test keys where activated and we thank those who took the time to log in and provided us with feedback.

We came across several bugs that now have been fixed. Because this test was so useful we would like to do a public test as well. Due to different time zones it was a bit difficult to find others to play with. A public test for all will fix that!

From July 11th till July 20th, EVERYONE can sign up for a free testers key.

Please send your email address, system specs and country to and you will receive a test key.

The players that took part in the private test don’t need to sign up again. You will receive a new key automatically.

Thank you for all your support and we hope we can make Neurowake better and better with your help.

Shortfuse Team
Neurowake - Shortfuse Studio
Dear Neurowakers,

In the past week, our team had a great time in Neurowake testing together with 50 passionate testers. Tons of valuable reviews and bug reports received from the testing. Thank you again for all your support and passion. We will open another open test very soon! Here is our patch note and more player-feedbacks will be fixed this week.

Client Performance
  • Fixed the game launch process to better support SteamVR.
  • UI improvements for in-game phone calls.
  • IK-sync data transmission optimized.

  • Improved A.I. attack behavior in Training Mode.
  • Decreased A.I. fire rate in Training mode.

  • Rebalanced Mamut stats.
  • Rebalanced Siev stats.

  • Added a highlight to clarify your own score on the scoreboard.

Bug Fix
  • Fixed issues that could crash the game in a 3vs3 and 4vs4 match.
  • Fixed issues with the Chinese headshot notification.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented room owners to kick players from the server.would
  • Fixed issues that could cause map collision.
  • Fixed a bug which would freeze the AI robots in the Training System.
  • Fixed a bug which might cause the game to crash when the player checks a friends profile.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from loading their last match game data.
  • Fixed notification displayed in the wrong language.
  • Fixed annunciation issues.

May you have great time in Neurowake.

Shortfuse Team
Neurowake - Shortfuse Studio
Hi All!

We are ready for Neurowake 's early access release next month. But we would like to start gathering feedback and test the USA servers a bit more. We would like to invite 50 players to join in on the final test. Our team will also join this test and we are looking forward to blast some of you away. Also this is your moment to embarrass us developers because we don't like losing at our own game.

We would have loved to make the test bigger than 50 players. But since we are a small team we can not talk to all VR players out there. After playing we will reach out to you and you can tell us what you didn't like and what should be changed.

To sign up, send your email address and system specs (CPU, RAM, Graphic card) to

If you are selected you will receive a key by mail. You will receive a reply before July 3rd.

Thank you for your support and we hope we can make Neurowake even more awesome with your help!

Shortfuse Team
Neurowake - Shortfuse Studio

Hi All!

This is Luke from Shortfuse Game Studio. Our first VR game - NEUROWAKE is coming to Steam soon. I can't wait to meet and fight all you guys in VR!

As a new studio, our first launch on Steam makes us nervous and excited. We wish that our hard work in building a fast-paced and comfortable PvP VR FPS game will bring every VR gamer great joy!

Before the formal release, we would like to invite around 50 players to participate in an internal test for Neurowake. Please keep an eye on our Steam page and group. We will publish the invite very soon!

Thank you all!

Luke Chen
Shortfuse Studio

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