Hoggy 2 - Raptisoft
Hi all,

Hoggy 2 is updated to Version 1.7.0! Here's what's in this update:

o New fruits for Makermall creators!
o Added orange color switchblocks!
o Fixes a glitch with the Boss Baby level!
o Makermall will now remember what you were viewing after you play a level
o New scripting Game Effects when you reach level 20! (You will need to level up to access these effects)
o Various bugfixes!
Jul 31, 2017
Hoggy 2 - Raptisoft
This version fixes some minor bugs in Makermall, and also updates Makermall to work with the latest server code.

Changes in this build:

- Bubble landing you right on the ground now recovers properly
- Can use "<3" in comments now without displaying oddly
- Comments with long, unbroken words will display correctly now too.
- An "obliterate" glitch in the editor has been fixed.
- Fixed a glitch where undo + select does not play nice in the editor
- Unsolvable bug with Jar #208 is fixed
- Compatibility with newest server code
Hoggy 2 - Raptisoft
Hi all,

Hoggy is going up to v1.4...
Not too much different:

- Bugfixes for editor
- Voting is now possible if you're not signed in-- to drive more Karma!
- If there's some kind of hiccup and you can't see the Makermall server, it handles that more elegantly.
Jul 14, 2017
Hoggy 2 - Raptisoft
Hi all,

This update fixes a few small (mostly inconsequential) glitches, and it makes the level sharing more compatible with mobile versions of the game.

The mobile-phone overlay in the editor now more closely matches the size of a mobile device, so use this mask to make your levels as compatible as possible for people who are playing on phones.
May 17, 2017
Hoggy 2 - Raptisoft
Hi all,

First week of Hoggy 2 has been very smooth, but there were a small few bugs that got patched. Most of them were to fine-tune joystick controls, and to enable touch-controls on the PC version for those of you that have Surfaces or PC-Tablets.

Today's update just fine tunes the joystick a little bit more. The thumbstick control is made less vertically sensitive so that you won't accidentally jump while walking, and an amusing glitch with the bonus-area portcullis door is fixed.
Hoggy 2 - Raptisoft
Hoggy 2 is officially released and ready to go! For new players, I hope you enjoy the game. After you play a bit, please take the time to look over the level sharing and level editing section (Makermall). In July we will be hosting a level-making contest!

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