Radiant Crusade - prvncher

It's been a crazy 6 months since launch, and given the feedback on comfort, I'm happy to announce we are now including comfort options!

By default, all VR players will be treated to this new comfort turning grid view which should go a long way towards easing locomotion sickness for those prone to it.

If you are not such a player, or if you'd like to change the intensity of the effect, simply head over to the gameplay options menu and adjust the effect to your liking!

Comfort turning now uses a advanced rendering techniques that makes it possible to exclude the cockpit from the grid view

Radiant Crusade - prvncher

Thanks to all our new players following the Steam summer sale, and all the invaluable feedback that's been coming in.

We're happy to announce that the latest update brings improvements to several parts of the non-vr version of the game.

- The third person camera is now much more responsive, and keeps up with the action better than ever before.

- The time bubble now fires behind players, making it more like a bomb being dropped off behind.

- Minor quality of life fixes, including the ability to adjust the field of view

We hope you continue to play Radiant Crusade, offer feedback, and tell your friends about your experience with the game!
Radiant Crusade - prvncher

Radiant Crusade started out in 3rd person, and it's been amazing to take the game into VR, and back into 3rd person, with all the game's improvements along the way.

On behalf of the whole Radiance Games team, I hope you enjoy Radiant Crusade!

- Major changes the camera's behavior
- Improved transitions and effects
- All new end game sequence

We have some more new features planned we're not ready to talk about yet, but if there is anything causing issues, or if you have ideas on ways to improve the game, we're always happy to extend a dialog through the community forums.
Radiant Crusade - TheSobadef

New way to play!
It has been 2 months now that we've launched Radiant Crusade, and we've received a whole lot of incredible feedback, including ways to enhance the game's visuals, fix bugs and introduce a non-VR support!

We're happy to announce that Radiant Crusade now features a fully redesigned 3rd Person mode, available as a free update to everyone who has purchased the game.

  • Added support for players that do not own VR headsets
  • Improved rendering (Color, sharpness, clarity) for bout VR and non-VR
  • Balanced difficulty
  • Added targetting sensor for both vr and non-vr players
  • Support for Polish and French
  • Bug fixes from community feedback

What's to come?
  • Extended localization support
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Keyboard and mouse support
  • TBA!
Radiant Crusade - TheSobadef

This latest update to the experimental branch brings access to the non-vr third person version of Radiant Crusade!

We've spent the last few weeks reworking the gameplay to feel a lot better when played without any VR headset, in a whole new way to enjoy the game!

Moreover! We're happy to announce that we're localizing this game into
English, French, Polish (Beta) and Simplified Chinese (Coming soon)

Launching in non-VR
To launch the game, set the game branch to experimental from the beta section of the app properties.

Simply select the default launch option, and non-vr should work fine!

- No intro sequence with 3rd person
- Main Menu is hard to read
- Notifications appear above upgrades
- Render scale setting has double click issue
Radiant Crusade - TheSobadef
Be a part of the new experimental builds!

Patch notes:

- Reworked the Defense Slow Ability.
This power reduces the speed of enemies globally when the player or the tower have taken damage.

- Increased the maximum number of creeps that can appear on higher levels.

To install:
App Properties -> BETA -> - experimental-

Feel free to try this build, and future ones, as well as offer feedback!
Apr 9, 2017
Radiant Crusade - TheSobadef
Patch Notes:

- Fixed startup issue for Vive users, where the game wouldn't get passed the logo screen.
Radiant Crusade - TheSobadef
First, I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to give the game a try, and I'd like to extend a special thanks to those who have been contributing invaluable feedback in the days since our launch.

Version 1.06 is a small patch aimed at fixing some interaction issues players have been experiencing.

- Fixed weapons not triggering on command
- Improved Vive positioning in menu and in car.
(Those of you for whom your position in the cockpit is too low, please use the D-Pad to elevate yourself to a comfortable level)

Plans for future releases:
- Add support for more controller types, and hopefully include a full controller mapper, to enable all sorts of joysticks to work.
- Add support for Oculus Touch controllers as a gamepad replacement.

If you have anything you'd like to see added to game, or are experiencing issues with the game, please feel free to write about it on the community page!

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