BlobCat - BySamb
BlobCat is now in the, what we call "real Version 1" state. Means everything we really wanted to have in the game is finally in the game! Yay!
This update adds, besides many small fixes, a couple of new clothing, japanese and spanish language support, but most importantly: Steam Achievements!

If the upcoming Nintendo Switch version or, for some reason, this version sees some success, then we'll add more stuff to the game. But for now, we're really happy with the current state!

Thanks everyone for the support!
Blob on!
Mar 30
BlobCat - BySamb

A new patch just got released! We splitted the shop and achievements patch in two, so you guys can start collecting your sweet sweet MiceCoins right now!

Patch Notes:
- Added a shop to the multiplayer, to buy clothing for your mouse avatar
- Earn micecoins by playing the multiplayer, on- or offline!
- The game got a bit bigger again but the loading time at the start of the game is now very short (other compression method)
- Added a loading screen for the singleplayer
- Some small fixes for all the controller players out there!

Also, since we got a lot of players in the USA and China, we added more servers to the game. This splits the community a bit, but should smooth out the online play!

Achievements! (This is more annoying to implement as we thought..)
Maybe more multiplayer levels!
More clothing!
And a code system to get special clothing! (Like from our twitter account: )
BlobCat - BySamb
Hello and welcome to the BlobCat ptach notes!

This patch does not include that many new things BUT everything is now more shiny!... Means polished!

- Added golden mice! Worth 10 points!
- BIG perfomance update! Even your toaster can now run this game!
- Added countdown soundeffects
- We cut the file size of the game in half without cutting content!
- Smooth transitions for the retro and lights off event
- Sped up and down music for the speed up and down event
- Music now fades out with every scene transition
- The game preloads many assets to avoid loading hicups
- New match settings window
- Loading screens for the multiplayer and no more disconnects when loading takes too long!
- Settings will now also be stored in the cloud
- And a lot of other little things!

We're now working on one last big content patch, adding achievements and a ingame shop to buy more clothing for your mice avatar (INGAME CURRENCY ONLY, NO MICROTRANSACTIONS!). After that we'll see how well BlobCat will do on consoles. If we can sell more than, like, 10 copies we'll consider adding more clothing and multiplayer levels!

Thanks for reading!
Blob on!
BlobCat - BySamb
Happy New Year everyone!
We start the year with a new patch!
- You can now place arrows with the arrow keys (left handed people rejoice!)
- The game lost some weight - around 70mb!
- Fixed some Unity2017.3 errors
- Steam Cloud support. Your savestate will now be synchronzied on every PC! Please start the game once, so the cloud savestate will be created

We are prepearing some things to add more replay value for the multiplayer. Hopefully it will be ready in a few weeks!

That's all for now! Thanks for all your feedback and blob on!

-The BlobCat Team
BlobCat - BySamb
Hey all!
Updating your engine is dangerous, everybody says that. We did it anyway. It broke the multiplayer. OH NO!
But we fixed it! YAY!
In the next few weeks, we will try to lure some more players to BlobCat. If we succed, we will add new modes and levels to the multiplayer! SO LETS GO!!

- The BlobCat Team
BlobCat - BySamb

Hey all!
The new world "Halloween" is now live! You can play 10 new levels right now! Just update the game and scroll to far right on the level select screen. The world is playable without getting a set amount of stars!

We're planning to add some Halloween themed multiplayer levels in the future and also a new multiplayer mode.

So stay tuned and blob on!

-The BlobCat Team
BlobCat - BySamb
Hello everybody!
We are working hard on a new world, that'll be coming later this month. The theme is Halloween and the goal is to get all the candy before you can enter the hole! There will be at least 10 new levels, if we won't sleep maybe 20!

Also, we're planning a new multiplayer mode! The rules will be a bit different, but more on that in a few days!

Till then be spoopy!

P.S.: Everything will be free. Because we are MAD!

BlobCat - BySamb
Hey everyone!
We've added Steam trading cards for you to collect! Get them all to build your own BlobCat badge!

Also, we pushed a small update which fixes some minor things.

Next up is the free upcoming world and Steam cloud support!

Have a great week!
BlobCat - BySamb
Hey everyone!
Thanks again for the support! We hope to attract some more players over the coming week so we can finance upcoming and free content!

First: Thanks to the guys from NativeTranslations ( you can now enjoy the game in french! Yay!

You wanted more to unlock so you got more! Get 120 stars to unlock the artbook with 13 pictures of artworks and prototype images. We'll add more if we find more.

Also.. there seems to be a new world coming up!

Also also in this version are some fixes!
- Fixed an case where you could place arrows outside of bounds
- Fixed the cursor, that could get stucked on a signpole
- Some UI fixes

More to come!
Have a great day!
Sep 3, 2017
BlobCat - BySamb
This should be the last daily patch so hopefully everything works now as expected! And also: we got a new hat!!

- Broke the controller support! Sorry! Works again!
- Sticker list can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel
- The music will be normal, when you're done with the tutorial
- Also, you can't mess with the tutorial using a controller anymore

- New hat: Jelly
- Fixed the music for the retro event and forest levels
- Fixed the amount slider updating correctly
- Fixed the display of the current mode for all clients in the room

We also would like to remind everyone to write a Steam review, that helps ALOT!
Thanks everybody!
Blob on!

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