A Robot Named Fight! - MattB
It's been one year since launch, and I feel like bragging on myself. The game has spawned a humble following and a wonderful discord community. With their feedback and support from the steam forums and Patreon the game has grown a ton since launch.

What follows is a list of all the content that's been added for free since the game launch. Keep in mind that this doesn't include the alpha content available now to Patreon supporters. They have currently access to teleporters, deathmatch improvements, more new enemies including dozens of new champion variants, and 4 new items (and counting).

Since Launch on 09/07/2018

Ported to and Launched on Switch

Added The Forest Slums
  • 2 New Bosses
  • 6 New Enemies
  • 32 New Rooms
  • New Level Music

Added A Forbidden Place
  • 10 New Enemies
  • 35 New Rooms
  • New Final Boss
  • New Ending
  • New Level Music
  • New Boss Music

Added 38 New Items!
Necroluminant Spray, Prismatic Orb, Hive Helm, Repair Kit, Buzzsaw Shell, Hover Boots, Phaserang, Power Pauldrons, Power Shield, Search Burst, Lil Tyr, Lil Zurvan, Lil Phaestus, Lil Wadjet, Lil Buluc, Lil Orphy, Phantasmal Orbs, Energy Vorb, Health Vorb, Scrap Vorb, Chrome Dome, Glitch Map, Glitch Module, Glitch Shell, The Glitched Key, Cognitive Stabilizer, The Thief, The Red Key, The Blue Key, The Green Key, The Black Key, Mega Shot Speed, Master Map, Artifice Helm, Shot Speed Module, Attack Boost Aura, Speed Boost Aura, Mothorb

Other New Features
  • Added 41 New Rooms (108 counting new areas)
  • Added 30 New Achievements
  • Added 6 shrines, each with dozens of recipes for temporary and permanent effects.
  • Added Collection Screen that shows all of the items you've collected on an individual save slot.
  • Added Seeded Runs, the automatic saving of your last 7 seeds, and a menu for secret seeds.
  • Added secret seeds for Deathmatch and Boss Rush modes.
  • Added 2 new enemies: The Moleman Shooter and Pale Sluggard (18 counting new areas)
  • Added tons of lovely friends and patrons to the credits
  • Added enhanced blood splatter fx
  • Impoved the diversity of level generation with the addition of "layout patterns"
  • Added multiple alternate palettes for environments
  • Added the ability to look up and down

    Quality of Life Improvements
  • Fixed 243 Bugs
  • Made 170 Balance Tweaks and Improvements
  • Fixed 35 Rudeboys
  • Added Other Options Menu with the option to disable Shot Charging, Blood, Flashing Lights
  • Added a Stats Menu and tracking for tons of stats like enemy kills, scrap spent, victory streaks, etc.
  • Made mutliple improvements to the co-op experience like a teleportation trail and true analog controls
  • Made countless UI updates such as confimation pop-ups, showing item names in shops and adding borders to achievement pop ups.
  • Impoved the Achievement and Collection Pages to show names / descriptions and have multiple pages.
  • Defined many more controller layouts for 3rd party contollers
  • Updated and added lots of new environment and fx art
  • Added a dozen or so new weapon synergies
  • Made many optimizations
  • Improved audio on multiple effects.
  • Added an endings menu to rewatch endings
A Robot Named Fight! - MattB
Hot Fixes 7/8/18
  • Fixed bug where "more" shows up for Tutorial Smith on a new save file (even though he doesn't have any more to say)
  • Fixed issue where closing the other options menu using the Esc key would cause settings to show over the pause screen
  • Fixed missing black backgrounds on settings menus

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug where Repair Kit showed nanoswarm generator sprites in shops
  • Fixed bug where ForestSlums2x2BlightbarkBoss01 was missing platform leading up to top right door
  • Fixed missing tiles in ForestSlums4x1AllExits01
  • Fixed bug where Nanobots, Homing Bolts, and Hunter Killer targeted the space between Wall Smashers
  • Fixed bug where Player Laserbeam wasn on the wrong layer and clipped through shrines
  • Fixed bug where Tall Walkers rapidly changed facing while pause menu is up
  • Fixed bug where Tall Walkers couldn't walk into 3 unit high tunnels.
  • Fixed minor bug where Necroluminant Spray would jut in and out during players idle anim
  • Fixed bug where orbs that shoot with player could fire during room transitions
  • Fixed bug where enemies that shoot on a timer could shoot during room transitions
  • Fixed issue where blightbark wasn't dropping pick ups on death
  • Fixed typo in Railgun description
  • Fixed typo in Regeneration helm name
  • Fixed bad tiles in ForestSlums1x1AllExits01
  • Fixed bug where phaseshot couldn't damage the top section of Bligthbark
  • Fixed bug where offering Orphiel 9 scrap + n special scrap would cause an error
  • Fixed bug where Wall Creep slugs could spawn rotated
  • Fixed rare bug where rooms could be placed on top of other rooms
  • Fixed bug in ForestSlums2x2AllExits01 where bottom left door with gate could cause player to clip
  • Fixed non-functioning spikes in BeastGuts2x1AllExits02
  • Fixed bug where pooters could dash at you while Tutorial Smith's dialogue is up
  • Activated items can no longer be used while NPC dialogue window is open, as this could cause a variety of issues.
  • Fixed issue where player couldn't spin jump while charging phaserang
  • Fixed bug in Factory1x3DamageBlocks01 where needed damage type for the blocks would go unassigned and could lead to boss skips / soft locks

  • Tons of minichompers have a smaller impact on perfomance
  • Updated to Unity 2018
  • Identical projectile hit sounds won't play on the same frame, creating volume spikes

  • Fixed rudeboys in BuriedCity3x1AllExits01
  • Fixed rudeboy in BuriedCity2x1DamageBlocks02
  • Fixed rudeboy in BuriedCity1x1JumpUp01
  • Fixed rudeboy in Factory1x2SmallGap02
  • Fixed rudeboy in BuriedCity1x1AllExit01
  • Fixed rudeboy in Surface1x2VeryHighNoDown01

Balance Changes:
  • Attack modules decrease charge time on Electro Charge by more
  • Reduced damage dealth by Prismatic Orb
  • Polyphemus no longer flips when changing directions. Lasers won't suddely face the opposite direction.
  • Necroluminant Spray deals more damage
  • Necroluminant Spray increases light radius while equipped
  • Toxin Cloud deals more damage

Other Changes:
  • Health bar glows red when health <= 3
  • Added Other Options Menu with the option to disable Shot Charging. Blood, Flashing Lights and Look Controls have also been moved to this menu.
A Robot Named Fight! - MattB has just been release and features a brand new unlockable area that has a chance to replace the Surface City. The Forest Slums feature 2 new bosses, 6 new enemies, and 2 new unlockable items. All of this in addition to bug fixes, a couple other new items, and some needed balance changes.

If you dig this update be sure to thank all of my patrons on Patreon. They make these free updates possible with their generous montly donations. Considered donating if you'd like early access on the alpha branch.

As always, your feedback has been invaluable and I hope you all continue to provide it as more and more content gets added. I've neglected the steam forums a bit this month, but I always keep an eye on our Discord so be sure to check that out if you haven't already.

Full Patch Notes Here

Thanks! Enjoy!
A Robot Named Fight! - MattB
New Area! Forest Slums
  • 2 New Bosses
  • 6 New Enemies
  • 32 New Rooms
  • New Music
  • New Achievement To Unlock

New Enemies
  • Moleman Shooter now found in Buried City

New Items
  • Necroluminant Spray (Traversal)*
  • Prismatic Orb
  • Hive Helm*
  • Repair Kit
*has new achievement

Bug Fixes:
  • Enemy flamethrowers don't destroy projectiles
  • Fixed issue with palette shader on 32-bit systems
  • Fixed potential out of bounds in BuriedCity1x1AllExits06
  • Fixed potential out of bounds in BuriedCity1x1temRoom02
  • Fixed bad tiles in BuriedCity2x2SmallGap01
  • Fixed bug where end of tentacles would be destroyed until their death completed
  • Fixed issue where title screen would continue to show keyboard hints after using controller
  • Fixed bug where lil' shrines would only provide each of their effects once
  • Fixed runaway creeper in BeastGuts2x2NoDown03
  • Fixed bug where playing a deathmatch game would break single player saves

New Rooms
  • Cave2x1Arachnomorph01
  • Factory2x1Arachnomorph01

Balance Changes:
  • Phaserang can be charged and thrown at variable distances
  • ScatterGun damage increased
  • Wave Bomb can be thrown in a 4 unit high hall without hitting the ceiling.
  • Polyphemus health increased to 330
  • Chance of negative shrine effects reduced from 33% to 20%
  • "Nothing" added to possible random negative shrine effects
  • Stalacterror hp increased from 24 to 28
  • Nanobots deal projectile damage rather than 1/2 projectile damage
  • Lil Shrine bonus stack with diminishing returns

Other Changes:
  • Game will ignore input while not in focus
  • Achievement and Collection Pages can have multiple pages and show names / descriptions
  • Defined more controller layouts for 3rd party contollers
  • Changed lightining gun effect
A Robot Named Fight! - MattB
Hey guys! I just put out a new patch. It mostly addresses some big issues with the switch release and is out on Steam simply to maintain parity.

However, I did take the time to add some new functionality to the seeded run menu that will save up to 9 seeds from your previous runs.

Also, after hyping the hidden Deathmatch mode on April fools I found out it was pretty broken. The bug where shooting would cause you damage if you weren't player 1 is fixed now. I guess it turned out to be an April Fools joke after all.

To atone for my developer sins here's what very few people figured out:
DENEYE 111111

Don't try it on Switch until after Nintendo approves the patch or you'll be disappointed.

Full Patch Notes Here
A Robot Named Fight! - MattB
Switch Only Bug Fixes*
  • Fixed crash at the start of Forbidden Place boss fight (only occurred on Switch production builds).
  • Switch Pro Controller DPad can navigate menus now
  • Screenshots enabled
    *these changes won't effect Steam users.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed major issue where invalid 25 character seeds could be generated.
  • Fixed major issue with projectile damage in deathmatch
  • Fixed bad tiles in BuriedCity4x1DamageBlocks02
  • Dash and Buzzsaw Shell can no longer trigger switches
  • Changed projectile bounce logic to minimize shots clipping through walls
  • Fixed incorrect minor item location on map in Factory2x2AllExits06
  • Fixed mispelling of "Viridian" Shell on achievement pop up
  • Fixed bug where entering a partial seed on the seed menu could throw an exception.

Balance Changes:
  • The following items can be starting items again: Aura Bolt, Big Bolt, The Thief.
  • The following items can't be starting items: Power Pauldrons.

  • Fixed rude boy in Factory1x1HiddenDoorLeft01

Other Changes:
  • After entering 24 characters on seed screen go is automatically selected
  • Added UI for previous seeds to seed screen
  • Added UI for secret seeds to seed screen
  • Simple font slightly more legible
  • Jordan Taylor added to credits
  • New Patrons added to credits
A Robot Named Fight! - MattB
I am so pumped to announce that A Robot Named Fight! is coming to the Switch! You’ll be able to purchase it from the eShop starting next Thursday, April 26. Check out the reveal trailer and spread the word!
A Robot Named Fight! - MattB
The game has had a secret 4-way split-screen deathmatch mode for the past 3+ months. You can access it from the seed screen. It's kind of buggy.

Happy April 1st.

A Robot Named Fight! - MattB
Hey guys. Sorry for the frequent "lil'" patches these past two weeks. I've been prepping the game for release on some other platforms. You may have noticed we skipped .17 all together (it was for submission on Windows Store).

Expect more news on that later.

With the latest patch the game should be in a really stable state. The next large content update is probably several months out still, but I'll be testing new features, etc. on the alpha branch which you can access by supporting the game on Patreon or just hanging around in the Discord long enough.

Full Patch Notes Here.

A Robot Named Fight! - MattB
Patch Notes

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed miscolored tentacle tiles in cave
  • Longer item collect text is no longer covered by the border
  • Phantasmal Orbs now require their corresponding achievement to show up in runs now
  • Fixed bad tiles in Factory2x3AllExits04
  • Save file will keep track of how many items the thief spawned
  • Viridian shell won't get you stuck in pits in The Forbidden Place
  • Fixed achievement pop ups appearing at the same time as Item Collect pop ups
  • Scatter Gun no longer grants multiple frags in Deathmatch
  • Fixed bug introduced in that made energy axe able to activate switches
  • Fixed damage bounds on wall creep's puke
  • Fixed bounds on wall lasers' beams
  • Fixed issues where you could end up with lower than max health while artificer helm is equiped
  • Fixed orbs being able to shoot during boss fight intros
  • Fixed bad tiles in Factory3x1AllExits01
  • Fixed stray tile in Surface1x3AllExits01
  • Fixed bad enemy placement in Cave1x1AllExits04
  • Fixed color of Attractor Helm visor
  • Fixed overly difficult jump in Cave1x1AllExits04
  • Fixed layering issue in Cave2x1IgnoreTerrain01
  • Fixed bad tiles in Cave2x1WallCreep01
  • Player items now visible during door transitions.
  • Fixed stray flesh lump in BuriedCity3x1AllExits02
  • Player speed capped at 34. At higher speeds dashing through doors can break transitions
  • Fixed royal orbs homing bolts
  • Fixed issue where exits could be placed in a way that prevents minor items from being collected
  • Fixed exploit where you could queue multiple shots while sliding, dashing, or buzzsaw-dashing.
  • Fixed soft lock involving buzzsaw dashing into boss rooms
  • Fixed issue sliding into revenant stations

Balance Changes:
  • The following items can't be starting items: Celestial Charge, Eth Chip, Big Bolt, Master Map, Cave Map, Factory Map, Buried City Map, Triple Shot
  • Glitch1x1LeftRight01 is less completely unfair bullshit, seriously... fuck this room
  • Radial Bolts cost 3 energy as opposed to 6.
  • Several Items banned from boss rush

Other Changes:
  • New buried city environment details
  • Patrons added to credits

  • Fixed rudeboys in Glitch1x1NoDown01

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