Jun 28, 2017
Schlocks - FancyBearGames
  • New department "School", which includes:
    • Clear the Chalk
    • Grade The Papers
    • Pack Your Bag
    • Teach The Lesson
    • Unlock The Locker
  • Can no longer pick up the Free Play Drawer.
  • A bit easier to place View Master Slides into the View Master.
  • More Frogs to Kiss in Kiss The Frogs.
  • More Text in Lift The Weight to spot correct weights easier.
Schlocks - FancyBearGames
  • New department: “Summer Activities”, which includes:
    • Drive The RC
    • Make Some Bubbles
    • Flip The Burger
    • Water Gun Fight
  • New game in "Summer Sports": Throw The Frisbee
  • Relocated Toss The Bags into "Summer Activities".
  • Strong Man Smash: Easier to hit bell.
  • Shelve The Product: Locations easier to see.
  • Make Hot Cocoa: Machine on for a longer period of time.
  • Chop The Wood: Easier to chop, once more.
May 31, 2017
Schlocks - FancyBearGames
  • Back Ground Music
  • Sound Effects
  • Chop The Trees: Lowered force requirement
  • Scan The Bar-code & Give The Change: Computer monitor now has collision
Schlocks - FancyBearGames
  • Oculus Rift use through SteamVR fixed for both game and demo!
May 18, 2017
Schlocks - FancyBearGames
  • Oculus Rift support!
  • New fonts all around.
  • Chop The Trees: Added a force requirement.
  • Slice the Tomato: Players can now pick up tomato slices.
  • Shake The Boot: Reduced number of boots to shake.
  • Find The Button: Reduced size of boxes and table.
  • Clean The Table: On Easy mode, now requires spraying the table.
  • Mop The Spills: Added physics to the mop bucket.
  • Various: Order slips now have centered text.
  • Graphics Improvements: Fixed issues with shader outlines.
  • Menu: Button reduced from Very Red to just Red.
May 10, 2017
Schlocks - FancyBearGames
  • New department: “Fantasy”, which includes:
    • Brew The Potion
    • Cast The Spell
    • Catch The Fairies
    • Kiss The Frog
    • Slay The Skeletons
  • Catch The Piglets: Piglet movement improved.
  • Flick The Switch: Major functionality improvements.
  • Head The Soccer Ball: Can no longer pick up the soccer ball and touch it to your head to score points (cheaters).
  • Mix The Drinks: Bottles correctly face the player.
  • Shovel The Snow: Shovel will no longer get stuck in the ground.
  • Spray The Weeds: Weedkiller aesthetic improvements.
  • Toss The Bag: Score readability adjustments.
  • Mop The Spill, Clean The Table: Spill triggers improved.
  • Scan The Barcode: Picking up objects made easier.
  • Give The Change: Readability improvements.
  • Menu: Various adjustments to readability and accessibility.
Schlocks - FancyBearGames
  • In-game menu, which allows you to exit to the Selection Screen.
  • Spectator Camera, located in the in-game menu. A camera that can be positioned by player for alternate view.
  • New department "Employee" which includes. Clean The Table, Give the Change, Mop The Spill, Scan The Barcode, Shelve The Product.
  • Fixed text on Toss The Bags
  • Moved the ending point of the TV in Knock Down Icicles
  • Breaking boards is a bit easier in Break The Boards
  • Smashing bottles a bit easier in Smash The Bottles
Schlocks - FancyBearGames
  • FreePlay Mode! Can now test a product for as long as you want.
  • Demo Version! Try out 10 of Schlocks' best products for free*!
  • Updated NewtonVR SDK to newest version as of 4/21/17.
  • Updated hand snap position for some tools.
  • Fix to Light the Fireplace, turns out the max number is instantly greater than the current number of logs.
  • Update to Match the Flag floating cube to new Wearable World Goggles.
  • Made Wrap Cotton Candy a tiny bit easier.
  • Can no longer "complete games" after time is up. Was stating you won, but the score was already tallied.
  • Loading screens are no longer black.
  • Player head now represented.
  • Updated environments: Yard, Summer Sports, Carnival, Farm
  • Colors should appear more crisp.
Schlocks - FancyBearGames
Hey everyone,

Thank you all for your support of Schlocks! We're really excited to announce our first Let's Play of the game by GibsAndPieces. It's pretty much the perfect example of Schlocks -- fast paced, silly, and loaded with new games. Please check it out by clicking here!

We're watching your comments and messages closely and have already started to patch the game. In the near future, we expect to be releasing a demo, bug fixes, and adding additional polish. Keep your eyes open for more content!

Thanks, and enjoy the game. ːsteamhappyː

- The Schlocks Team

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