Jun 27, 2017
Tiles - Romans I XVI Gaming

The update that just went out is a complete rework of local multiplayer. Before multiplayer was a bit unintuitive and poorly defined. You had to go back to the menu to enable multiplayer (which was a bit clunky) and then when it was enabled you could race each other on the local or world levels. It was essentially just a little add on feature and I don't believe people got much use out of it. It was sort of in this awkward state of being too similar to be a separate mode, but too different to be integrated with the regular gameplay.

So I decided I needed to lean further in one of the two directions. Either have multiplayer be a wholly separate experience or integrate it along with single player mode. Well I loved the games of arcades and early consoles where whilst playing there was always that option of "Press ... to join" and player 2 could jump right in and play alongside player 1.

So this is the direction I went, now you can play with a friend to beat the game or beat as many user created levels as you can. You can compare times after you both clear the level or you can go ahead to the next level if one person can't figure it out. Everything about it is like playing single player mode together, where you can join and leave with the press of a button.

I hope you enjoy!
Tiles - Romans I XVI Gaming
Hey everyone, so I've really enjoyed chatting with a lot of you about Tiles and wanted a place to bring together everyone who is in to the game :)

I thought it could be a great way for people to share levels they've created or streams and videos of the game. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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