Fort Awesome - bennybennyboo
OK, its not like HUGE huge, but its pretty game changing for our fort builders! You can now pick up a special orb at the spawn slide to freeze and unfreeze some objects to make your forts stay together! Have fun with experimenting with the physics of this and we look forward to your feedback ːsteamhappyː

We have had some great suggestions from our Oculus users on changing up the control scheme and that is in the works, along with the new levels, fixing the darn broken elevator and adding a ton of household items to play with!

We have also made some huge changes to optimize the game so we hope that its still looking good and running good. Please let us know if you have any issues, ideas, or suggestions.

Fort Awesome - bennybennyboo
Thank you so much to the people who have been helping us test with the Oculus, we are taking that feedback to refine the control scheme and fix some performance issues!

We are still working on our custom models for the hands, but in the meant time we have some odd looking ones to experiment with! We like it a lot more than the controllers so far!

We have also added a (rather fast) day/night cycle and are looking forward to slowing that down and adding some nice ambient sounds.

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