False Front - Svantech Studios
* Throw grenade was not possible when killstreak blink was active
* Game timing adjustments
* Powerup aimbot spawns more rare and powerup impostor exist only in TDM
* Killstreak lifesteal aborts on time
* Some playercard logos unlock level counters adjusted from previous patch
* Hills, Site, Western and Hills Jr maps minor fixes
False Front - Svantech Studios

False Front 1.6.7
Patch Notes
For the last year we have been working hard to make the game bigger and accessible for more players. So we are happy to announce that the game is now much bigger and Free To Play.

Read full article here: https://falsefront.se/newsfalsefront1.6.3


- Game is now Free to Play
- Added False Front Premium
- Unlocks skins
- Unlocks playercards
- Unlocks extra class slot
- Unlocks various weapon attachments
- Gives player premium indicator next to name


- Added Trampolines
- Fixed bounce height trampolines
- Dynamic bounce height trampolines
- Added Infected gamemode
- Added Nightvision for night maps
- Added Flashlight for night maps
- Added Third-person view for intected
- Enabled running reload
- Improved character hitboxes
- Hitbox will now follow animation bones
- Decreased recoil for fully-automatic weapons
- Improved recoil mechanic
- User compensation for recoil will now be easier
- Added third-person player glow for Extrahealth/Powerups indicator
- Green: Extra health
- Green-Yellow: Lifesteal
- Pink: Unlimited ammo
- Orange: Aimbot
- Red: Insta-kill
- Blue: Laser-aim
- Yellow: Sprint
- Added Extra-health hitmark indicator
- Improved spawnpoint algorithm
- Added 5 prestiges
- Improved melee
- Added quick forward motion
- Increased damage radius
- Removed support for security cameras in minimap
- Moved to map preview
   - Added Jr arena maps to public matchmaking
             - Bunge Jr
             - Hagen Jr
             - Site Jr
             - Hills Jr
             - Only Free For All
  - Added Night Hills Jr to public matchmaking
  - Public matches will now start with only one player
             - Favours Jr arena maps with few players
             - Added bots when few players
             - Dynamic bot difficulty
  - Changed time limit from 10 min to 5 min
  - Changed score limit from 75 kills to 50 kills
  - Reduced spawn invisibility time from 3 sec to 1 sec
  - Added explosion shake for Tactical Nuke
  - Unlock levels are now more spread out


- Added Lab map
- Added West map
- Added Site Jr map
- Added West Jr map
- Added Night Hagen map
- Updated Site
- Trampolines added
- Map symmetry changed
- Secret trampolines added
- Added speaker tower
- Updated Bunge
- Trampolines added
- High grounds added
- Secret trampolines added
- Added speaker tower
- Updated Hagen
- Major optimizations
- Trampolines added
- Rooftops opened up
- Secret trampolines added
- Added speaker tower
- Updated Hills
- Trampolines added
- High grounds added
- Secret trampolines added
- Added speaker tower
- Updated Hagen Jr
- Trampolines added
- High grounds added
- Fixed various collision bugs
  - Added Night Hills Jr map
  - Updated Site
            - More trampolines added
            - Map symmetry changed
            - Increased overall line of sight distance


- Switched networking backend
- Should decrease max ping times
- Improved joining as party
- Fixed some bugs
- Added support to play with Steam offline


- Added Frag grenade
- Added Splashbang grenade
- Added Smoke grenade
- Added Sword
- Added X800 Iron sight
- Added X800 Acog
- Support for weapon attachments
- Added Intervention Iron sight
- Added Intervention Acog
- Added Barrett Iron sight
- Added Barett Acog
- Added Chipmunk Iron sight
- Fixed Tec-9 animations
- Fixed Noobtube
- Added Broken lens effect for snipers with Urban camo
  - Fixed Cobra silencer issue
  - Frag grenade explosion time fixed
  - Flash grenade radius/angle increased


- Updated character models
- Updated character animations
- Added character skin for Free for All
- Added Commander gear
- Added Maverick gear
- Added Cowboy gear
- Removed Sparta gear


- Added Premium logo
- Added Verified logo
- Added Verified background
- Added Infected logo
- Updated Emoji logo
- Removed Pewds logo
- Added Knowledge logo


- Added Aimbot powerup
- Gives you aimbot for short period
- Added Impostor powerup
- Makes your head text green even for enemy team
- Dodges Aimbot powerup
- Added Glow to powerup objects


- Killstreaks are now selectable/unlockable
- 2 killstreaks can be used at once
- Added Blink killstreak
- Teleportation device
- Movement retains through teleport
- Added Lifesteal killstreak
- Heals you when doing damage
- Added POV-radar killstreak
- Translates minimap information to screenspace
- Added Raid killstreak
- Gases entire map, ticks enemy health down to 10
- Fixed Radar scan


- Added full map preview (Hold M to preview)
- Added minimap powerup indicators
- Added low ammo warning
- Added infected hud
- Added optional pro-crosshair
- Use /set_crosshair_length [Number]
- Use /set_crosshair_width [Number]
- Use /set_crosshair_space [Number]
  - Added "Left" and "Join" text to Infected killfeed
  - Added "Disconnected" text to killfeed when player leave due to error


- Switched to Deferred shading
- Added Bullet tracers
- Added Bullet holes
- Added Explosion marks
- Improved Muzzle flash
- Added Muzzle flash light
- Added Ambient Occlusion
- Added Distance fog
- Added Halfspace fog
- Added Decals
- Added Point lights
- Optimization
- Added objects render distance, will improve performance
- Added low quality textures, will reduce memory usage for low-end users
- Added character level-of-detail, will improve performance


- Added "Graphics settings" work load hint LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH
- Setting for Fog
- Setting for Particle effects
- Setting for drawing Audience
- Setting for showing country flag (default off)
- Gamepad sensitivity range increased
- Support for 144/120/60 FPS limit
  - Added support for controller button bindings
  - Added restore button to keybindings


- Saves last two messages sent, navigate using UP arrow key
- Chat text size adjusted
- Setting for chat censoring on/off
- Added support for cheats in private-matches /enable_cheats
- /noclip
- /toggle_godmode
- /set_position
- /set_bot_position
- Added support for cinematic camera (needs cheats enabled)
- /test_stop (stops bots)
- /add_bot_animation [Bot ID] [Running] [Crouching] [start/end]
- /set_cinematic_spectate
- /set_cinematic_preset [Preset ID]
- Various commands added
- /roulette
- /iq
- /flush
- /hide_chat
- /hide_hud


- Added Simplified Chinese language
- Added more flags
- Taiwan
- Romania
- Belarus
- Switzerland
- Poland
- Vietnam
- Malaysia
- Argentina
- Chile
- Peru
- India
- Portugal
- Thailand
- Netherlands
- Indonesia
- South-Korea
- Ukraine
- Phillipines
- Ireland
- Greece
- Japan
- New Zeeland
- Australia
- Czech
- Austria
- Belgium
- Hungaria
- Georgia


- Added announcer voice lines
- Killstreak hint
- Winning/Losing hint
- Time left hint
- Countdown
- End screen voicelines
- Menu greetings
- Added Menu music
- Added Loading music
- Added Winning/Losing music
- Added Infected music
- Updated AK47 sound
- Added headshot hitmark sound


- Improved startup screen
- Updated main menu
- Updated credits screen
- Support for up to 30 bots in private match
- Removed name colors
- Support for verified players
- Verified players will be recruited by game staff
- Gives player verified indicator next to name
- Added game crash information alert window
- Gamepad users can now use chat if keyboard is connected
- Updated BOT names
- Added Male/Female names
- Added custom cursor
  - Fixed multi-threading issues
            - Should decrease game crashes
- Fixed bugs
- Added bugs

We hope you like the update! Cheers! 🍻
Svante 2020-05-29
Jun 12, 2019
False Front - Svantech Studios
* Fixed bots stopped dying after previous patch 1.3.7 fix

Jun 11, 2019
False Front - Svantech Studios
* Removed large FPS drop when game window lost focus due energy saving logic
* Fixed network syncronization for moving player causing some move flicker
* Fixed player nameplate flickering when moving
* Fixed teamplayer spectate mode flicker
* Locked some combinations with free spectate/teamplayer spectate and respawn when not valid
* Changed SND player joining in game more than 30 seconds will spectate
* Fixed SND not able to plant bomb when team player killed while planting bomb
* Fixed SND bomb icon stuck on player between rounds.
* Fixed problem with last kill not counting score
* Fixed defuse bomb score not counting.
* Fixed team score not updated when joining team match.
* Fixed unlocks not working "Sherlock", "Flames" and total wins and loses unlocks
* Fixed unlock secret not working if specifik weapon skin already unlocked
* Fixed some collision boxes in Hagen and Bunge
* Added used GPU name in settings to show user used GPU in multi GPU computers
* Added automatic start for NVIDIA high performance GPU in laptops with built in low power, low performance GPU, causing very bad performance for users not knowing how to assign correct GPU manually.
Jun 5, 2019
False Front - Svantech Studios
* Adjusted spectate when killed in SND
* Added third person spectate for remote players
* SND Round text for round winner displayed wrong
* Removed team change from public lobby (no function)
Jun 4, 2019
False Front - Svantech Studios
* Added death shooter cam
* Added team change in menu for private match
* Updated hagen map and minimap
* Public lobby timer not reset when player leave lobby
* Teams recalculated if any one leaves in public lobby
* Leave not possible when time below five sec in public lobby
* Bugfix powerup skill could stay on dead player after respawn
False Front - Svantech Studios
Patch notes 1.3.3
* Big changes to Hagen map
* Fixed spawn points in FFA to always spawn as far as possible from other players
* Fixed announcers sound in SND for enemy and defender when bomb planted
* Changed SND only health powerups active
* Minor text changes

Patch notes 1.3.4
1. Fixed some collision boxes on updated Hagen map
2. Fixed spawn points in all game modes not to be reused with network
May 31, 2019
False Front - Svantech Studios
* Mouse sensitivity save issues fixed
* Lowered criteria for some unlocks
May 30, 2019
False Front - Svantech Studios
First patch in early access 1.3.1

* Game not starting in steam offline mode
* Fixed rare System.NullReferenceException crash
* Fixed game random crash when selecting skins in customize
False Front - Svante
False Front is now available on Steam Early Access for $8.99!
We hope to see you in game and here your feedback in the future!
Thanks for playing!


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