Stolen Steel VR - Lacabra
There's a new update today! We hope you like it. There's a new level, and the game now has STEAM TRADING CARDS and emoticons and all that good stuff.

Patch notes:

-New arena, Street. You can switch between arenas using the piece of paper labelled "TOUCH TO CHANGE LEVEL", at the start of each area.

-You can now distract unaware guards with sounds - breaking bottles, noises from weapons, etc.

-Added sliceable eggplants. Eggplants can be used as a weapon, but do not do very much damage unless it's a stealth kill in which case eggplant is just as effective at killing someone as a sword, as in life.

-Fixed some issues where you could teleport inside walls etc

-Increased hand overlap collider size so it's easier to pick things up now

-Fixed an issue where npcs were frequently disarming the player

-Fixed some issues with locking weapon not unlocking it when weapon dropped

-Fixed a situation where a guard could fall out of the map

-Fixed issue where you could grab stuff with the Vive's grip buttons; it's supposed to be only the triggers. Reason being the Vive's grip buttons are very easy to hit accidentally and very hard to hit on purpose. Also, people with very small hands are in some cases unable to use them at all.

-Ended up adding sliceable apples, pears and plums too.

-Fixed various other bugs and issues and forgot to document 'em.

Let us know what you think and thanks as always for your continued support and so on. <3
Stolen Steel VR - Lacabra
It's not out yet, but you can try it by opting into the beta branch named "aubergine", and then finding the piece of paper marked "touch to change level". Feedback welcome, especially bugs! This build also includes various bug fixes and so on.
Community Announcements - Lacabra
-Weapon ribbon particles now get skipped when whooshes get skipped, so shouldn't get ribbon effects on teleport

-Weapons without owners now won't do damage if they were last dropped more than 2 seconds ago (should fix the occasional issue where a sword lying on the ground does damage to somebody).

-Weapons now skip hits for a bit after AI picks them up (because there is a positional snap that can count as a hit against the player.)

-Held swords should no longer get stuck on each other when teleporting while dual wielding.

-Made sword velocities a bit more forgiving (i.e. you need to swing/stab less hard to get a hit)

-On Vive, picking up weapons now works by holding the trigger down, rather than pressing once to pick up and again to drop/throw. If this fatigues your trigger finger, you can use the menu button on the Vive controller to lock the held weapon to your hand. While it's locked, the trigger won't drop it. Press it again to drop the weapon. This is to address the issue some users have had where tensing their hand during a sword swing would result in an accidental trigger press/sword drop. Awkward.

More to come, and feedback welcome, especially on that last thing. Opinions vary a lot on that one. On the Rift/Touch, the pickup behaviour hasn't been changed because nobody seems to have fatigue when gripping on that controller.

EDIT: Got a second update going up here:

-Upgraded engine to UE4.15, which supports dynamic shadows with forward renderer. Torches cast dynamic shadows now

-New engine version also has a new tonemapper, game looks a bit different. Looks good I reckon. Feedback welcome.

-Various other bug fixes I forgot to document as I went.

-You can now pickpocket an NPC's weapon as long as they were unaware of your presence. This includes the first guy.

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