Missile Cards - nathanmeunier
Hey, thanks again for checking out Missile Cards! This update fixes a few small bugs and adds some minor improvements and requested tidbits for the UI. If you're enjoying the game, don't forget to please take a moment to leave a Steam review! Thanks a bunch!

Release Notes:

-Fixed a base shield LV 1 unlock bug that wasn't letting you deploy when clicking on the base deploy arrows after charging and triggering the chip
-Fixed a bug with the save reset button in the Options menu
-Fixed some minor text bits and art wonky bits
-Updated "Save and Quit" in-match text to "Abandon Match" for clarity.
-Update both the card unlock menu and base XP menu UI to give you a Y/N confirmation prompt before spending debris to unlock a card
-Added a "Quick Restart" button to the in-match pause menu.
-Added a Screenshake toggle button in the Options Menu

Plus a few more minor, non critical fixes and tweaks behind-the-scenes.

Thanks again!

Oh and BTW - the upcoming iOS port of Missile Cards launches on the App Store on June 28th! :D
Missile Cards - nathanmeunier
Have you been enjoying the game? Great! If so, please take a moment to leave a quick Steam review. That helps me out a ton! I'm really keen to get more user reviews on the board ASAP, so don't forget to take a sec to post one -- especially if you're having fun with Missile Cards!

Patch Updates

Meanwhile, I've fixed a few things and added screenshot capabilities with Patch 1.0.7! Here are the deets:

1) Added Screenshots in Steam

Finally! Hitting F12 to take a screenshot should now work! Seems odd that I had to hard-code that in, but it's all setup now, I tested it out, and should be working nicely.

2) That damn hack bug - STOMPED.

The very rare hacking bug on Base 4 has been driving me nuts. Occasionally, and seemingly at random, triggering a firewall card would not clear the hack card on the conveyor like it's supposed to.

I've gone over the code dozens of times and made 3-4 fixes that still didn't fix the issue, but I think I've found and locked down the problem.

Build 1.0.7 ditches a big chunk of code for the firewall card triggers that I think was borking things up. So NOW when you trigger a firewall, it'll clear ANY and ALL hack cards that are on the conveyor. It's rare that you'll have more than one on at a given time, but if you do wind up in that situation, using the firewall will knock them both out at once.

Previously, I had setup code to do some additional checks and only clear ONE out if there was more than one, and I think that's what was breaking it. Seems to work deliciously now, so hopefully that's that (FINALLY) for the hack bug.

3) New Device detect code

This technically shouldn't impact PC version users, but I wanted to let folks know just in case there are any problems. I've implemented a lot of new behind-the-scenes code for Missile Cards in prep for the mobile port that auto-detects the device and operating system, then adjusts some important code bits at the moment of launch.

This shouldn't impact the PC version at all, BUT if you notice anything funny with the current version that wasn't happening in the previous build, PLEASE let me know so I can adjust/fix if needed.

You'll notice that minimizing the game and toggling fullscreen off makes the game super tiny. But this also lets you drag the corner of the window and manually adjust/scale the view to whatever size you'd like to play at in windowed mode. NOTE: that this will cause some pixel crunching if you resize the window to anything outside of a 16:9 ratio, but you can always hop back into Full screen or restart if it gets funky.


I'm really heartened that players seem to be enjoying Missile Cards. Unfortunately, Steam sales on-the-whole have been super crummy. I haven't even come close to breaking even on development, financially, which is disappointing but a possibility I had prepared for.

So right now, aside from updating any future bugs that folks might run into, my core focus is on finalizing and launching the iOS port. How well that goes will have a big impact on whether I add any major core content to Missile Cards going forward (beyond bug fixes).

The good news, however, is that if the iOS version does really well and prompts me to create additional content in the future, I'll be rolling out that content across all versions of the game. So PC players on Steam will get any new gameplay updates, if they happen.

I can't promise anything right now -- pending a major turn of the tides sales-wise -- but I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

In the meantime, thanks again for checking out my quirky strategy card game! I have other unique card game projects in the works, so if you'd like to see those come to Steam, definitely speak up and let me know.


May 3, 2017
Missile Cards - nathanmeunier
Hey folks, thanks again for keeping me posted on bug reports! Patch 1.0.6 fixes a few recent crashes and bugs reported by players in the later stages of the game.

The biggies:

1) Fixed a few sneaky bugs that were throwing crash errors during base 5 / the final boss level.

2) Re-fixed the firewall cards sometimes not clearing single hack cards on the conveyor in base 4.

Both of those were tough to sort, as they're fairly rare and were hard to replicate on my playthroughs. I was able to update the code, test it out a bunch, and we *should* be all set, but please do let me know if you run into any more issues with those two problems or any other bugs~

Side note: While it shouldn't impact things at all in this PC build, update 1.0.6 includes a handful of UI room positioning and behind-the-scenes tweaks for an upcoming iOS port -- these shouldn't impact gameplay at all on the PC version. BUT, that said, if you see anything weird or if pop-ups appear in unusual spots, please let me know, too! :)

Thanks again everyone! Really appreciate your support. If you're enjoying the game, don't forget to take a quick sec to leave a review! Appreciate it!


Apr 25, 2017
Missile Cards - nathanmeunier
Nice surprise! PC Gamer just posted a really positive write-up of Missile Cards! An excerpt:

"You'll need to play lots of hands before you can become a Missile Cards powerhouse. But it's easy to play a lot of hands: each round only takes a few minutes, so it's perfect for short and mostly sweet gaming during your breaks, at lunchtime, or when you've got a few minutes to kill."

You can check the rest of what they had to say about Missile Cards right here!
Missile Cards

It's a Missile Command situation: comets and bombs plunge from alien skies toward your base, and you need to defend yourself before you're wiped off the planet. Your defenses come in the form of cards: laser cards and missile cards, primarily, in this turn-based game from developer Nathan Meunier. Missile Cards is a bit of a casual game in that it's easy to learn and playing a hand only takes a few minutes. But it's tough challenge, and winning even a few consecutive hands isn't so easy.

Your base has a main module, which begins with a few ticks of health, and two sub-modules on either side, which can each take one (non-nuclear) hit before being destroyed. Cards—which represent both the falling threats and your defenses—cycle through an airlock, one by one. When a threat card, like a comet or bomb, reaches the right-hand slot, it appears in the sky over your base and begins to fall. Your defense cards, meanwhile, need to be picked up and placed in one of the four empty slots above the threats. It takes a few turns for your defenses to charge (there are also battery cards you can use to fill them more quickly) before they can be launched to destroy the threats.

There's an enjoyable bit of strategy involved in defending your base. If a two-point comet is about to hit your base, and you've got three points of health remaining, should you use your four-point missile to take it out? Or should you let it hit, in case a four-point comet appears later? Discarding cards can power an unlockable laser defense weapon as well, so there are times when it makes sense to throw away a powerful defense that needs time to charge in favor of powering your laser for a quick strike. You can also collect extra points with a tractor beam card, but that beam needs to be charged (so it'll take up a defense slot for a while) and takes a turn to use, which is risky if there are a lot of threats incoming.

Strategizing is fun: it's satisfying to plan the use of your cards carefully and a relief when a risky gambit pays off. However, Missile Cards can often feel unfair, such as when there's a long line of threat cards cycling into play and you simply haven't had enough powerful defense cards to fend them off. I guess that's just card games in general: You can't win every hand of solitaire, right? A string of losses, when I never have even the slimmest chance of winning, does put me off a bit, though.

There's also a progression system, and earned points can be spent on upgrades. Some are card-based, like a missile that can be manually targeted at the threat of your choice (typically, defenses will attack the nearest threat), a base-repair system that can restore modules over a few turns, and more powerful cannons and energy weapons. You can also slowly add to the starting health of your base, unlock a forcefield, and add a base-regeneration power. These upgrades take a long, long time to earn, as points for upgrades are doled out very sparingly, so you'll need to play lots of hands before you can become a Missile Cards powerhouse.

But it's easy to play a lot of hands: each round only takes a few minutes, so it's perfect for short and mostly sweet gaming during your breaks, at lunchtime, or when you've got a few minutes to kill. Missile Cards is built with GameMaker Studio and has a nice retro feel: attractive yet simple graphics with a catchy chiptune soundtrack. You can pick it up on Steam for five bucks.

Missile Cards - nathanmeunier
Whew. It's been an intense few days. Thanks so much to everyone who picked up the game during launch weekend! Feedback has been really positive and encouraging so far! I'm really psyched to hear people are having fun with it.

If you're enjoying Missile Cards, please don't forget to take a quick second to leave a Steam review! That's really important, and I super appreciate you taking the time to do that ASAP!

Patch update 1.0.3

Thanks a bunch to folks who've emailed or posted about issues! So far, the bug reports have been pretty minimal and minor, so I haven't been rolling out massive patches - just small quick fixes.

Version 1.0.3 just went live, which fixes an issue where there were more hack cards than firewall cards in LV 4. There are now 3 each, making it possible now to achieve the no-hack bonus mission on that base.

Also, since it's pretty tough to get a no-hack win unless you get at least one firewall pretty early on, I've set it so you only have to get one no-hack win vs 3.

That's all for now! I've got a busy week ahead, but definitely keep pinging me if any other bugs or issues arise. There are a few non-critical things I'm looking into, but we should be in pretty good shape.

Apr 7, 2017
Missile Cards - nathanmeunier
Hey all! Just a quickie patch before I pack it in for the day. Be sure to have auto updates turned on for the latest fixes. And if you run into problems, restarting Steam should also work, too.

v 1.0.1 Updates:

* Fixed major HACK card bug in Base/LV 4. Cards weren't destroying when you triggered the firewall cards. Should be fixed now.

* Lowered the price of many of the card store unlocks.

That's all I've got for tonight, but be sure to ping me if you have any problems. I'll be keeping my eyes open over the weekend for any other bug reports!

Also, if you're enjoying the game, don't forget to leave a review! Really appreciate it!

Thanks again!
Missile Cards - nathanmeunier
Whew. What a crazy week! I'm really excited to FINALLY be able to share this crazy strategy defense card game with you all.

If you grab the game and are enjoying it, PLEASE take a quick second to leave a Steam review this weekend! Those are really critical, especially early-on during launch. Only a very small percent of players actually take the time to leave reviews, but they're super important for indie devs.

And if you run into issues or aren't enjoying the game, please let me know and I'll see what I can do to improve the experience!

My Quest to 5,000 Steam Sales on Launch Month

You can read all about my quest to break even here, but the TL:DR version:

I've set a baseline goal of selling 5,000 of the game in the first month on Steam. That's roughly the financial break even point for the game's development cycle.

I sling words full-time as a freelancer for a living, but I'm pushing hard to make more interesting and unusual games. I have other projects in the works, but my time is limited due to having to work FT. If Missile Cards does significantly better than the minimum 5,000 break even point this month, that'll mean I can start considering my options for spending more time on gamedev.

That'd mean a hell of a lot to me.

Anyhow. Thanks for reading this and checking out the game! Don't forget to leave a review and let me know what you think! ;)



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