Sep 23, 2018
My Super Tower 2 - Source CatE

Hello defenders!

Few months ago we've released a new My Super Tower game that currently available in early access. This already includes a better visual, new levels & awesome soundtrack. We also plan to include a story mode in future updates and more levels & gameplay elements.
If you like My Super Tower 2 and wanna to play more defending gameplay! This is a good time to add it to wishlist or buy before price increasing.

Good luck,
Beware of dragons!

Dec 17, 2017
My Super Tower 2 - Source CatE


Christmas is coming in few days. And we're here again to infrom you that our castles need in protector again!

  • New background in main menu
  • HATS!
  • Improved balance & gameplay
  • Increased projectiles speed
  • Increased strength of the mosters. Now if enemy reached the castle and had less than 20hp it will not damage the castle. It also will not grant the money for player.
  • Redesigned skills
  • Other bugfixes
Dec 15, 2017
My Super Tower 2 - Source CatE

Breath Of Warfare - classic turn-based strategy with elements of RPG executed in a pleasant Low Poly graphics.

An exciting step-by-step strategy, with classic gameplay, is performed in the best traditions of the genre. The gameplay is inspired by a series of X-COM games.
The game provides the ability to customize the unit for any style of passage. The outcome of the battle depends on the strategy you devised and the tactics of combat. In the game there are more than 9 classes of characters, and it is planned to add new ones. The game has a map editor that allows you to create your battlefield and play it with friends or against AI.

- Powerful custom map editor
- Multiplayer game mode for 2 people
- Single player game mode
- Flexible and customizable team editor
- Different character classes
- Many weapons and armor
- Different characters skills
- Ability to play with friends on the created maps
Nov 18, 2017
My Super Tower 2 - Source CatE
To Protector of the Heaven worlds,

We have an important information for you! Today we've added a few achievements to the game to add some challenge experience to the game. But it seem that strange things feel this and going to use evil portal and capture our world again. It's the time to defend our castles and defeat enemies again.

We're need in you to prevent the invasion, my lord!

Sep 17, 2017
My Super Tower 2 - Source CatE
Dear friends!

Today we've released an update that added a new level to the game - "The Heaven". On this level you will protect the final castle from the evil enemies. Since the heaven based on sky lands it will be realy challenge for everyone who love TDS games, since you able to build towers only on surfaces and can't build them in the air.

We hope that you will love it.
My Super Tower 2 - Source CatE
My Super Tower 2 game is growing rapidly. Since the release date, has been added 2 maps (and third one is coming soon), fixed a lot of bugs, redesigned Ballance, finally added Russian language.

I've been asked a lot why My Super Tower 2? Because the first part of this game was created as a student project more than a year ago and never published ... Until NOW!

My Super Tower is available for download to users of Steam, having My Super Tower 2 game in its library as downloadable content and absolutely free of charge!

Have fun! :)
Jan 29, 2017
My Super Tower 2 - Source CatE
Dear friends!

Thanks to everyone who reported about bugs. We are actively working on a couple updates that should fix all of bugs and problems in My Super Tower II.

Change list:
  • Fixed issue with unlocking third level in Campaign mode
  • Fixed main menu & level selection menu
  • Added statistics
  • Improved balance - now improving one tower to the high level is effective than to put a few low-level towers.

We always take into account the advice of players to make sure that we develop the project in the right direction. Thank you all!

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