Xenon Valkyrie - CGdfc666
Hello,this little patch fixes some bugs and improves gameplay.
(temporarily only for windows version)

-Fixed a problem with black texts.
-Fixed the shot of the clown enemy.
-Fixed a problem in the boot camp store.
-Fixed some texts
-Fixed other minor problems

Thanks to all players who comment on these issues.
Xenon Valkyrie - CGdfc666
This patch fixes some minor bugs and improves gameplay.
Thanks to all players who comment on these issues.
(temporarily only for windows version)

- Fixed a problem with the control of the character in the final boss secret.
- Fixed a serious problem when being damaged by a boss.
- fixed a small error that was produced by pressing up constantly in the chat text.
- Modified damage of spikes and turrets
- Fixed a problem related to the talent window when pausing
- Now you can destroy turrets and fire / poison traps with the sword. (and guns)
- The spikes will now not appear on the edges of the platforms.
Xenon Valkyrie - CGdfc666
Hello, this patch is important because it fixes a lot of things, which normally does not look, but they are there.
Thanks to the players for warning about these errors.

- Fixed stage3 enemies, now have minimal damage.
- Now the super-attack of the final boss is more evident.
- Fixed the teleport bug (causing many different errors)
- Fixed an error that occurs when pausing right when you teleport.
- Fixed lots bugs related to the pause.
- Fixed the problem of the shields in the bosses.
- Improved the jump to the walls even more.
- Fixed important errors in the control of character in the boss of phoenix waste
- Fixed Some bugs of keyboard controls that cause errors
- Fixed a error with a game effect, by pressing alt + enter (blurry effect)
Xenon Valkyrie - CGdfc666
Hello Xenon Valkyrie players! My name is Daniel and I am the developer of this game.
Some time ago, I've been collecting all the suggestions about errors or improvements to the game, always trying to improve it and satisfy the players demand.
The game had many problems at the beginning but was updated and perfected thanks to your help, with comments in forums or reviews.
Today I want to announce a new and great patch, this new version has vast improvements and includes great additions.
I have to thank my friend Fabrice Breton for the HUGE help, because without him this patch would not exist.
He helped me a lot to improve very complex parts of the game code, with intensive testing for errors and improvements.

- Music is now in Stereo instead of Mono for a much better quality!
- Added 4 new languages : French, Spanish, Italian and German (+ language selection in the options menu).

- Fixed wall jumping. It should now be much more easier and enjoyable to go through the levels.
- Fixed gun shooting. Now you can shoot without holding button first, you can even shoot while running.
- Fixed enemy collision so that the "Miss" or health lost is not repeated.
- Fixed player bouncing like a ball due to repeated collision.
- Fixed the problem that overlaps the names of the weapons when changing them.
- Fixed the problem of switching weapons in the left direction (with L on the knob malfunctioning).
- Fixed some collisions when attacking, now you can better hit enemies and boxes.
- Fixed some shots / hazards that showed no damage (including spikes and explosions).
- English text has been revised, including store page and achievements.
- Blinking when getting hit is now faster to improve player visibility.
- Now the store soldier informs player that the camp weapons are only found in chests after being bought.
- Now you can see on the radar the teleporter below (purple dot).
- Gameover now reports the number of teamerites obtained in each "run" for clarity.
- At least one special big enemy (which drop keys) will appear in each room
- Changed the grenades physics so it's easier to aim.
- Changed the Brok quest (fixing teleporters) for fewer requirements.
- Changed the Dook quest for fewer requirements.
- Changed the name of some important objects for clarity (such as "Talkative Worm" renamed to "Bargain Worm").
- You will now receive "Talent Points" when teleporting to an area with the Ancient Teleport.
- Added a new option to remove particles and effects (in the options menu).
- Fixed potential situations where there's no exit / player stuck (the "Cells_block" system of generation has been improved)
- Added hints at the end of the game to help players find other endings and secrets.
- Pause menu now also pauses music and sounds.
- Changed weapon selection direction with shoulder buttons.
- Some graphic changes in the "Space Shop" and the text / sounds for clarity.

- Fixed a problem with the secret final boss music, it continued to play after dying.
- Fixed a problem with the Dook quest.
- Fixed some errors in the Proto Borealis zone.
- Fixed the time display when finishing a game.
- Fixed a defense problem with the enemy shot "robo_guard".
- Fixed a problem with the player's shields.
- Renamed the "UP" and "DOWN" options of the teleporter menu to "BACK TO TOP" and "GO DOWN" for clarity, and default option is now GO DOWN.
- Fixed a problem with collision in the 2nd boss (after dying we could receive damage).
- Fixed and changed some game locations names.
- Fixed the collision of some tank-shaped enemies.
- Improved memory usage / removed some memory leaks
- Graphics loading is optimized, now the rooms can load faster.
- Now the secret tomb always appears, without needing the first glove.
- Changed the background graphic of Ivory Tundra.
- The physics when receiving damage were modified and now work better (including spikes).
- The jump ability of NUE is completely fixed (not infinite).
- Removed the object Red dot pistol, now this skill is useless due to the changes.
- Added information of the number of keys needed for the various chests.
- The achievement of Level 35 now only needs Level 25.
- Added a new sound to the chest when you do not have a key.

- Added a new sound of coins by giving the money to the "hehehe" NPC.
- Added a sound for when you do not have ammunition.
- Added "Talent Points" information in the Status menu.
- Added a pause in the option when you take the weapons from the chest (to avoid getting hit by the enemies).
- Added a pause when you take a teleport to advance between the zones (to avoid getting hit by the enemies).
- Added and edited new credits.
- Modified the final boss : it could block player several times over, which was unfair.
-Added scarf to Renna

Add new version 1.2.1 !!!!

- Fixed the problem of the menu when changing button in the menu.
- Fixed small error that appears in one of the questions of the npc "hehehe"
after killing the second boss.
- Added the possibility to lower bridges with the "B" button (Gamepad)
- erased the shots of boss 1 and 2 when dying.
- Now the bosses can give from 1 to 5 teamerites.

We're hoping you will enjoy these changes!
Xenon Valkyrie - CGdfc666
Hi guys, today I present a new RPG game, this is Demon'sTier.

Demon'sTier has the best elements of RiddledCorpses and XenonValkyrie.
Visit the page of the steam store for more information and see a new trailer.


thanks you!!
Xenon Valkyrie - CGdfc666
I want to thank all those who have bought and supported the game, if you have not created an analysis of the game, it would be good to do so for other players read your opinion and continue to improve the game. If you liked this game, please let other people know so that Can enjoy it.

This version is special and I will comment the improvements. It is only for the windows version.

- from now the game will use the most modern version of steam_sdk available, this will improve the compatibility of many things. Previously had a version of 2015...

- added a new system of pause, the game was created to not have the typical pause, but the community needed a pause to stop everything, I needed to modify most of the objects to create this pause.

- Fixed the problem related to the change of weapon commented several times by the players in the thread of the forum of the game. Previously, if you pointed with the weapon and quickly changed weapon(with L/R), the player was totally blocked.

Oh! I'm working on a new game that I would like to announce soon.
And more things... ^^
Xenon Valkyrie - CGdfc666
Fixed some small problems encountered by players.
Temporarily only for windows.

-Fixed bug of Xenon Valkryie item,exclusive of Eloen. (now if you change characters you lose the item)
-Eliminated the shots of some bosses when dying.
-Fixed some problems with the collision damage of some enemies in Proto Borealis stage.

I have temporarily deleted the pause of the game, the menu will still work, but it is absurd to pause the game and lose all life...
This is a complicated problem and I must modify enemy to enemy. I would like to work this problem very seriously.

Xenon Valkyrie - CGdfc666
Some errors encountered by players.Thanks guys!

updated all os versions.

-Fixed some enemies exploded and hit you when you are start stage.
-Fixed some music sounded with the option of music off.
-Fixed infinite HP Bar purple with Dock Drain HP bot.
-Improved pause,now stop ALL enemy,shots etc..
-Improved weapon switching speed x3,much more fast!
Xenon Valkyrie - CGdfc666
Some errors encountered by players a few days ago.
Temporarily only for windows

-Fixed a problem in the menu to move up with the teleport, the error was caused by pressing "UP" when the HP reached 0.
-Fixed a bug with the heHeheHe npc using Renna.
-Fixed some errors in the options related to music
-Fixed errors that would not let you change weapons with L / R in the camps.
Xenon Valkyrie - CGdfc666
Finally finished update, it took me time but I added several surprises.

- Fixed the problem with the start teleport when you use keyboard (beginning teleport).
- Fixed some little bugs found in the process of creating this update.
- Add several weapons in the beginning shop (camp tent)

- Added the super special coffer, this coffer only appears in 2 places in the game and only appears when you finish 3 special finals, (the bad ending does not count)
- Each end will add a special weapon, are the best weapons of the game and have unique abilities.

- Added new area, this area is extremely difficult and I do not recommend entering without these special weapons.
- Add new enemies for the new area.
- Add music for the new area. (Created by Jorge)
- Add new sounds.
- Add new boss for the new area.

- Add new playable character.
The new character is Gadiel, you will know him by seeing him at the beginning of the game.
This character is only obtained by finishing the new secret zone of the game.
He has unique weapons and abilities, besides ... his weapons are special and have Critical Hit.
Using this character the game mode changes, you can not change weapons and the whites and specials coffers will be eliminated.
The monoliths will also find them destroyed !!

The Altar of the Goddess is a randomly found statue that can permanently increase your base stats by expending your talent points. Only appear using to Gadiel
Once used the statue will be destroyed.
A talent point = 1hp/hpmax + 1ammo/1ammomax + 1 str
Defense and speed will not improve.
The keys with gadiel will They are useless...

- Add new weapons to the weaponry monitor
- Changed some elements of the endings
- Now you can destroy with the pistol enemy machine guns and others
- Added new achievements.

Finally comment that to access this secret zone is something complicated, there are people who found a hidden room, that is the beginning of this new area.
If I see that people can not find this room and if no one does make guide for enter in this zone, I will create it myself.
Thank you all for the support and interest in the game.

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