May 30, 2017
Monumental Failure - scarywizardgames
Greetings, Monumental Failure is updating to version 1.2.2. This patch fixes some bugs we have encountered since the release of version 1.2.1. Cheers!

Patch Notes:
  • Changed controller input library on Windows to better support more than 4 controllers.
  • Fixed a bug where Pyramid level 3 always awarded 10 points.
  • Fixed a bug causing Bayon level 10 to not function in cooperative practice mode.
  • Fixed a bug causing a few practice levels to not end correctly.
  • Fixed a bug causing trophy to not appear in split screen.
  • Easter Island level 2 now disable characters if they fall off the platform.
  • Great Wall level 8 walking a character into an explosive crate will now cause the crate to detonate.
  • Great Wall crane vehicle levels, 4th cooperative player no longer spawns on a vehicle button.
  • Fixed a bug in team versus mode where teams were not correctly assigned the chosen costumes.
Monumental Failure - scarywizardgames
We have great news for fans of Monumental Failure. Today we're rolling out a feature update which includes support for up to 10 controllers! Our new Team Versus mode allows competition between 2 to 4 teams, each team consisting of 2 to 4 players. Essentially, this feature is a combination of the existing cooperative mode and split-screen versus mode, Team Versus mode is competitive cooperative. Confused? Well, if you are set up for 4 players, you can jump in to Team Versus mode and play 2 versus 2, try it now!

Another feature we've included is Practice mode. Once you've scored 1 Star in a world, you unlock the option for practice. Practice mode will let you instantly jump to a level within a world. Perfect for mastering levels and figuring out how to get that elusive 3 Star score.

Patch notes:
  • Change: Upgraded Unity version to 5.5.2
  • Change: Splash screen changed from custom solution to Unity's solution.
  • Change: Characters hand placement on monument pieces adjusted, better represents pushing.
  • Change: Menu background stops moving when loading into world.
  • Feature: Loading bar added to loading screen.
  • Feature: Game tips box added to loading screen.
  • Feature: Added practice option when selecting a world to allow players to jump to any level, practice is unlocked after 1 star is earned in that world.
  • Feature: Characters who are disabled in a level have animations to reflect this disabled status.
Monumental Failure - scarywizardgames
Greetings! Monumental Failure v1.1.0 is our first world update. There is now a 7th unlockable monument to build. World number 7 features 10 new levels that challenge you to construct The Great Wall of China. Not only is the Great Wall a huge addition of content to the game, but it's also our hugest monument yet! You'll feel a difference in the size of this monument. The levels and environment are all bigger. At times you'll even be asked to control 8 characters at once. Good luck!

We're really excited to get this new world out to our players. Thank you all for your support on our game. We sincerely hope you enjoy constructing The Great Wall. Cheers and have fun!

Patch Notes:
Feature - Added new world, The Great Wall

Monumental Failure - scarywizardgames
It's the Hat Update! Monumental Failure has added 7 new hats available immediately. There is a special 8th hat that only the most skilled builders can unlock.

Based on some feedback, we have changed the way worlds are unlocked. Now, 1 star earned in a world will unlock the next world. This should make it easier for players to see all of Monumental Failure's content.

Patch notes:
Change: Changed level unlocking structure so 1 star from previous world unlocks the next world.
Feature: 7 new hats available immediately.
Feature: Unlockable 8th new hat.
Bug Fix: Golden Minotaur Helm is now the same size as the Minotaur Helm.

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