Product Update - Valve
- Naked Greevils now get a random ultimate too.
- Auras from heroes no longer apply when in Greevil mode.
- Rebalanced the essence stat bonuses slightly. This should make seraphic greevils slightly weaker overall and colored greevils should be the best at whatever their essence gives innately.
- The items heroes receive from presents are now significantly better.
- Fixed a bug that would sometimes caused non-naked greevils to get incorrect/random abilities.
- Fixed a few greevil ability tooltips that were crediting abilities to the wrong essence/egg colors.
- Fixed Greeviling game summary gifts somtimes displaying incorrectly.
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dota 2 greeviling

Dota 2 correspondent Cassandra Khaw dives into the game's holiday event to evaluate and explain it.

Greevils. Greevils everywhere. You knew the wide-bottomed children of Dota 2's Diretide event were going to be trouble. But still, you persisted in pouring essences into their eggs. Now look what happened: they've gone and destroyed Christmas.

Welcome to the Greeviling. (Well, "Frostivus," if you insist on being pedantic.) Much like the previous Dota 2 holiday event, this festive salute is one entrenched in chaos, comedy and consumerism. For reasons unknown, the entirety of Dota 2 is now infested with Greevils. Shops have been plundered, gifts have been ripped open and precious items have been scattered all across the woods. Needless to say, it's your responsibility to restore order and make off with stolen goods along the way.

How does The Greeviling work?
Unlike Diretide, there is considerably less order involved in The Greeviling. Where the former required players to engage the game mode in three different stages, the Greeviling is a simple race to the finish: first team to obliterate 11 Greevil camps wins. To achieve this, teams will have wage battle against the nesting sites that routinely spawn throughout the match.

As elementary as that may sound, there are a few details to keep in mind. First and foremost, there are no shopkeepers to wheedle fine weaponry from. They've all fled, the cowards. The Greeviling provides just two ways to get items: by excavating the Christmas socks you begin each round with (these traditionally contain a Greevil whistle, a consumable and, in an instance of what might be called "Footwareception," a pair of boots) or by demolishing Greevil camps and picking up gifts from the ruins. What makes this somewhat challenging is the fact there is no guarantee that the items earned will, in any way, be of great use to your hero. To make things even more complicated, there is no guarantee that you will actually get an item—it's entirely possible that the game will randomly distribute your prize to the enemies instead. Ever wondered what it'd be like to play Sand King with nothing but a Ring of Aquila and an Ethereal Blade while facing off against a Life Stealer with a full armament? Now's your chance.

However, this isn't the primary feature. As the name of the event may have implicated, the Greeviling is all about these multi-colored, marauding pests. Before every match, you'll be asked to pick one of your domesticated Greevils to bring into the fray. If you don't own of one of these kleptomaniacs, a naked member of the species will be temporarily assigned to you. Each of these Greevils come with abilities and statistics of their own, both of which are dependent on the kind of essences that have been infused in their eggs. Unsurprisingly, the naked Greevils are usually bottom-of-the-barrel material—unless you get extraordinarily lucky—while those that have been enriched with a more exotic collection of essences tend to be potent opponents.

Like strange, organic Transformers, you'll be able to switch between your chosen Hero and pet Greevil at will—all it takes is a toot on the whistle. Is it worth morphing into one of those wretched beasts? Most of the time, the answer is yes. By and large, your Greevil is going to be significantly more dangerous than your Hero.

With snow everywhere, the river completely frozen over—nothing quite matches the hilarity of a Squiddles-wielding Tidehunter careening helplessly across the ice—and not a single creep in sight, The Greeviling can be a disorienting experience. Easily completed within the span of about 10 to 15 minutes, your mileage may vary. Some will like the unabashed silliness, others will not. Unlike its predecessor, The Greeviling won't allocate you additional cosmetic goods if you perform better than your foes. Everyone simply gets a box of shinies; it's merely a question of whether there is the opportunity for slighter better loot or not.

The Greeviling is not the finely-tuned juggernaut that base Dota 2 is. But I do see it as an opportunity to amass hoards of decorative accouterments for future usage or trade. After all, isn't this the season for wanton capitalism and bargains?
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed greevil wall-related server crash.
- Death Pact only gives half its bonus if used on greevils.
- Juggernaut can no longer instantly kill greevils with his ultimate.
- Fixed missing chat messages when items drop.
Product Update - Valve
- Frostivus arrives...and is cancelled by the Greeviling!
- Added Polycount Contest Winner Items (11 new hero sets)
- 6.77 gameplay parity update


- Alchemist: Fixed Unstable Concoction charge time counting when it was released rather than impacted
- Alchemist: Fixed Unstable Concoction being dodgeable
- Bane: Fixed base damage being too low
- Centaur: Fixed Centaur's Return instantly killing Zombies
- Luna: Fixed Lunar Blessing affecting some non-hero units like Familiars and Spirit Bear
- Spectre: Fixed Desolate not dealing damage to enemy heroes if they are near neutrals
- Timbersaw: Timberchain sometimes missing trees at max range
- Timbersaw: Fixed different elevations causing an invisible Chakram
- Timbersaw: Adjusted hitbox
- Timbersaw: Fixed Return Chakram proccing Magic Stick
- Warlock: Fixed Golem's Flaming Fists not dealing damage to the primary attack target


- Added a toggle option for Chat Message sound
- Fixed day night images being incorrectly rotated
- Updated Timbersaw's recommended items
- Fixed lifetime timer alignment
- Adjusted Chat Message sound level


Ancient Apparition
- Chilling Touch manacost rescaled from 140 to 110/120/130/140

- Batrider can no longer attack while using Flaming Lasso

Bounty Hunter
- Track no longer reduces armor

Centaur Warrunner
- Movement speed decreased from 305 to 300
- Double Edge no longer interrupts channeling
- Stampede now applies a 100% slow instead of a stun (as always, units cannot be slowed below 100 movement speed)

- Agility growth increased from 1.2 to 2.3

- Shallow Grave cast range rescaled from 400/600/800/1000 to 550/700/850/1000

Doom Bringer
- Scorched Earth now also affects other units you control
- Doom now has too much armor! (+1)

Drow Ranger
- Trueshot Aura now only affects non-hero units within 900 range of Drow

- Aftershock stun duration rescaled from 0.3/0.7/1.2/1.5 to 0.6/0.9/1.2/1.5
- Aftershock damage increased from 25/45/75/115 to 50/75/100/125
- Enchant Totem cooldown decreased from 6 to 5

- Untouchable AS reduction increased from 20/40/60/80 to 20/50/80/110

- Ice Path damage from 100 to 25/50/75/100

- Base Int increased from 15 to 17
- Spirit Wolves armor increased by 1

- Skewer no longer affects magic immune units
- Skewer cast range rescaled from 1200 to 600/800/1000/1200
- Reverse Polarity duration decreased from 2.5/3.25/4 to 2.25/3/3.75

- Moonlight Shadow duration increased from 11 to 15 seconds

- Cast animation time decreased from 0.4 to 0.25

- Reaper's Scythe stun/delay increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds

- Purification cast range rescaled from 400/500/600/700 to 700

- Illusory Orb cooldown decreased from 13 to 12

- Decrepify cooldown decreased from 13/11/9/7 to 12/10/8/6

Shadow Demon
- Shadow Poison cooldown decreased from 3 to 2.75

- Base agility increased by 6

- Haunt no longer ends when you use reality (the targeted illusion is still replaced by you though)

- Great Cleave damage decreased from 25/40/55/70 to 20/35/50/65
- Warcry duration decreased from 8 to 7 seconds

Templar Assassin
- Refraction manacost increased from 75 to 100

Treant Protector
- Damage increased by 10
- Leech Seed cooldown decreased from 18/16/14/12 to 16/14/12/10
- Overgrowth cooldown decreased from 80 to 70
- Living Armor damage instances increased from 6 to 7
- Living Armor can be cast through the minimap (only considers heroes and towers/rax in this mode)

- Decay damage reduced from 40/80/120/160 to 20/60/100/140

Vengeful Spirit
- Wave of Terror damage increased from 18.75/37.5/56.25/75 to 30/50/70/90

- Base strength increased by 3

- Shadow Word cooldown decreased from 20 to 16

- Shukuchi damage increased from 90/100/110/120 to 90/110/130/150

- Strength growth increased from 1.8 to 2.3

- Crit multiplier decreased from 2.7 to 2.4
- Recipe cost decreased from 1200 to 1000

- Damage decreased from 35 to 30

Eye of Skadi
- HP bonus increased from 200 to 250
- MP bonus increase from 150 to 250

Shiva's Guard
- Freezing Aura's attack speed reduction increased from 25 to 30

Neutral Harpy Storm
- Chain Lightning manacost reduced from 90 to 50

Now The Bastion Narrator Can Announce Your Dota 2 GameOne of the neat things about Dota 2 is that you can download "Announcer Packs" that change the voice of the in-game announcer to any of a number of other characters.

This one may take the cake—Supergiant games has contributed a Bastion Announcer Pack to the game. I haven't used it, but it sounds like for $9.99, you can now have your Dota 2 game announced by Bastion's narrator Rucks. Which is amazing.

Bastion Announcer Pack [Dota 2 Store]

PC Gamer
Steam Time Analysis

Lambent Stew's free, web-based Steam Time Analysis tool laid bare my backlog of shame by breaking down time spent (or not spent) on each of my library's games like some sort of cold, ruthless PowerPoint presentation. The breadth of information provided is quite impressive. Over email, Stew told us the new build includes a few new features that further visualize users' habits.

You're now be able to compare your profile with those on your friends list for games owned, how many were played, and total hours played. (Our own Executive Editor Evan Lahti only played around 16 percent of his over 1300-game stable, the lazy bum.)

Similar to another homebrewed utility, a new worth calculator also provides combined figures for minimum, maximum, and current game prices in your library. Locating your own profile should be easier with improved search: just type in your Steam profile ID, and the tool should easily zero in on your data.

Check out the tool for yourself on Lambent Stew's website. How do you rank against your friends? What's your most-played game?
PC Gamer
Dota 2 Frostivus thumb

Valve have revealed the final five winners of the Dota 2 Polycount Contest, including the recipient of the Best Overall award. The modelling competition tasked entrants with creating a unique item set for one of the heroes, and the Dota 2 team have been listing their favourites over the past week.

The winning set, Rider of the Storm, gives a new mount and items to the Disruptor. Valve said of their pick, "the mount, Rampant the Scaled Hunter, is a wicked alternative to the default with both runed beak and feathers drawing attention and creating a sleek sense of direction. Disruptor himself looks battleready and grim. The beard design and eye-patch make the portrait stand apart and both also read well at game-distance. Technical execution is at the professional level."

Disruptor - Rider of the Storm

There were also sets announced for Doom Bringer, Dazzle, Shadow Shaman and Sniper. All eleven announced winners will be rolled into the game for Frostivus, Dota 2's typically strange Christmas event. The update promises "riotous behaviour," presents nestled under towers and possibly ice-skating.

The victorious creators will each receive a share of the sales from their in-game items, as well as their own special versions and a custom trophy-ward.

Doom Bringer - Elven Curses

Dazzle - Ancestral Trappings

Shadow Shaman - Mysterious Vagabond

Sniper - Gear of the Tally-ho Hunter

Valve Fans Create Gear So Good It's Officially Going In A GameLike it's done with Team Fortress 2, Valve recently reached out to members of the Polycount forums to see who could make the best gear for its DOTA 2 game.

The winners were announced over the course of last week, with the very best not only set to appear in the game's next update, but as is Steam Workshop policy the creators will all be getting a cut of paid download sales.

The overall winner was Danidem and Hunter's "Rider of the Storm" mount for Disruptor, but I'm quite partial to Sniper's chappish "Tally Ho" set as well.

Frostivus and Polycount Contest Winner – Best Overall [DOTA 2]

Valve Fans Create Gear So Good It's Officially Going In A Game Valve Fans Create Gear So Good It's Officially Going In A Game Valve Fans Create Gear So Good It's Officially Going In A GameDisruptor, the overall winner.
Valve Fans Create Gear So Good It's Officially Going In A Game Valve Fans Create Gear So Good It's Officially Going In A Game Valve Fans Create Gear So Good It's Officially Going In A Game


Why Pay For This LOTR MOBA When The Best Ones Are Free? Today, The Hobbit releases in theaters. While it looks like a video game, there's an actual video game you can play: Guardians of Middle-Earth. It's a Lord of The Rings MOBA game released in tandem with the movie. I've been playing Guardians lately.

Guardians isn't a bad title: it's a standard, run of the mill MOBA. There are a couple of small tweaks to the genre, but overall the big difference is that you get to play as characters like Legolas and Gandalf.

Some people might be into that. As for me, confession: I'm not a huge fan of The Lord of The Rings. Even so, I don't think I'm being unfair when I wonder why someone would drop money for a MOBA when free is the standard. Look at League of Legends. Look at DOTA 2 (which will be free once it drops.)

Is wanting to play as your favorite Lord of The Rings character enough to make you want to spend $14.99? On a game that takes all its cues from the free titles, which happen to offer more than the paid games in the genre do on top of that?

Personally, it wouldn't make sense to me. But maybe that's just because this is a Lord of the Rings MOBA. I'd probably drop cash for a not-very-good K-Pop MOBA—never underestimate a fan's desire to support the things they love!

But I must ask you, dear reader: would you pay upfront for a MOBA when the best ones are free?

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Steam Guide thumb

I think Steam gets a bit jealous when you visit other places for gaming related information. That would explain why it's slowly trying to integrate every aspect of the internet into its darkened pages. The latest: game guides, previously the preserve of YouTube, wikis and £15 books that surely no-one actually bought.

Steam are currently beta testing an addition to their new game hubs, which adds a space for users to publish guides that cover any aspect of a game's experience. Think of it like a Steam Workshop for words: you can browse subcategories in game - like cheats, walkthroughs and modding - and can also rate each guide to ensure the most thorough rise to the surface.

Even at this beta stage, it's all looking rather slick. Guide creators can embed images and videos, and add subheadings to make sure the relevant information is easily accessible.

There's already an impressive range of information emerging. TF2's guide page hosts everything from class run-downs to tutorials on how to run a multiplayer server or ensure you don't get ripped off when trading. And while Dota 2 is currently looking rather light, it's sure to become an invaluable resource for new players in the future.

To access the feature, you need to join the New Steam Community Beta group. After that, you can find a game's hub page and click the Guides tab to see what's available.

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