Hover Skate VR - Bloodvortex
First I want to give a big thanks to American Ramp Company for allowing me to use some of their new ramp designs in game. They helped push me to add some cool new mechanics. You can check out some of the designs I used here . Also another big thanks to Dan MacFarlane for setting it up.

  • Pro Ops Themed Skatepark: This is the first infinite level as it allows you to go back and forth in the map. This level also introduces a few new mechanics to the game like stalls and ramps.

  • Updated Church level: Church level has been expanded a bit more. Still a WIP.

  • Ramps and Upward movement: There are now a few obstacles that you can grind upwards and launch off of.

  • Adjustments to trick detection: Tricks such as kickflips should be easier to pull off and are a little more based on skateboarding movement.

  • Height correction when grinding: The game will now try and adjust the distance from you and the grinding obstacle. This will make it easier to grind things higher than you.

  • Grip Mechanics: This has now been changed to the Touchpads. Holding the touchpad will allow you to move your front hand more freely as well as slowing down the movement speed while you do it. This will give you some time to set up for your tricks. I’m still testing this and hoping to Improve on it more. Let me know what you think so far.

  • Start movement has be moved to Left Grip button.

  • Removed speed adjustments for now. I may add this back in later.

  • Added Goofy/Regular stance selection to the start screen. You can change this at any time in the settings menu.

  • Added 3 new board designs.

  • Added mute music options to settings menu.

I have also decied to drop the price to 9.99 since updates have been taking longer than I would like. Thanks everyone for your support!
May 19, 2017
Hover Skate VR - Bloodvortex
Hey everyone, sorry for the long wait but Multiplayer is here! It is just the basics for right now, but it's still really fun skating with others. Once I get all the kinks all sorted out I’ll start to add a S.K.A.T.E. game mode. Along with that I will be adding more features like Friends only servers and better server sorting. Let me know what features you would like to see!

There has also been a good amount of updates to the Board Handling so let me know what you think.
  • Added Multiplayer Basics
    - You can either Join or Create a server by going to the Multiplayer menu from the HUB.
    - Up to 4 players can skate together on any map in the game
    - Voice Chat: This is on by default you can mute players from the multiplayer screen once you've joined a game.
    - Gif Capture other players: you can switch to GIF capture mode while in a MP game by pressing the left start button.
    - Item Syncing

  • Levels Updated
    - Overall Increase size of most of the maps. All maps are still a WIP
    - School : Tweaks to current layout: made top levels skateable
    - Church: Size increase
    - Bank: Size increase
    - Rooftops

  • Controls Updated
    - Overall the physics and handling should be much smoother and have less hicups.
    - Max Left and right movement has been increased
    - Gravity code update and max gravity increased.

  • Added Mentality Skateboarding Realms Trailer: now playing in shop - Itunes
  • Added Flip Level to Settings menu: This will flip the level so you can skate any obstacle FS or BS (does not work on test levels)

Thanks everyone I hope you enjoy the MP and please leave a review if you can!
Hover Skate VR - Bloodvortex
Hey everyone thanks for the feedback so far!

I’ve done an overhaul to a lot of the mechanics that control the board. I've reduced the max distance the board can go down and rewrote the grip system amongst other things. Overall the board should be less floaty and grip to your hands better. There are still bugs and it's not perfect but I think it's much better than before.

I also want to give a big thanks to Mentality Skateboards and Dan MacFarlane. If you skate please check out their boards and videos I've listed below.

As always please let me know of any issues and what you think of the new controls.

  • Mentality Skateboards Decks added. Grab these awesome boards in the skate shop.
    Skateboarding Realms
    Skateboarding Explained

  • Two new Music tracks from Sick Boys : Check them out here
    Sick Boys Itunes

  • Modularized Board Velocity Control and Flip Trick Systems: This will eventually allow for presets and different control modes.
  • Trucks are now physics objects and can rotate similar to real trucks.
  • Slightly Increase Left/Right max movement
  • Grind acceleration: Grinding downward rails/ledges will now increase speed
  • Added Continue button and hot keys after you bail. Still bugs when continuing inside of geometry I’ll address this next build.
  • School has been greatly expanded.
  • New Grip system: should allow for better movement of the front hand
  • Added sparks for grinding in replays
  • Added Oculus Controller and tooltips
  • Updated replay controls for Oculus controller
  • Changed default Bindings for shoes: Your bindings might be messed up so be sure to reset them.
  • Pass on Grind trick icons. This is still a WIP.
  • Added Dragon Flips and Dolphin Flips
  • Increased board spawner trigger size: Should help with spawning the board.

Thanks for the support everyone.

Hover Skate VR - Bloodvortex
Thanks everyone for all the feedback! I added an Icon System to address some issues new players were having understanding tricks. So please let me know if it helps.

Version 0.0.65

  • Added Initial Oculus Touch Support. This will work with 2 cameras but you won't be able to do body rotation tricks. Please let me know of any issues!
  • New Icon System: Only flip tricks currently. Grinds will be added next update.
  • Tweaks to how flip tricks are calculated. This was tweaked a bit to help with the touch controls. Please let me know if something doesn't feel right.
  • Rebind controls updated. You can now adjust anchor point as well
  • Added Touch Controls to help screen. Tooltips still need to be fixed for Touch.
  • Added spark FX to wheels
  • Testing some new obstacles at end of bank location.

Mar 22, 2017
Hover Skate VR - Bloodvortex
Thanks everyone for all the feedback so far. I was able to implement a few of the suggestions and they turned out great! I will try and keep the updates flowing so please leave feedback and reviews if you can!

Version 0.0.64

  • You can now start anywhere on a map. Simply use the teleport with the left controller while the blue spawn board is active. Please let me know if you run into bugs.
  • Shoe Rebinding: You can now rebind your controllers to the shoes from the settings menu.
  • Added Wall rides. These are really hard and still need tweaking but they are in.
  • School has been extended with a few more obstacles. Let me know what you think!
  • Leaderboards now show top 10. More features for this coming.
  • Style system now affects trick score: Sloppy - 25%, Clean +25%. This system is far from final and will be updated to include grinds eventually.
  • Combos will now end if more than 2 flip tricks are done in a row. This was a bug.
  • Slightly increase grind tick score values
  • 2 new music tracks from Come Over Sleep Over. You can check them out here https://comeoversleepover.bandcamp.com/
  • Updated Rooftop with some more tests
  • Reduced ambient sfx. Will rework these when I get better ones.
  • Updated ground detection when grinding.
  • For Youtubers I added a setting called camera 2DAlwaysShowEffects. This will always show Images effects on the mirrored 2d screen and is mainly for recording. This must be changed manually for now by going to the Settings file in StreamingAssets folder of game. I will add this to the options next update. It does have a big overhead so you might need to turn off some effects from the options menu.
  • Fixed couple spelling errors
  • Fixed bug where players could collide with the ghost player.

Also wanted to give a shout out to Beer Curb skateboards for allowing me to use their decks. You can purchase them here http://www.beercurbskateboards.bigcartel.com/

Thanks everyone, enjoy!
Hover Skate VR - Bloodvortex
Its finally released! Thanks to everyone whos helped along the way.

Last month has mostly been bug fixing and tweaking but also added some content.

- 2 new test spots Bank and Rooftops
- Each spot now has leaderboards
- Binaural Sound (Steam Audio SDK)

There is one thing I want to point out about Hover Skate so people are not misled. HS leans more on the side of a simulator than a game. Learning and landing tricks will take practice and patience. I would say the difficulty lies somewhere between Skate 2 and real skateboarding. With that being said the controls/mechanics are far from perfect and I am awaiting feedback so I can improve them as much as possible. I hope everyone enjoys HS and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Hover Skate VR - Bloodvortex
The launch will be delayed by a few weeks. This is mainly so I can add the new Steam Audio SDK and polish up a few things. Apologies and thanks for your patience!


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