Galaxy Girls - Dharker
Greetings all,

I am happy to announce that on February 8th we will be releasing the version of Negligee: Love Stories which will be available worldwide on Steam.

In addition we are also soon to launch the Trading Cards, at last, for the Negligee: Love Stories (adult ver) which is already out on Steam in many regions, Trading cards coming very soon.
Jun 29, 2018
Galaxy Girls - Dharker
Dharker Studios latest and greatest space epic is now live on Steam...

The game includes Character Creation, an open universe to explore, crew recruitment, crew relationships, freedom of choice which affect the universe and how the game ends.

Check out the game now on sale at a reduced price during the summer sale on its first week of release, to get the game at the best possible price.
Jan 26, 2018
Galaxy Girls - Dharker Studio
Today we released the final DLC pack from the Season Pass, completing the post release DLC of Galaxy Girls.

In honour of this release the main game and other DLC items are on offer for the next seven days for the opening week of the final DLC.

Also released was version 2.0 of the game, with the latest round of bug and grammar fixes for the main game. For those new to the game the Deluxe edition is also available on offer for the next seven days as well.
Jan 24, 2018
Galaxy Girls - Dharker Studio
We are happy to announce the impending release of our fifth and (at least for the time being) final DLC pack release.

The Galaxy Girls Poker Night

Those with the Season Pass can already access this automatically as part of their early access bonus.

In addition the other DLC packs and the main game have been updated to version 2.0 in readiness for this DLC addition.

The Game and all DLC will also be a special promotion in honour of this final DLC release for those who have yet to pick up some or all of the DLC items.
Galaxy Girls - Dharker Studio
Today we are happy to announce the release of version 1.8 of the Galaxy Girls game, this update corrects a few more minor errors that have been found in the past month, in addition it adjusts the framework so that the DLC packs 3 and 4 will work correctly with the new edition of the game.

DLC 3 - Sara Remembers

This update also sees the release of our third DLC pack that delves into the history of the character Sara before she appears on the ship via a VR setup they find. This DLC is now available as part of the season pass or separately via individual DLC items.

DLC 4 - Emilia Sneaks Aboard

This update also sees the release of our fourth DLC pack that delves into the history of the character Emilia, detailing the events that lead to her joining the ship. This DLC is now available as part of the season pass or separately via individual DLC items.

All of these items are now available, we are now working on the poker game final DLC pack which we hope to release in early December for all to enjoy.
Galaxy Girls - Dharker Studio
Version 1.5

In preparation for the second DLC release on Friday we are today releasing our 1.5 patch to the main game.

This patch adds a huge array of over 100 individual animated sections to create animated sequences for multiple areas of the game, to add a little bit more throughout the story.

This includes additions to the steam edition and uncensored edition whichever you play.

The 1.5 patch also corrects some more dialogue errors and minor bugs that have been reported in the main game since release.

DLC Update

This update also includes some bug fixes and grammar corrections for the first DLC that slipped through our initial net.

The second piece of DLC releases on Friday for all and today for season pass holders to enjoy early. Sorry for the slight delay in releasing this for season pass we wanted to ensure all the bugs were out before we released it.

We hope you all enjoy this update and the DLC story to come.

Future DLC

We will be aiming to release DLC Packs 3 and 4 in late November.
With the fifth following in time for Christmas.
Galaxy Girls - Dharker Studio
We are happy to announce that today we are posting an update to Galaxy Girls, this update corrects a few minor bugs and adds in a selection of Animated scenes to the early stages of the game.

More animated scenes will be added in patch 1.5 which we aim to release alongside the second DLC later this month.

DLC 1 - Erica Alone In Deep Space

Along with the release of version 1.4 of the game, we are also releasing the first DLC pack for the game, featuring Erica in her own short fun story as she explores something strange in the neighbourhood.

This DLC will be made immediately available to Season Pass owners, as that DLC will become available along with the 1.4 patch.

The main DLC pack for those who were waiting for official launch will be able to purchase the DLC pack individually on Friday when we release it.
Sep 21, 2017
Galaxy Girls - Dharker Studio
After hearing feedback we felt perhaps the games decision points were too hard, to much deviation from one set line meant players were finding it hard to complete the games multiple endings. As such we have released todays patch which in addition to fixing some bugs, adds to the game a new game mode... Easy Mode.

Easy Mode will upon starting a new game will give the player an option to play easy mode or standard mode.
Easy mode reduces the challenge difficulty by ensuring your choices have more of an impact. What this means is it will be easier to unlock the different routes for the three characters and from there it is easier to unlock the most advanced loving endings and epilogues as well...

Players can still choose Standard Mode, which is how the game was originally envisioned, but there is no difference to the content on each mode. The only thing that changes is the ease of unlocking different routes and endings. Oh wait there is one difference, if you get the final epilogue for the game then on standard mode you will get a different achievement to easy-mode.

Also as part of this mode we have added a choice selection at the end of the prologue, whereby you can select who you want to think about, the choices that appear are based on your choices during the prologue. In Standard mode this will result in less choices appearing, in easy mode you can expect more options, granting players another chance to direct their gameplay session.

n.b. Save games from before this update will be automatically set to Standard Mode until you select a new mode.

Other changes:
- Fixed a bug that stopped save game name changing.
(Saves no longer say prologue at all times of the game)
- Fixed a variety of grammar and spelling bugs that were missed at launch.
- Fixed some gallery issues that were still plaguing the game.
- Added Easymode achievement
- Added Hardcore achievement

Final Note re DLC:

We would like to address comments on the DLC to come, first of all, the DLC are bonus stories that were funded via kickstarter to be released after the main game, they are not part of the main story and the main game is considered as 'finished' although we intend to add more animated scenes soon, the actual story is finished. (The DLC can be considered the same as bonus stories like what appear in the game Fallout 4, rather than a continuation of the existing game.

However based on your comments we are looking at speeding up the deployment of these DLC stories for those who feel the game is incomplete with the aim of releasing all three by Christmas 2017 (tentative), rather than over the next 9 months. All efforts are going towards that end.

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