King Kaiju - Chris Chung
Hello again,

Just a quick note to let you know that we've just released a new patch that adds Oculus Rift + Touch support and support for recording mixed reality videos.

You can use an Oculus headset and Touch controllers by connecting them via SteamVR. A 360° setup with 3 sensors is preferable, but it works with just 2 sensors.

As for mixed reality recording, you can turn on HMD display mirroring with the super-secret option on the top of the settings board (behind the "Settings" sign) and then follow the directions here. If you record a video, feel free to share the link with us!

King Kaiju - eitan
We're excited to take King Kaiju out of Early Access and launch today! We finally got to a point where we're happy with it as a complete game experience. Thanks to all of our fans and supporters through the Early Access phase!

Let's talk about what's new:
  • New levels with different objectives
  • High score, best time, statistic saving w/steam cloud
  • Achievements
  • Trading cards
  • More user settings
  • Performance optimizations
  • Lots of small bug fixes and tweaks
So what's next for King Kaiju? Well, that depends heavily on game sales. If it's profitable then there are certainly other features and content that we have planned and would like to add to the game, but we'll have to see how it performs. Fingers crossed, we'll see!

We've also decided to leave the price as is, at $4.99 (USD). We like the idea of having our game as a cheap, fun, simple experience and we don't want the price to be a barrier. SWEET.

Have fun smashing!
King Kaiju - Chris Chung


We've pushed a new update for King Kaiju that includes a new playable character and some other neat things that we hope you'll enjoy. As always, let us know what you think and if you experience any issues!

Full change notes:
  • +Added a new character: a giant cat! Its special attack is a pair of lasers that shoot out of its eyes (activated by holding both grip buttons)
  • +Added planes (finally!)
  • +Added audio and visual settings to the main menu scene
  • +Added an objective to the city (smash a certain number of buildings)
  • *Made some physics and rendering optimizations
  • *Fixed a bunch of bugs
What we're working on next:
  • More levels with different objectives (systems are in, just need to make the content)
  • Save data, to keep track of user settings, score, and such
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes
  • Some more performance optimizations
King Kaiju - Chris Chung

Happy New Year!

It's been a while since the last update, due to the holidays and some bugs. We actually had an update ready to go before the break but wanted to address some performance issues we found before pushing it live. The big new things in this update are a new main menu with the ability to select levels (there's only one so far), new layouts for levels, and preliminary scoring.

Full change notes:
  • +Added a main menu scene where you start in an egg
  • +Added scoring mechanics
  • +Added better, less grid-shaped city layouts
  • *Fixed bugs with scene transitions, audio, and performance
What we're working on next:
  • Improving scoring
  • Objectives, or a way to complete levels
  • More levels
  • Settings (music volume, visual quality, etc.)
  • Planes (we'll get around to this eventually, I swear!)
  • Performance optimizations, as always
King Kaiju - Chris Chung

Hello again!

A new update is now available for King Kaiju. We've added people and helicopters for you to destroy! The helicopter also has a news camera, so people watching you play can watch your destruction in a non-nauseating way.

Full change notes:
  • +Added people that walk around, run from you, and can be squished in a variety of ways
  • +Added helicopters that will fly around the player and display a non-VR news camera view on the desktop
  • *Improved car AI; they now stop and turn at intersections
  • *Improved controller vibration a little
  • *Other improvements and fixes
What we're working on next:
  • Scoring
  • Better city layouts
  • Different levels
  • Planes
  • Performance optimizations
King Kaiju - Chris Chung

Hey there!

We've just released an update to King Kaiju with some important changes and a bit of new stuff. The two big things are an overhaul of the game's physics (to make things feel better in the long run) and a new fire breath special attack. From now on, we should be able to focus on new, more exciting features!

Full change notes:
  • *Scaled everything up by approximately 1300% to make physics feel more realistic
  • *Adjusted buildings (mass, drag, fracturing, particles)
  • *Changed the building layout system a bit
  • +Added a fire breath special attack that is activated by holding both grip buttons for 1.5 seconds (this will be based on score in the future)
  • +Added more particle effects
  • +Added "Early Access" and a version number to the in-game title
  • +Added credits
  • -Removed dynamic shadows temporarily to improve performance
And here's what we're working on next:
  • People! Pick ‘em up, throw ‘em, eat ‘em, crush ‘em
  • Air vehicles (planes and helicopters)
  • More ground vehicles (tanks and other vehicles are on the list, not sure what will get in)
  • More performance optimizations
  • Bug fixes
Nov 22, 2016
King Kaiju - Chris Chung

We're super excited to finally share what we've been working on with you. Shout out in particular to /r/vive for getting psyched about our game and generally being awesome/encouraging.

We're going to be updating this quite a bit so make sure to check back and see what's new. If you find bugs or have issues with the game please leave feedback in the discussions tab, we'll be checking it regularly and interacting with fans there. Same goes for feature requests; while we don't promise we'll add your request, we will certainly take community feedback into consideration when we're deciding what to put in the game. We'll put up a stickied FAQ soon too with general game info.

Happy Smashing!

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