Final Soccer VR - ivanovich
Today we've published a new cool update with a substantial improvement in full body simulationthe including for the first time the full body simulation in the multiplayer vive versus vive mode.
May 15, 2017
Final Soccer VR - ivanovich
We have received some questions about how technically it works in VR

Check this video to know how to do it:
If you have trackers we recommend use the Trackstrap accesory to attach the Tracker to your foot. Check this link:
Final Soccer VR - ivanovich

1. Striker mode (VIVE)
Now you can shoot. Goal! Take penalties and free kicks with your feet on Virtual Reality. This game offers an impressive, full-body simulation if you have 3 HTC TRACKERS, but you can also shoot using only one tracker, or even no trackers if you use a standard VIVE controller on your foot.

Check this video to know how to do it:

2- Multi-player VIVE vs VIVE
How does a penalty shootout in real time, VIVE vs VIVE, with a friend sound? You can play on the internet or using a local network. Fun is guaranteed.
Apr 7, 2017
Final Soccer VR - ivanovich
The 2nd shooter udpate is ready with this features:
- New targets x2,x3 and x4 bonus.
- Variable weather conditions.
- Record tables in steam.
- Compatible with 2 trackers, 1 tracker or 1 remote control.
- Improved rotation of the gameplay area.
- Now you can use your feets in the goalie modes.

What's next:
- Vive vs Vive mode
- Full body tracking with 3 trackers.
- Free-style mode.
Final Soccer VR - ivanovich
Today you can download the free update of Final Goalie where you can shoot! Yes! Shoot with your foot in Virtual Reality using your standard HTC-VIVE controller or the new HTC-TRACKER. Check the video:
This is the first of the upcoming 3 major updates (All of them included with no DLC’s):

1- SHOOTER MODE: You can shoot penalties and free kicks against the computer.

2- MULTIPLAYER MODE: HTC-VIVE versus HTC-VIVE. Penalty shootout in realtime.

3- FREESTYLE MODE: Just to enjoy it!

NOTE: This last update it’s only for HTC-VIVE. If you have OCULUS you can continue playing the 4 original Final Goalie game modes.

Final Soccer VR - ivanovich
We've made synchronization and speed improvements in the multiplayer mode.

You can find the instructions on how to play here:
Final Soccer VR - ivanovich
Now you can play to Final Goalie with the OCULUS TOUCH. Enjoy it!
Final Soccer VR - ivanovich
- Get gloves from the world’s best teams.
- 21 steam achievements.
- Game fully translated into 9 languages, including English.
- New game personalisation options in Settings.
- Improved arcade mode tutorial.

Thank you all for your comments that have helped us improve the game!
Final Soccer VR - ivanovich
Now Final Goalie support the creation of Mixed Reality videos.
Thanks to SweViver for feedback

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