Abode - Tarzan
Star shelter is a little jump in Genre for us but we wanted to try something bigger, Star shelter is releasing next week so stay tuned if you wanna know more.

May 2, 2017
Abode - SamtheMan
Our new post-apocalyptic puzzle game Conductor is out now.

We have expanded on what we learned from Abode.

Hope you like it !

Abode - Tarzan
We added Oculus touch support
  • New Controller Model.
  • Slightly altered button layout, “A” to teleport for example.
  • Can use joysticks to snap rotate 90° right/left.

A new “alternative” ending.
Some people thought the old one “ruined the vibe” (The old one is still there as a secret).

Bugs fixed
  • Would drop remote and screwdriver when entering steam menu.
  • Could make inventory items disappear by “swapping” hands back and forth.
Jan 5, 2017
Abode - Tarzan
We have added 8 Achievements to the game.
We will let you figure them out on your own ;)

We also some tweaked to some objects weight,
that used to cause some issues.

Have fun !
Dec 31, 2016
Abode - SamtheMan
  • Fixed issue where key would dissappear.

  • Fixed issue where Notes would be displaced.

  • Fixed issue where Teleporting while holding a container would make objects fly all over the place.

    Various other tweaks and fixes

    (Other bugs are still being investigated)
Dec 5, 2016
Abode - SamtheMan

  • Fixed Bugs where completing pipes wouldnt register.
  • Fixed Hat was solid when worn, and could wreck stuff.
  • Fixed Exit button not quiting game.
  • Fixed bug where teleporting while holding a box would make things go crazy.

    Various other tweaks and fixes
Dec 1, 2016
Abode - Tarzan
Abode is out of early access!

Thanks a lot for your support by buying it early and giving us feedback.

There will be no more big game changes or additions but we're going to add achievements and possibly Trading cards.

Any reported bugs are still going to be fixed as soon as possible so if you notice anything, please let us know.

We’re looking forward to announce our next game so stay tuned.
Our website: http://www.overflowgames.se/

Nov 17, 2016
Abode - Tarzan
Hey, the patch is now live for everyone.
Here's some notes on what's changed.

  • Added Save/load system with Deletable Slots
  • Added more gameplay (no specifics due to spoilers)
  • Added more sounds and a better surround system.
  • Added code to the computer is now random every playthrough.
  • Added new overflow 3D intro

  • Fixed safe-numbers changing while rotating.
  • Fixed some glitchy physics with the small boxes under desk.
  • Fixed some glitchy physics with the jar containing balls on the shelf.
  • menu got polished with colors and animation.

  • Various other tweaks and fixes

Feel free to comment on how long a playthrough takes you.
Let us know of any bugs you encounter and we'll see about fixing them as soon as possible.
Nov 9, 2016
Abode - Tarzan
Hey awesome players!

We have a patch coming up very soon.

Before we publish the patch to main branch we want to make sure it's as bugfree as possible (there's a lot of news stuff)

If you want to help us test and report any bugs or difficulties feel free to play the patch right away.

The test patch can be found by right-clicking on the game in steam library to enter the preferences, go to the beta tab and select PatchTest.

Let us know what you think about the changes.

Have fun!
Overflow team
Abode - Tarzan

First of all we wanna thank everyone for giving us feedback and all the positive reviews.

We want the game to be longer than 30 min for the "quickest" players, so what we're working on now is expanding the gameplay.

Although, don't expect a bunch of new rooms. We're aiming to fill every corner/area/spot with gameplay instead, to make every square feet of the apartment count.

Don't worry, you'll love it anyway ;)

We added a screenshot with one of the parts we're expanding with, we're also moving around some things and adding depth so some of the already existing puzzles.

so for you who have already completed the game there's still gonna some fresh gameplay and puzzles to crack.

Hopefully the next update is gonna add another 10-20 min or so.

We're looking forward to see what you think!

Stay tuned!


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