Nov 13, 2016
Space Beret -
Hello players!

We have published our new patch after hearing your feedback. Not all changes that we are planing to make are implemented in this patch but this is a good start.

Patch Notes
-Nerfed the Scarabei alien (movement speed and HP nerf)
-Nerfed Walker alien speed
-Fixed the hitbox bug ( players reported that they sometimes died even though enemies did not touch them. This was due to the game registering the weapons as player hitboxes.)
- Added more shield spawners in the One Life Mode ( One life mode was too difficult, that is why we created special platforms that spawn only shield's periodicaly)
-We reduced the time needed to complete each level of one life mode
-There is more explanation at the start of One life mode ( like that the score is multiplied in one life mode and that laser wall's will kill the player on contact)
-Set the respawn location at the start of lvl 1 instead of the tutorial coridor
-And most importantly added a mute music option to the game

We hope that this will make the game feel more fun and we will definitely implement more suggestions in patch 1.2. In the meantime please let us know what else you would like to see improved/changed.

Best Regards

Team Amaterasu
Space Beret -
We heard your complaints and we feel your pain. One life is very difficult and we decided to new the 3rd achievement. Now you only have to start a game of one life for the achievement to drop.

In this first patch we also nerfed the Scarabei alien because we heard it is unfair. If there are any other sugestions please let us know and we will get right on it!

Best regards,

Team Amaterasu

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